Dummy Phones Galore: The T-Mobile Motorola Charm’s In-Store Marketing Tool


Dummy phones are quite usel– no, I take that back. They’re marvelous tools to see how a device would fit in your hand and to see if the form factor is right for you. That said, they’re still quite useless (most retail locations for most carriers offer you the chance to play with an actual unit anyway). It doesn’t keep us from getting excited that dummy units are out for the Motorola Charm headed for T-Mobile. Even though all signs are pointing toward the late-August delay being true, several retailers have gotten their dummies in ready to be flaunted in front of paying customers.


You might want to see if you can find one of these sitting inside of a T-Mobile store if you fear the device might be just a bit too small for your liking.

[Twitter via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That thing is fukin hideous. Motorola is slowly sliding back into the cesspool they just recently crawled out of.

  2. I think the charm will be great. It reminds me of my old blackberry with the qwerty keyboard (I loved that keyboard). I gave up for android smart phone & the keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. I also hv motoblur & I want to keep it. So it will be great for the BlackBerry lovers too!

  3. Bandaides improve antenna reception? Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  4. Love this phone I’ll definitley get one as it will releive me from carrying around two phones my bb bold and nexus one. Motorola has a winner here. The bb crowd will eat this up. (Took me 4 times longer to write this on my n1, but never would’ve been able to browse on the bb)

  5. “several retailers have gotten their dummies in ready to be flaunted in front of paying customers.”

    Motorola copying Apple again? hehehe

  6. Dummy phones are stupid.

  7. I work at a small Radioshack and we lose a dummy phone about every two months to thieves, so its pretty reasonable to say that it would be a bad move to put a real phone out.

  8. Yeah, Best Buy (not that I’d actually BUY a phone from there) is notorious for Dummy phones. I wanted to check out the white EVO and noticed this disease is STILL plaguing Best Buy.

  9. you could take the risk of losing a few real phones but it could lead to more sales

  10. I love the charm!!! Finally i dnt have to choose between a bb n droid!!! Plus its PURPLE!!!! I HATE TOUCHSCREEN KEYBOARDS!!


  12. @shawn…I believe that moto believes in options…I mean look at how cool the Droids are…having lesser end phones…and big end ones…I don’t think that is a bad idea being not everyone wants a costly phone…y0

  13. In the past, this idea worked great when phones ONLY made phone calls. The design of the phone was the biggest seller of the phone. All phones worked the same the only difference was how it looked and how it felt in your hand. Now with so many smart phones that are touch screen, they all look almost the exact same. The main feature that separates them is the software and how it runs. These are now useless to have.

  14. If the Charm comes out, and it costs more than free, which is what T-Mo is offering the myTouch 3G (3.5″ jack) for with 2 year contract, does that mean it will have better specs than the myTouch? Don’t bet on it. Phone pricing is an unreasonable thing indeed. Here’s the myTouch for $0: … oops, I was too late. Deal over. See?

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