HTC Desire Training Begins at Telus



A device that appears to be none other than the HTC Desire with North American 3G bands just passed the FCC on a trip likely to end with Canadian carrier Telus. We have known the phone would be heading there for a few months now, but talk eventually fizzled out and it almost seemed like the plans were forgotten. In case there were any doubts, Telus has got the ball rolling on training for the phone that was speculated to launch as the HTC Triumph. If this leaked shot is any indication the name Desire may stick and the phone should be hitting sometime in July.

[via Mobile Syrup]

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[Update] Samsung Captivate Launches July 18th, $199 on AT&T; $349 Without Contract?

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  1. Woohoo! Choice of Android phone is pretty limited at Telus, and I want to switch in the next few weeks…

    Wonder what the price will be, it’s ~600$ CAN for the Milestone, Desire being more recent, pricier, same price, Milestone cheaper?

  2. Even though I doubt it will happen, I’m still hoping for this or a similar-level HTC device to come to AT&T as well.

    I’m paying close attention to the Samsung Captivate, but generally I’d prefer the desire if I had a choice. Have the Galaxy S phones been rooted already?

  3. Galaxy S has been rooted already. Bell is getting a “Vibrant” Galaxy variant within the next 30 days, which means unlocked versions of that and the Captivate will be available for Telus use in the very near future, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Telus (and Rogers) pick up one of the Galaxy variants.

    Looks like Sammy is dumping these on the market at cost (or below cost) to build Android market share, based on the no-contract prices you’re seeing for the US models.

    TLDR; I’d hold off on the Desire unless you’ve just got to have Sense or HTC industrial design. The Desire is getting long in the tooth, the display is shite compared to the Samsung Super AMOLED, and the Hummingbird/PowerVR combo runs rings around the Snapdragon, plus you get an extra .3″ of screen.

  4. Can you guys please stop talking bout these small ass carriers. I really want the Desire to be on AT&T say that. And stop repeating all these other small carriers. It just pisses me off that AT&T have yet to delivered a good ANDROID device HARD WARE. I WON’T CALM DOWN. Till AT&T gets their head out of APPLE asses and get the freaking Desire!

  5. Those small ass carriers as you call them ARE the big ass carriers in Canada mate. So it’s not our fault the big AT-AT is to busy shmoozing iJobs. Go find a thread dedicated to American carriers to complain about the lack of AT-AT android goodness.

    That said I’m trying very hard to hold off till we see what the Canadian market gets for Samsung phones before I upgrade. The Galaxy S series is looking good all around even if it looks kinda like an iPhone. But before I saw the Sammy phones the Desire was the one I was waiting for. I get mad at friends and family that do this waffling, now look at me. lol!


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