Jul 8th, 2010

AT&T’s just announced the release date for their own Galaxy S Smartphone – the Samsung Captivate – and it’s coming right around the middle of July (the 18th, to be specific). For $199 on a two-year contract (with no rebates to mess around with), you’ll be getting everything that most other Galaxy S smartphones have been getting, sans any hardware keyboard (Samsung Epic 4G) or a front-facing camera (Epic 4G and the international Galaxy S).


I’m sure a lot of iPhone 4 owners out there would be glad to drop their devices as fast as their device can drop a call (Oh come on! Like you didn’t see that coming.), so will you be making the jump to Android when the Samsung Captivate launches on AT&T July 18th?

[Update]: According to AT&T’s Facebook page, the off-contract price will be $349.99, apparently. We can’t help but question if this is accurate considering the mix-up we saw with T-Mobile’s pricing listing the device at a similar (comparatively low) price, and it’s worth noting that AT&T’s since updated the post to exclude off-contract pricing. They’ve also taken down the press release that I was just looking at that had the information, so take that for what you will.

[via BGR]

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