This Just In: Low-End Android Handsets Still Seeing Release in China



Just because we need to remind ourselves every once in a while that China is still seeing an onslaught of sub-par, low-priced Android handsets I present to you the T-Smart G68. A 3.2 -inch screen, 5MP camera, 600MHz processor, 256MB of RAM are all housed in an uninspired casing and running on Android 1.6. OK, so the specs really aren’t that bad for the price of 1290 yuan (~$190), but there is nothing about this phone that screams, shouts, or even meekly suggests that this is one to get excited about. Nope, just another meager offering to be lost among other meager offerings.

[via Cloned in China]

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  1. They want cheap devices that gets the job done. Let them have low-end phones :)

  2. Seems like these would be great phones for kids in the USA if data was only over wifi. The carriers would hate that, but the vendor would do very well.

  3. That phone could run 2.2 no problem. If it has an unlocked bootloader…cheap dev unit for the low to mid range phones.

  4. Coming soon to tmobile?

  5. Wow, you mean people arnt over paying for features they will barely use? Its sad living in the states and seeing how pathetic we are. Everything has to be the best, fastest, prettiest, and most importantly…. most expensive to be “worth” anything. Lets all grab ahold of our media mind erasers and forget the individual thought still exists. Sorry but droids will loose their hype when hackers have their field day with apps that do what they say…. and much, much more. But dont worrie, im sure norton and macafee will have something for you to spend more money on. Some say its the nature of the tech beast. I call it being a tool to a perverted capitalist system.

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