Motorola Charm Gets a Promo Video


The Motorola Charm sure snuck up on us. The entire rumor/speculation/confirmation/announcement process that follows most handsets from conception to release only took a week for Motorola’s latest handset headed to T-Mobile. Now we are getting the Charm’s first official promotional video. Check it out and see if this one fits your fancy. We can say one thing for sure, the Charm wears its keyboard loud and proud, seeing no reason to tuck it or slide it or flip it away.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. firrrsssttttt!!!!!!!!!!! and its a cool lookin phone reminds me of a blackberry

  2. It’s like a Blackberry and a Backflop had a baby =P

  3. its a berryflip lol

  4. That thang don’t flip fold or slide. My daughters would love it or the flip out…. but girls like to flip things… so its gonna be close.

  5. Dam androids on a roll….to the top…its like I said android will be the too OS hell yeahhhhh yeah

  6. Looks like T-Mobile’s attempt at a KIN phone. This is obviously aimed at teens/tweens. Are parents really going to foot the bill for the data plans? Oh well, at least it has Android, not whatever frankenstein OS was running on the KIN phones.

  7. Android: the choice of hard core geeks…and their sisters.

  8. Do _not_ buy a Motorola phone with MotoBlur on it. As a disappointed Motorola Cliq user, I know from experience that you will not receive timely Android updates and will quickly lose access to the latest apps and features. You have been warned! Do not make the same mistake I did.

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