Galaxy Tab (With a Front-Facing Camera) Launching Before this October


More news regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab – Samsung’s enthusiastic stab at the iPad – has just rolled in. According to Forbes, JK Shin – head of Samsung Mobile – has confirmed that the Galaxy Tab will have a front-facing camera like its smaller Galaxy S descendants (internationally, anyway).


Also confirmed is a launch window: “before October” is rather vague, but it’s a lot better than “before the end of the year”. We could be seeing this thing anywhere between now (smack dab in the middle of the summer) and between mid-late fall. Oh, and apparently Samsung has yet to decide on an official name for the device (if you were to ask me, the “Tab” wouldn’t be half bad.)

[via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Is this going to have phone capabilities? or is the picture just a mock up with an Android screen grab?

  2. I want one, hopefully with a dual core processor and higher res SuperAmoled screen.

  3. it will have 3G but not talk from my understanding

  4. If it had 3G talk I’d strongly consider it as a phone replacement. I’d use it with a wired or wireless headset. Not sure how mass market that would be, but I’m definitely heading that direction since I’ve discovered I tend to browse more than I talk on my phone.

  5. guys all it needs is google voice to make it into a phone. So you can use this or your regular phone for making calls. Pretty good eh ?

  6. @Bob, Google Voice doesn’t work like that. It dials an intermediary number before connecting to the number that you want to call, so without a voice connection it won’t work on this device. You’re thinking of Skype and other VOIP services.

  7. Why would you have a front facing camera if it wasn’t phone capable?

  8. @Aeires good point; this looks nice.

  9. For instant messaging video call probably?

  10. @Aeires and Laurie… If it is wifi capable, then the front facing camera would be useful for something like Skype or just live streaming…if you are into that type of thing. I can see a use for it.

  11. @aeires, you could always use the front facing camera for fring or skype or qik or something over wifi…

  12. @Aeires: You could still use the FFC with Wi-Fi or possibly 3G later on down the road if it came with options. The 3G is just speculation on my part though.

  13. It has a front facing cam for web chat people. lol You remember web cams right?? This would make a rediculous phone. lol i would love to hold it to my head tho, face dialing FTW

  14. from the article on Samsung Hub: Other things that have been confirmed are GPS, Wi-Fi, a 3G connection and will be launched before October

  15. My only concern is how apps will look on that big a screen? I doubt there will be many native apps made.

  16. If this has the same core as galaxy s then I’d expect it to also have a gyroscope, hummingbird, etc. That tablet would then be truly ‘magical.’

  17. It looks nice but I fear it may be nothing more than a large version of the Galaxy S with no hardware changes. If so I will wait for the dual core Cortex A-9 based tablets like the OMAP 44xx or Tegra 250 stuff before I get one.

  18. The front camera will be for MSN or Yahoo chatting… maybe Skype too…

  19. The problem is, Android isn’t letting tablets have access to the Marketplace yet….. so where are we going to get apps from. And if Android isn’t allowing access to the marketplace then Devs aren’t going to make anything for the Android tablets because there is no point. I want an android tab but I would also like to have some sort of apps and programs for it.

  20. I’m sure that market access will come for tablets in the near future, but even if it doesn’t you should be able to side-load apps to it. I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of tablet apps.

  21. It should, the fact that in the picture we see a phone icon would lead us to this conclusion. If Dell Streak can do it and Huawei S7 can, then why not Samsung.

  22. “My only concern is how apps will look on that big a screen? I doubt there will be many native apps made.”

    If the app was made with multiple screen sizes in mind then it should scale just fine. Even if the dev was short sighted enough to not think about tablet size screens, there is still a good chance the layout will still scale correctly. If you look over the Android dev guide for UI creation you will see that Android is well equipped to naturally handle scaling most apps.

  23. The Google tablet still needs work. I wouldn’t call this an ipad killer…yet. With full access to the market, froyo, calling and video calling capabilities as well as the ability to multi task, write, type etc….then yes, it would be the best tablet out there. And it should have syncing capabilities with your android phone such as contacts, e=mail, calendar and so forth. I can see people having this with their phone and be able to do work on it, read, etc. The in between device has a lot use for business professionals, as android marks up 4% and with a lot of biz apps on the way, i give it by the end of the year that some companies wanna start issuing droid2 to their employees, or at least work the small biz faction.

  24. I want to buy the samsung galaxy tab.
    But there is a couple things my phones must have in order for me to enjoy them.
    The camera must work good. Has to take good pictures.
    I would love for it to have a front camera.
    It also must be easy to text on.
    Texting is my life, and without it, i dont think i would live.
    And I have some questions about this phone, can you get on skype with it??? does it play youtube videos? and how long does the battery normally last?

  25. I just bought it and there is no front facing camera only for video confrence. When you call Sprint reps can’t help their nasty and it you ask about returning it they tell you that you have to pay a restocking fee of 35. Before they will take it back. I’m so mad right now I’m thinking about sending a letter to their president and changing to Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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