[Update] Samsung Captivate Launches July 18th, $199 on AT&T; $349 Without Contract?


AT&T’s just announced the release date for their own Galaxy S Smartphone – the Samsung Captivate – and it’s coming right around the middle of July (the 18th, to be specific). For $199 on a two-year contract (with no rebates to mess around with), you’ll be getting everything that most other Galaxy S smartphones have been getting, sans any hardware keyboard (Samsung Epic 4G) or a front-facing camera (Epic 4G and the international Galaxy S).


I’m sure a lot of iPhone 4 owners out there would be glad to drop their devices as fast as their device can drop a call (Oh come on! Like you didn’t see that coming.), so will you be making the jump to Android when the Samsung Captivate launches on AT&T July 18th?

[Update]: According to AT&T’s Facebook page, the off-contract price will be $349.99, apparently. We can’t help but question if this is accurate considering the mix-up we saw with T-Mobile’s pricing listing the device at a similar (comparatively low) price, and it’s worth noting that AT&T’s since updated the post to exclude off-contract pricing. They’ve also taken down the press release that I was just looking at that had the information, so take that for what you will.

[via BGR]

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  1. have been waiting a long time for this info..now that I know I will be seeing it in person in 10 days..yum!

  2. will the crutches be included??

  3. @Jolin you typed “yum!”.. you must be fat

  4. No the crutches will not be included. You will have to download and install ADB to install apps that aren’t available in the market. Another thing worth mention is that the Galaxy S has been rooted so assuming the process is the same you should be able to throw away the crutches altogether.


  6. This looks much better than the original Galaxy S. I’d hate to buy that one and then let my friends who are iPhone fanboys discover that my new phone looks like the one I love to hate.

  7. I have to say, since the Nexus One these phones have been getting more and more powerful at lower prices. Remember when a phone like this would have cost $349.99 with a $100 rebate? Off contract was like $600.

    Things are looking good in the mobile space. And we have Android to thank for that.

  8. @M. “you typed “yum!”.. you must be fat”

    Enjoying food doesn’t make you fat.
    Eating cellphones doesn’t make you fat.

    It is lack of discipline that makes you fat. Judging from your response that is totally unrelated to the article and is entirely a personal attack on a stranger, you lack respect and discipline, therefore must be fat. And perhaps a apple fanboy too? Which is worse than being fat. I pity you.

  9. Looks nice! If I didn’t have an n1 I’d think about it off-contract…

  10. Ok….So the Captivate is releasing July 18th and the Vibrant is releasing July 15th…..WHERE THE HELL is the release date for the Sprint Epic 4G? ….I am sooooo sick of my Motorola Cliq and now they are saying I won’t get my 2.1 update until August(probably August 31st….fool me once Motorola)…..Why is it that the crappy phones that nobody wants get secret blurry cam images of corporate computers with release dates but we can’t get a single Sprint employee to take one stinkin picture for the Epic 4G street date? …..Are you listening Sprint employees? ….Yes, you may get fired but it will be worth it….Well, probably not but at least us Epic 4G buyers will be happy and your courage will not go unnoticed…..LOL

  11. This might actually have had a chance to compete with the iPhone and be a SuperPhone… if AT&T had NOT REMOVED THE FRONT CAMERA! … Guess I will have to wait for the Sprint EPIC 4G.

  12. So if it is $349 off contract. Are the T-mobile users paying $100 for Avatar and the other bloatware? Kinda steep. Please let me get a phone without stuff I don’t need T-mobile!

  13. Squeeze more out of the slaves in China and make it cheaper!

  14. I am very excited to see AT&T releasing this phone first. I am definitely getting this phone. Thanks for the information.

  15. Vibrant – july 15
    Captivate – july 18
    Fascinate – july 21

    I can only guess that epic will be out on the 24th if it goes by the there day pattern.

  16. WTF? Where is the Fascinate or at least some info on a leak?

  17. Three*

  18. I’m definitely going in to mess around with this phone. Hopefully it’s pretty similar to the Fascinate… I need to make a decision between that and the DX!

  19. @uly, UMMMM, I just read your comment and saw you tossed a date out for the Fascinate… please provide proof!!! I hope that date is right!

  20. Guys I was just curious what ver on android this is running? 2.1?
    I’m currently using a telus milestone(on att) and this phone might actually be a worth upgrading to.

