Droid Incredible Users: Look Out For Your OTA Upgrade Today


A few days ago, one of our members at AndroidForums.com suggested that the rumored OTA update for the HTC Droid Incredible would land on July 16th with a few lucky users possibly getting in on a soft launch before then. While we had no reason to disbelieve the rumor, reports like these come in all the time so we didn’t report it.


Droid-Life’s now reporting that they did receive the upgrade last night and that it includes all of the goodies we’d heard of before: 3G mobile hotspot features (pending your extra $20 per month going to Verizon), a new boot animation, and 720p HD video recording. Today could very well be the day, Incredible users. It’s not Froyo, but it’s a bigger leap than some other Android users have gotten in recent weeks.

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  1. if I have root on my phone and the unrevoked3 boot loader should I do this or will it harm my phone?

  2. This will be good for the 2 users who were able to buy the phone.

  3. I’ll be dumping the boot screen for something else

  4. Haven’t seen my update yet.

  5. it’s great for me . did they underclock the camera how can they make it 720 p

  6. No update as of yet for me …..

  7. Still no update gone through on my Incredible! Is there a way to force the update to come through?

  8. Will this block up root?

  9. Just checked right now…no update yet…

  10. Waiting, waiting…

  11. Still waiting here.

  12. About 8:30a in Colorado, no update yet.

  13. I hate waiting.

  14. I am one the lucky few who were able to get my hands on the HTC Incredible but I’ve only had mine a month. How do I know when my phone’s received this update? Does the phone reboot? Is there a chorus of angels singing in the background?

  15. No update here either… it’ll probably still take another month. We should see Froyo by the time I’m due for a new phone.

  16. still waiting . . .

  17. @dswiggs

    The Incredible uses the same camera as the EVO, which has had 720p since its launch. The sensor is capable of 1080p @ 30FPS if the rest of the phone’s hardware were up to the task of encoding that much data.

  18. I’m excited for this update to hit my DInc but I also fall into the “still waiting” category :/

  19. Ha Rick James has a point in the fact that the users that have the phone will be minimum…All in all i still want Froyo to start going around…the wait alone is annoying. August seems to be the month this might be happening…Summer isn’t that long.

  20. Doubtful this will happen today or in the next while..

  21. I am one of the 2 who have the incredible. I love it.

  22. No update here, yet.
    @Dswiggs, they did underclock our phone then realized with all the new 720p devices coming out to finally unleash the beast, im sure Droid incredible is capable of more devine feats.

  23. Yeah, don’t think its going to happen today. Thought it would of gone through early in the morning like the last update did.

  24. I’ve been in two verizon stores today and neither of the stores employees are aware of any such update. And they would know if it was happening.

  25. I guess I’m the second owner of the Incredible. I still don’t have the update – 1236 EST.

  26. It’s about 12:30 pm in NYC… no update for me either! Hopefully it comes through soon.

  27. @KenM The update should open a message box indicating that an update is ready when you’re looking at one of the home screens. The last update occurred a day or two after launch, and only took a couple minutes.

  28. no update yet :(

  29. No update yet :(

  30. My phone is rooted… Any chance this will get rid of that?

  31. It is now 1:37est and I’m still waiting! I want it now so I can talk junk to a couple of buddies that have the Evo.

  32. To force an update check,dial *#*#checkin#*#* in the Dialer. I’ve never used CDMA networks so I don’t know if there is another code…works great on all my android phones (G1,CLIQ,N1)

  33. Waiting in excitement for the update. Not a huge fan of the boot screen though…

  34. @coggy9
    I did that…it said checkin success…but not updates?

  35. I have 2 of the 10 Incredibles ever sold. No update here either…Im rooted I will decline it for now anyways. Atlanta, GA.

  36. @coggy9 I tried the checkin feature.. It said successful but no update.

  37. I also have 2, so there must be atleast 4 out there :) No update here in Louisville, KY yet.

  38. ahh Phandroid….. one of the only places I can go and not be forced to scroll past a full page of iPhone crap.

