Verizon: Calm Down, Plenty of Droid X Inventory to Go Around



A whole lot of hub bub has popped up over the past day or so about an apparent Motorola Droid X inventory crisis. An inventory crisis that exists before Verizon has even moved one unit out the door. I’m not buying into the fear-mongering. The Droid Incredible, now that’s a bit of an inventory crisis, but there is no proof but speculation that the demand for the Droid X on launch day will greatly exceed the number of devices in stock.

Verizon isn’t buying into the talk either, and they are assuring us that they have done everything within their power to ensure  everyone who wants a Droid X come July 15th will be able to get one. Here is the official word from a CNN article detailing summer handset stock woes:

“While we are currently experiencing delays on orders of one of our more popular phones. We view that as an anomaly driven by a combination of supply and popularity,” Brenda Raney said. “At present, we feel that we have done everything possible to ensure we have inventory to meet customer needs around the Droid X–the proof will be in the execution on July 15.”

Let’s all just have a little faith that Verizon will pull this one off. The launch is a mere two days away, so until people start getting turned away at the door due to lack of phones to sell we will hold off our worrying.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Where’s droid 2?

  2. i’ll pass!

    come on fascinate!

  3. What gets me is…why no pre-order. bummer!

  4. @Max

    The Droid 2 may not come out even though we’ve seen videos of it, it might have been shelved. They probably will just release the Droid Pro in the fall.

  5. “we have done everything possible”

    So if anything goes wrong Verizon has this statement to use to throw others under the bus.

  6. The old fake inventory scare to increase initial sales, eh?

  7. I hope they will publish a GSM Version of the Droid X or Droid 2 for Germany, soon. I have to replace my Milestone/Droid, because I lost it ;-).

    Does anyone know some new Android phones that will be released in Europe in the next few month? Because we don’t have as much range as in the US.

  8. What about Best Buy preorders?

  9. Anybody know if we’ll be able to order on Verizon’s website Thursday? I’d been hoping for the pre-order button to pop-up, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

    Last week customer care said they didn’t have that info and a local store dude said “definitely”. The same local store dude said they would have the demo units a week before the launch — and that was on Sunday…

  10. @Joe

    Store dudes don’t know sh*t. This is not brand new information.

  11. @ JR I was able to Pre Order for the Droid X at Best Buy.
    Getting the Droid X for my hubby. I have the HTC Incredible but I may send it back for the X. Still with/in my 30 days :)

  12. @Joe I’m pretty sure yall be able to order the Droid X on Thursday online from VZW. Customer Care is trained to tell us absolutely nothing :)

  13. I know for a fact the main tucson best buy has two units….there is a million people in tucson……

  14. @Max As it stands now, the Droid 2 is on track for a mid-August release.

  15. @Philipp check on the Samsung Galaxy S I believe that it has already launched in Europe an parts of Asia.

  16. galaxy s rules, ftw!

  17. I do not believe there will be an inventory shortage. I work at a place that sells phones and we just got in 20 Droid X’s on Monday.

  18. Ya know, I was worried about the size issue and then I remembered my house phone.

  19. Inventory could be in short supply when iphone 4 users decide to get a phone that you can hold any way you want to.

  20. The problem is the way most verizon stores have gone about this. It sounds like nationally most stores decided at some point this week to allow pre-orders. Every store I’ve talked to around me says they have issued too many pre-orders or “appointments” for the actual stock they have on hand. There are thousands in the regional warehouses though. So, they don’t have nearly enough on hand for tomorrow and the plan is to give free overnight shipping to everybody so they get the phone friday. I realize it’s just a day, but come on. Verizon created a lot of buzz around this device and they should reward the people that show up first thing, camp out, whatever. If pre-order was the plan, it should have been announced from the beginning.

  21. Just called my local Verizon Wireless Store, and they said they were sold out already.

  22. My local stores sold out within the first few hours of the the Droid X’s release. I went online that night and it said that the X would be delivered by 7/23. I was a lil bummed that I would have to wait over a week but hey, it was guaranteed to be shipped so I went a head and ordered it. To my surprise I got an email from Verizon yesterday stating that they have already shipped my phone! I will get it Monday!
    I think the whole “sell out” was a publicity stunt. I believe motorola has plenty of devices but verizon only chose to stock a few so that the phone would sell out quickly. That way it would give the device even more hype and publicity! Good strategy if you ask me. Can’t wait to get my Droid X. Only 2 more days.

  23. I just got service about a month ago and ever sine then I’ve been lied to. They said they would make it right (yeah right). So I was promised the droid x for the droid I just bought. Now they lied again and said they would have one on the next shipment date. which was Thursday. Here it is going on Sunday and still no phone. I will be going back to my old service like I told them. If they can’t take of a new customer no better than that. I don’t want nore need ther business. At first they told me that if I traded in my storm, I would get a $100 rebate on the droid I have now. Well, that’s bull shit because I was suppose to get that anyway.p.s Sylacauga Store.

  24. Soo yea.. I went in to the verizon store on friday of last week… They said I would get my droid X on the 25th of this month.. But every1 has been getting them a week early, so I will get it next week I hope!! Oh and all the droids are on back up order. (And there is a back to school feal if u get one this month! I got my droid X 4 $40 total!!!)

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