  21. Hmmmm besides the crutches doesn’t AT&T have the bloatware too? I still think the Vibrant will be the better option of the GSM Samsung Galaxy S’s. But if you can root the phone, doesn’t really matter I guess. Then it comes down to plan price and network reliability. I still think TMO has that over AT&T (all the iPhonys killing the AT&T network).

  22. ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME!!!!!!! Can they (ATT) make us wait any longer?!?!?!?

  23. I agree with Seriously. I’m ready for the Epic already. I’m ready to dump my 3Gs and switch to an Android device.

  24. if they actually do sell it for $349 off contract, i will buy one until cellular south releases this. If they don’t then i’m not buying anything until then..

  25. Doesn’t AT&T have a 30 day no hassel policy? I wonder if the lines for exchanging the iPhone 4 (for the captivate) will be as long as they were to buy the iPhone 4?

    It’s been a long time coming, and I for one can’t wait for the Captivate!!

  26. 18th.. SUnday!

  27. There is no way this is being sold for $349 off contract.

  28. Finally!

  29. @Wello

    LOL! That is a good point!

  30. too little too late. going to verizon for the droid-x. peace out, at&t. next time, move faster on a good thing, and don’t cripple otherwise good devices on your network.

  31. Just upgraded from a Blackberry to the HTC Aria this week. Is it worth the $35 restocking fee to return the Aria and get the Captivate?

  32. @AL

    Question is do you want a bigger, higher end device or are you happy with a mid-range Android device?

  33. …uh, someone want to explain to me why this is 349 off contract, while the Aria is 379 off contract?

    You can always wait until it’s released, then check it out in the store to see if you like it more. I got my Aria about 2 weeks ago, and I intend to keep it, if only because I’ve had so many bad experiences with Samsung products in the past.

  34. AT&T will lock this phone down no doubt. This phone doesn’t have a flash either. I’m still liking my N1(even though it’s on AT&T as well).

  35. Guys,
    If I buy it without contract, can use it with T-mobile?
    if the answer is no, so where is the point from buying it without contract?

  36. Definitely going to get this phone. I’m getting really, really tired of my Bold 9700, and have been wanting an android phone. I was going to get a Nexus One, but $529 is a bit too steep for me… $200 sounds alright though.

  37. Android is nice, but samsung sucks a**!! I’ll wait for a better phone from a different manufacturer… Like the Droid X. Too bad it isn’t on AT&T.

  38. Well, I am really enjoying this HTC as it loads websites much faster than my Bold 9000 did. I just don’t quite understand what it means to be a high end or midrange phone. The only thing I don’t like about the HTC is battery life. Though I only got it on Tuesday.

  39. T-Mobile gave me a phone price of $430 for the Vibrant at a store today. I have one on hold and I’m rubbing my dirty, stubby fingers together in anticipation. This is my first Android phone.

    Ever since my experience with the Linux based Sharp Zaurus PDA, I’ve been waiting for a phone gadget like this. Oh dear Android lord may your AMOLE screen blind me with thine glory!

  40. I’ll pass. This is not the Galaxy S. Look at T-Moblie, and Verizon their Galaxy S looks the same. Why the hell is AT&T look shittier than the rest? Hardware is not all that great to me, theirs NO FLASH NO FRONT FACING CAMERA. So I will pass on this and sits here and continue to wait for my Desire

  41. Looks like this is my next phone!
    I’m not in the least put off by there being no FFC or flash on this. I want my phone to be a phone first, a messaging system second, and an internet device third. If the specs are to be believed, for a device of this size, it’s a multimedia monster (with video out) and that is icing on the cake.
    I honestly can’t remember the last time I used the camera on my phone, much less what I would even use an FFC for.

  42. Galaxy S or Aria… I need a good argument on these phones because im going to get a new one at the end of the month

  43. @Girardi
    The HTC Aria is a nice small android phone. With the smaller phone and screen, you are also getting a slower processor, and a lower screen resolution. I believe the Aria will be a better “phone,” but you’ll get more features with the Captivate.

  44. GIVE ME THE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Captivate is going to be sold for $539 off contract. CAlled AT& T store today and confirmed the price.

  46. so my local store in the mall was selling them for $199 with a 2 year contract but it was $499 for no committment…will this change to the $350 on the 18th when it is supposed to launch

  47. being sold with tax for me at best buy was $550 and $534 at at&t..but best buy does trade in value for ur previous phone..I got $87 dollars off mine

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