    Thank you for being there for me. Also still no droid incredible update for me :(

  39. none in seattle…

  40. I have number 4.327 of 10 and it is friggin awesome. but no updates!

  41. I have Dinc #11. That’s right, it goes up to 11. Nothing on my end either. Who got this so called update…?

  42. On another note…is the boot animation really gonna have all that stupid text that was in the commercial? Cause that would be kinda stupid. We own the damn phone, we don’t need to be told that it has an 8MP camera or a 1Ghz snapdragon…everytime we boot it.

  43. I think this is a myth. Lets be honest, wouldn’t you leak this out in the morning? So people get it when they wake up? Its 2 in seattle, 5 on the east coast and I haven’t seen one person get it.

  44. i havnt gotten the update yet either im in new mexico and its 4:06 pm here

  45. Nada

  46. 6:30pm ET still no update here… DInc #8

  47. I called my local Verizon Wireless store today because I wanted to know for sure or to see if they knew anything and the lady that answered stated it was going to be the 29th of this month! She stated it will include Froyo 2.2 along with all the other things people have stated it was to get… She sounded very certain when I asked. She knew right away when I asked her if it was today and she said no its the 29th of July. So HOPEFULLY lol. Tony B. DSM,IOWA

  48. No update in Oshkosh, WI.

  49. DInc #12 here, 825pm CST still no update here. It would be great to see an update on this phone, but I doubt it. I have 1 more day to decide if I’m keeping the DInc, or the Evo that I have. Tough decision…

  50. Still not update, but I checked on Verizon’s website, as if I was ordering a new phone and the Incredible has the option of the mobile hotspot already. So I tried to add the feature to my plan, but of course it would not allow me to do so :(

  51. i must be the 12 owner but its 1035 pm still no update

  52. Nada

  53. ugh, no update yet :(

    has anyone confirmed they got it?

  54. uhh…let’s check one last time today (it’s midnight EST)…………………nope, no OTA today. Still 2.1-update1 on my phone and software is showing up to date status. Maybe they meant next Friday, that’s probably it. Well, at least I won’t have to see that boot screen in the morning.

  55. I have the 6th one sold. No update and it’s 12am on the 17th.

  56. NO update here either on my incredible…been waiting all day patiently. (Ohio 12:37am)

  57. no OTA UPDATE yet… :( San Jose, CA

  58. it’s july 17 and still no update! i hate this rumor crap

  59. still waiting for my ota update 7:30a 7/17 in FL

  60. These things never come out when they supposed to for any phone. I take solice knowing that its coming and us few Inc users are not forgotten. I think that makes me #12 lol

  61. DInc #12 here. It’s tomorrow & no update. :( My emotions feel toyed with.

  62. Haven’t gotten mine yet. Called VZW and the ‘data’ dept. said end of this month. good news is they said they updated their WiFi policy where they drop the monthly fee.

  63. Its the 17th! No update…

  64. 2:00PM in Massachusetts …still waiting

  65. Anyone else out there that still hasn’t received their update? This is a bit frustrating. I even called Verizon who contacted HTC and neither of which knew anything about an update.

  66. No update for me yet (8:30 PM EST on July 17)

  67. None in the dirty Jerz

  68. Did VZW even announce this OTA? Cuz this is only the “rumored OTA update.” its nothing official from VZW. they could be testing out the new OTA update with small group of customers, before they push it out to everyone.

  69. I have one of the first phones to come out on day 1 (Prattville, AL) and no update for me. Just had my phone exchanged by another incredible that was MAILED to me. (I thought there were none available) and it’s not updated either. Exchanged it cause of dropped call issues that is supposed to be fixed in this update. Man, they like to make people wait, don’t they?

  70. Just Got My DI on 7/15/2010….still figuring it out….what’s this about an update?

  71. I wish I could have one :)

  72. Not a single person here has said they got the update…obviously its a bunch of bull. Maybe these rumors of it coming out at the end of July are true, or maybe not… but either way, there is no OTA at the moment

  73. No update here yet (upstate ny)

  74. No update here, Northeast PA

  75. Still no update. Northeast Pennsylvania.

  76. rooted, still no OTA yet…

    Roc NY

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