Samsung Behold 2 OTA Update Pulled Due to Issues


I can’t imagine any Samsung Behold 2 owners are happy about the way the company’s handled this upgrade process. We first thought they’d be bringing Android 2.1 to the device – even if it would take them forever to do so. After learning they’d be bringing an OTA soon enough, it was revealed that it would only bring Behold 2 owners to Android 1.6. Samsung basically said it was impossible to go beyond that point.


It isn’t clear if that was due to hardware issues, the lack of care, or whatever, but we digress: that upgrade can no longer be had for the time being. T-Mobile and Samsung have pulled it down from their servers after getting heavy pressure from users experiencing even more issues after the upgrade (one big issue has been signal quality and strength).

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the upgrade: Samsung’s probably working with T-Mobile to quickly work out the kinks to push the update back to their servers. Still, this entire update story for the device has become one huge circus and it only gets crazier from here on out.

[T-Mobile via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Samsung ftw!

  2. I regret the day I bought my wife that POS. She had a Behold (I) and loved it, but this thing’s too damn sluggish with Samsung’s UI. So I loaded BD_Man’s ROM, and now it’s much faster.

  3. Ever since the update phone shuts off and restarts it self. This is one reason I will not buy the samsung galaxy s . Not even if It was free

  4. This whole fiasco gives one pause about buying any of the Galaxy S variants …

  5. If I hadn’t actually playrd with the vibrant I’d tell everyone to stay away from samsung. But there is a bigger more evil company out there named motorola. But a vibrant and tell everyone to stay away from motorola.

  6. I have a hard time thinking of ever buying another Samsung device after the BH2 issues and treatment. Yes the galaxy class is nice, but there are newer CPU’s coming that will nearly double the Hummingbird setup in CPU and GPU and have better battery life. Motorola’s CPU/GPU, Nvidia, and now Intel are all shooting at Smartphone’s. So lets set back and see who delivers what by years end instead of shooting ourselves in the foot with another Samsung device.

  7. @ Mark so Motorola is automatically evil because the have a locked bootloader in place? Are u kidding me?!?! The geeks are the only ones that care about hacking their phone, the X is plenty fast without having to mod it, hell its the fastest device out now and its only on 2.1 just wait until 2.2 hits it next month and good buy to any other device overclocked or not.

  8. I had a Samsung Spica (i5700) that was updated to 2.1 using Sammie’s official upgrade system. I can empathize with owners of the Behold 2 because the upgrade to 2.1 ruined my old phone. It went from a speedy performer on 1.6 to a laggy, unusable POS on 2.1. Your takeaway? Samsung doesn’t make the effort to optimize it’s upgrades so steer clear until they kill off all variations of TouchWiz and just go stock Android.

  9. I love how everyone buys mid range devices full knowing that it’s low end hardware and expects it to be upgradeable to latest and greatest. Samsung probably can’t port 2.1 to the Behold 2 without making it a really terrible experience. And don’t give me the custom rom argument, most people lack the technical aptitude or want to do that. Choice is simple if you want 2.1 buy a new device. It’s been the same for WM 6.x users, Iphone 3g users, etc.

  10. Samsung cannot port Android 1.6 to the Behold 2 without making it a really terrible experience.

    if you have the BH2, you should have known that you were buying something which isn’t up to par with high end smartphones and therefore it wouldn’t be able to upgrade very much if at all.

    if you didn’t know that the Behold2 wasn’t up to par with high end smartphones, then you’re probably happy with it already as it came until you heard of these upgrade rumors which got you excited and then now disappointed.

  11. I agree, the Behold 2 has been a nightmare from day one for the wife. Bad OS update, reboots, and now it shows it is not charging when “maybe” it is. We have replaced 2 to date.
    She is a very un-technical person so she does not care which OS she has. But it should at least function well as a smartphone. I may have to go out and purchase her a new phone when a suitable one comes out.
    Android still rocks though, I still have my G1 and lovin it.

  12. They should just put the Behold 2 out of its misery. And FYI, it was not mid-range at launch. It also was not cheap at launch. Most people paid $230 for it and some people paid $399 to get it with no contract. It was T-mobile’s top of the line Android at that time. I think the iPhone 4 users told us something. They sued. IMHO, Samsung got away with mayhem. And now they ask you to purchase something else from them…NEVER again.

  13. @NowVoyager
    “It was T-mobile’s top of the line Android at that time.”
    No, it was just different and an alternative.. Compare the myTouch specs.. The myTouch is still a good phone, a year after launch. (in the US.. even older news to the Euro crowd).. supposed to be getting 2.2 any day.. The myTouch didn’t seem to get the love that each new phone that comes out gets.. but it’s really been a rock solid phone for me.

  14. Behold 2 is pure garbage. Such a difficult phone to use, and I’m a physicist!!!
    Could not get any apps (had to log onto Google!) Why I dunno. But could not link my Google account (took forever), so goodbye apps!
    Dont even mention the dropped calls issue, and my phone constantly saying “you know have cell coverage!” after every call. Pure crap!!!!

  15. unfortunately, the update wasn’t pulled before it just killed my behold 2. this will be my 2nd replacement in 3 months. T-mobile customer service said all they can do is replace it the same model. they actually said “if it happens 8 or 9 more times before the contract is up in a year, all they can do is continue to replace it with the same phone!”. is there any recourse for ill-handled customers of Samsung and T-mobile?

  16. Well Samsung just has to put that damn Touch Wiz dumbphone interface on top of their androids, literally whizzing all over the os. And then, imagine that, there is no upgrade path because the dumbphone touch wiz doesn’t integrate with the newer system. I mean really, who could have seen that coming?? And the newer samsungs still have wiz.

    You would think they would have learned their lesson. What lesson? Why the 1990’s thinking that you put out a device with a proprietary OS and you are set until the next new device. That model no longer works and people, who are on 2 yr contracts don’t want a device that is obsolete 2 months after they bought it and rendered unable to update by a crappy whizzed upon dumbphone os laid on top of a smartphone android system.

    As for me, I wouldn’t buy anything with the samsuck name on it ever again. No tv’s, home theaters, you know the old saying, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…” Not happenin’

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