Verizon Stores Beginning to Stock Up on Droid X Devices


We’re only three days away from Verizon’s big launch day for the Motorola Droid X, so we naturally expected they’d have devices headed to some of their stores already. Droid-Life’s received internal inventory shots showing at least two stores in Portland, OR already has some in stock. One of the stores is an authorized Verizon kiosk with the other being a corporate store. The corporate store seems to have a few more than the kiosk, naturally, but <30 devices is a good amount fewer than we expected to see.


Many factors can dictate how many devices any given store gets, so there’s no indication on stock being” limited” as Droid-Life would put it, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a part of one of those sweet launch day lines we’ve gotten so accustomed to seeing (even if they’re never as big as what you’d see for the launch of a new iOS device).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The fail in this picture is that IE is used..

  2. any word on when bestbuy will start stocking? i preordered a droid x last week and im really hoping to get mine on launch day..

  3. Can’t wait to get my phone, pre-ordered at Best Buy

  4. Less than 30? Is this going to be another shortage situation?

  5. I was at my local VZW store yesterday and they said they already had them in stock ready for Thursday. They let me hold a dummy version, it fits my hand and my pocket well.
    I’m pre-ordered at BB to avoid the MIR.

  6. I changed my order from the Droid Incredible to this in-store. Does this mean I have an X reserved, or can they sell out while I’m at work and I get screwed out of my X?

  7. I’m with @Phil here…

  8. There will be a shortage – why do you think clubs have 30 minute lines to get in but once you get inside it is empty.

  9. LOL @ Sanjeev But eventually this will get old and people will get tired of wanting Android devices that they can’t get.

  10. Played with the X for about a minute yesterday. My friend works at Verizon and constantly gets the new phones before launch. Liked the size, speed and screen. It is lighter than my Droid. Browser is nice with a larger initial font. Very nice.

  11. I thought I saw the X comes with EA’s Need for Speed game as well as the Transformers movie. Can anybody confirm or deny either?

  12. Same experience as JAA … Shame it was not a working phone!

    The Manager gave me his card and told me to call him on Tuesday to see if they will be doing any pre-orders. I asked him if he has heard of a timeline on any LTE phones, since LTE/4G is coming in November … and he has heard nothing.

    Would seriously suck to rush in and sign a 2 year contract this week, and then have to pay full retail for a LTE phone in only 4 months ($600?)

  13. My point exactly. I almost jumped T mobile to Verizon for the Incredible and realized it will not be LTE compatible. Patience brings good rewards… :) May stick with Tmobile if the HSPA+ is all they say it is… We shall see…

  14. @Matreyu – I got to play with a live unit in a store last weekend (July 5) and it had NFS-Shift installed on it. I asked the rep if they had a display model and he beckoned me over to the counter. They had it behind the counter but let me play with it for 5 min or so.

  15. @thedogscar/Jeffe – LTE will officially launch in Jan 2011 though it may start earlier. The first devices that will be launched are the USB mobile broadband devices first, then cell phones. Dont expect to see a bunch of LTE phones when it launches as it takes time to get everything going. LTE is adding a SIM like card to connect to the LTE so I don’t see how any new phones could be “upgraded” via firmware, etc and be compatible. And to be honest, I think this is why VZW doesnt have an iPhone yet.

  16. For all those people going to bestbuy to get the Droid x, I was in there the other day and the preorder isn’t a preorder its a waiting list according to one of the phone reps.

  17. @red21 yeah I got a preorder at BB also and what they told me was that they’d call me to schedule a time to pick up the phone according to my number on the list on release date

  18. *according to my number on the list

  19. I called verizon and the rep that answered the phone sd he didn’t knw anythng about it and they probably won’t get any in stock untill monday wich is so odd .. He wasn’t very informational about the phone I hope other verizon stores are more helpfull ..m

  20. I confirmed the retail price today by visiting a verizon corporate store he told me $569.99 i didnt believe him so he turned the monitor around and showed me. Yes it showed %569.99 for the Droid X at retail.

  21. I have a friend that works at Best Buy Mobile in Asheville, NC. He said that it looks like they are only getting 13 phones in stock for the launch. There are going to be a lot of people who preordered the Droid X and are going to have to wait to get it.

  22. Most stores in my area already have 30 phones in stock.. thats double what they had for the Incredible. But this is only the first shipment – theres still a chance more could be shipped to my area before launch.

  23. i was in the Stockton store here in California and the manager had a store demo that he let me mess around with. I must say that it felt really nice and big or overpowering at all. For some reason the evo seem bigger but its not.
    BTW the Stockton store has 60 in stock.

  24. Went back to the Verizon store. I was told they have 60 in stock, but no pre-ordering. I talked to the manager a long time about LTE coming to NYC in November … and he convinced me to wait to upgrade … or I would be stuck with a 3G phone for two years, when 4G is so much better, and just around the corner!

  25. Verizon Stores in Chicago area all out of stock of Droid X phones…Some stores when called said they only received 5 or 10 phones and these were sold in 10 minutes after the store opened. Seems all corporate Verizon stores got less than enough phonex to meet the Droid X demand. Bad planning if you ask me…..

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