Galaxy S Root Hack Will Work on US Carrier Versions


The process for gaining root access on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S is quite easy. Simply boot up the phone and flash a hacked update.zip file and you’re done. The method was first successfully performed by Russian developer LesharK, but the guys at XDA-Developers took it a step further and got the hack up and running on a few US-bound Galaxy S phones as well. So far the same process of flashing a special update file has been confirmed to work on both AT&T’s Samsung Captivate and T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant. The process only required a small modification to the original script, so there is a high chance the Fascinate for Verizon and Epic 4G on Sprint will have root access well before their respective launches.


A Modaco-made custom ROM is already floating around for the international Galaxy S, so it is only a matter of time before the small tweaks are made to get it up and running on the US variants as well. With code for the Galaxy S and Android 2.2 both freely available, we can expect some decent stock Froyo ROMs to show up as the widespread availability of the powerful Galaxy S will surely make it a hit in the developer community.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Awesome. That seals the deal for me. :) I will pick up my Vibrant on Thursday and will root it the same day. Then I will get myself a nice ROM that is 2.2 and looking more like stock android!

  2. YAY!!! I was afraid that if I go the Vibrant, it might not get root I would have to live with TouchWiz (*gag*). I prefer plain vanilla Android or Sense.

  3. I might have to delay my droid x purchase. However, I have another upgrade for November.

  4. Sweet! Considering the off chance that samsung might pull another “we don’t feel like updating your phone” stunt, this will come in very handy.

  5. So much for the Droid X being top dog. Samsung Fascinate > Droid X

  6. This pretty much seals the deal for me. Vibrant here I come!

  7. Thursday = Good! Root + Vibrant = Thursday

  8. Has anyone actually confirmed that the US versions (most importantly the Fascinate) have unsigned boot loaders? I see talk about custom ROMs but I haven’t actually seen discussion of the boot loader itself.

  9. I’ve heard that flashing a custom ROM will violate a warranty. What about rooting it in this way? I don’t really want a custom ROM at this point, but would like a few of the utilities that require root access. But I don’t want to void the warranty if I have to replace the phone.

  10. @kwest12
    custom ROM pretty much means unsigned bootloader.

    Signed bootloader does not load ROM without preassigned encryptions key. Unless the developer knows the encryption key, it is near impossible to load custom ROM (or one can try to bypass the bootloader all together)

    Unsigned bootloader does not care about the encryption key.
    The face that there is a custom ROM already means that bootloader is not encrypted(signed).

  11. I have a Nexus. I’d get a Vibrant, but fear I would miss my trackball too much!

  12. Does this mean I will be able to use my Tmboile Vibrant as a mobile wi-fi hotspot?

  13. Omg cannot wait for my Epic

  14. only if your tugging on my balls.

  15. @Fapple – If you are rooted and load wifi tether, yes.

  16. @Fapple Indeed, Wireless Tether 2.01 application has already been confirmed to work on the rooted T-Mobile Vibrant by at least one user over on xda forums. All’s well in the universe…

  17. Captivate, here I come!!!

  18. Was just in the T-mobile store and used the reps Vibrant phone that he got when he went on his training. It is SWEET!! :) Just wanted to share it with you guys. No doubt in my mind on what phone I am getting. Thursday 10AM=Vibrant+root (well. root will come later than 10AM but it will happen Thursday)

  19. I am very interested to see the benchmark results after this phone gets 2.2. I am definitely getting the Captivate.

  20. @Epell,
    I appreciate the response, but it doesn’t quite answer what I was hoping to find out. Right now, they’ve made a custom ROM that works on the international version of the Galaxy S. We know from past history that things overseas aren’t always the same as in the states (Droid had unsigned boot loader and Milestone had a signed one).
    What I’m wondering is if anyone has verified whether or not the boot loader will be signed on the Fascinate or not. Just because it isn’t signed on the Galaxy S doesn’t guarantee anything for the Fascinate.

  21. Where can I buy the international galaxy s to use on my carrier?

  22. @IDtheTarget

    It’s not flashing the ROM but the process of rooting voids your warranty. It’s the same logic as dismantling any electronic device by yourself voids the warranty too. Warranty for consumer only covers using of the device, not modifying the phone on the base level.

    You can always unroot your phone before sending in for repair.

  23. btw you don’t need to root your phone in order to turn off touchwiz.
    see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DThtzpvjPGE&feature=player_embedded

  24. Sure you’ll be able to run custom roms based off the offical Samsung 2.1 release but good luck running anything not released by Samsung..Like froyo for example.

    Samsung isn’t required to release source to their drivers and without them your screwed.

  25. Pardon my ignorance but let’s say I rooted my Galaxy Phone, can it be UNROOTED? I was told that some phones cannot be unrooted therefore voiding the manufacturers warranty. I just want to know if the Samsung Captivate will have the same thing? I was hoping to UNroot it so that just incase something bad happens, the warranty will still work.

    I know that the iPhone can be restored to factory settings without the manufacturer knowing that you jailbroken it. I hope the Captivate has the same thing.


  26. @ari-free


  27. keplenk,

    any phone that can be rooted, can be unrooted. No worries.

    Modding ability (or lack there of) is a dealbreaker for me after the modding headaches of MotoBlur. I already wanted this phone for its hardware. Knowing that its an easy root and hack seals the deal.

  28. im having a really hard time trying to root my galaxy s vibrant i have it tethered to my laptop for internet but i want to root it so i will be able to creat my own hotspot for other things

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