Sideload Wonder Machine: Unofficially Install .APK Files on your HTC Aria the Easy Way


After HTC teased everyone with their latest version of HTC Sync allowing Aria users to install .APK files through their Windows-based PCs, they quickly took it away and left many users that missed out crying. Android Central has a shoulder – or an application, rather – for you.

The Sideload Wonder Machine has one simple – but very useful – function: install third-party .APK files to your HTC Aria. Simply launch the program, choose the file you want (while your phone is hooked up to the host machine via USB, of course – it also wouldn’t hurt to turn your USB Debugging on), and press that juicy “Go” button. A command prompt comes up, asks you to do something, and then you have that app you’ve been dying to get that isn’t in the Android market.


From the looks of it, this works with any Android handset – not just the Aria – so if you wind up with another handset (hint: AT&T’s lineup) without this functionality built in, then the Sideload Wonder Machine will be your best friend for a long time coming. Check out this forum thread for the download links and written instructions.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I made a Linux & Mac version:

  2. Wow, props to the developers of this application. Considering that Android is supposed to be all about openness, I am glad to see this arrive. Although a part of me believes that anybody that buys an Android phone from AT&T deserves to be punished for supporting such a terrible company that gimps device features that are natural, just to charge you more. AT&T shouldn’t advertise anything Android, but instead call it “Android Lite” and I wouldn’t as furious, otherwise it is an unethical marketing ploy since Android is known for it’s openness.

  3. @Vegeta
    Hey, I don’t like AT&T any more than you do. But I don’t think I deserve to be “punished” because I have little choice but to buy their gimped phones.
    Similarly, I am very anti-Microsoft and don’t use a single one of their products (all Linux and Mac at my house). But I don’t think Microsoft users deserve to be punished either. They are either taking the path of least resistance, don’t know better, or they are simply locked in due to Microsoft’s horrible business practices.
    Put the blame where it belongs: on AT&T. (Or possibly blame Apple for the gimped AT&T Android phones, but I left my tin foil hat at home today.)
    I’ve been on Cingular, and then by acquisition AT&T for over nine years now. I haven’t had any complaints until this year about their abysmal handling of Android and putting iPhone this and iPhone that constantly in my face. I have five lines on my family plan. Changing that would be a huge multi-year ordeal, and I would have two different phone bills to pay during that multi year ordeal.

  4. Does anyone actually own an Aria?

    I played with one in the store. It is so unappealing.

  5. @DannyB
    Don’t paint us MS users as unintelligent, trapped or lazy.

    I own one and I think it’s great. That doesn’t stop me from returning it for a Captivate (I’m almost sad to see the little guy go), but I think it’s an awesome little phone considering the specs and price.

  6. I have an Aria. I find it very appealing, both in size and interface. “Appealing” is very subjective.

  7. @DannyB what do you call it? You’re accepting a default choice, that is below average in security, utility and openness. It is the very opposite of android.

  8. If you dont like ATT gimping your android, then root it, its pretty simple..I have an Aria and rooted it and love it! I also have unlimited data and text with att still for $30 a month, and I’m keeping that thank you very much. Also ATT 3g in my area is so much more reliable and faster than any other company…

  9. i have a samsung captivate and this worked great for my phone. really easy to use and installs quickly and clean.

  10. OMG this is great, works absolutley fabulous!! Thanks Guys! i was trying to download swype for the longest! and now i can actually have it on my phone. thanks again.

  11. Use freeware Android Injector to install apps from other sources besides the Market. Much better than SWM because you can install multiple apk files at once and is easier to use.

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