HTC Desire Passes through FCC with North American 3G Bands


The HTC Desire ripped Europe a new one, and has since been pegged as a phone coming to several carriers around North America. The biggest launch was expected to occur on Telus in Canada, but a rumored June 8th release date passed with no HTC Desire. Now a new HTC phone has just received the stamp of approval from the FCC and its model number just happens to be PB99220. Considering the European Desire goes by the model number PB99200 we are willing to bet that this variation with support for WCDMA bands I, II, and V, is a Desire headed for North America.


Those bands definitely line up with an impending Telus release as the HTC Triumph, but it also leaves the door open for Bell, Rogers, and AT&T. We’ll put our money on Telus, though.

[via Engadget]

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  1. U.S. Cellular was confirmed to be getting this phone.

  2. @Jake, US Cellular’s version of htc desire is going to be CDMA. This new one is gonna be gsm north american 3g (at&t/rogers)!

  3. @Jake Yes it was, but US Cellular is a CDMA network while this is talking about GSM network compatibility in the US.

  4. HTC desire sold well in Europe, so I guess it will sell in Canada as well. One thing I noticed was HTC seems to have much better reputation in Europe and AUstralia. Whereas in US, it is still Motorola that dominates android mindshare

  5. What’s the point if AT&T not getting this damn phone I’ve been waiting for this since May

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