Paid Applications in Android Market Now Available in Korea


While Google may be slow on flipping the paid apps switch for many countries around the world (including an alarming amount of fairly big European countries), they’re at least trying. Yesterday, the folks in Korea have gotten the ability to go ahead and whip out their wallets to throw down on some paid app goodness.


With the Samsung Galaxy S doing as well as it is over there, I can think of some great apps and games to buy to use on that impressive piece of hardware. It’s just too bad that not everyone else in the world can look forward to doing the same just yet. Don’t worry, we’ll be here to comfort you if you need us to.

[via Android Developers]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So.. Google can enable paid apps in Korea but not in Scandinavia??

  2. So.. Google can enable paid apps in Korea but not in Brazil?? Oh, wait…. FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU

  3. No Ireland, Google EU HQ. Class.

  4. Welcome to the party Korea.


  5. Ciczan is gay

  6. Great, now if Google can figure out how to get paid apps to download without getting the dreaded “authorizing payment” loop, things would be perfect.

  7. I can’t believe that they didn’t already have it, it seems a no brainer to me. I mean Korea is one of the most gaming mad countries on the planet and they have some of the best Android phones and phone manufacturers.

  8. @wello where are you from

  9. Heh. South Korea is it? I guess Google will enable paid apps in north Korea sooner the in many European countries. What a shame.

  10. Im no politicion or some shit, but whats up with not opening android marked paid to every funcking single country. Cant just some jerk sign a goddamn paper and have us paying for appps.
    is it so gooddamn haaard


  11. what about Belgium ?!

  12. @slider, is such profanity really needed?

  13. what about the rest of the world out there ?! :(

  14. It’s a start and certainly not a finish.

  15. @Nicolai Sweden.

  16. amazing how some people are upset at good news

  17. They’re not upset at good news… They’re upset because theres no good news considering them… But really. Android is out the for more than a year and a half an a pretty significant share of it’s users can not use the store to actually buy something. That’s very shameful.

  18. Yeah, it’s a pity that android is not opening paid apps to more markets. I’m in Singapore myself, and would not mind paying for good apps if I could.

    However, guys, you need to understand that the availability of paid apps needs the cooperation and consensus of the local carrier(s) (who want a piece of the pie) as well as the local regulatory authority – the latter was a bit of a hurdle in South Korea. If it were just up to Google, we’d be buying apps through Google Checkout. And Google’s try to bypass carriers with their Nexus One phone certainly did not go down well with them, I can only imagine that complicates negotiations a bit.

  19. Hey just let us pay by credit card. Done. Who cares about the carriers?

    – SG Android fan, HTC Desire owner

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