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The long-awaited ScoreCenter app was released only a few weeks ago, but ESPN didn’t want to slow down the Android train just yet. Today they launched the official ESPN Radio app for Android to give sports fans access to live radio streams, podcasts, and SportsCenter updates. You even get the ability to use the app to text directly in to the shows you are listening to and become part of the discussion. With a scrolling score ticker you could almost consider this a paid version of ScoreCenter, because, oh yeah, this one isn’t free. $4.99 in the Android Market now. Check it out if your a sports die-hard.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. I’m kind of confused why stuff that is free through a browser costs me $4.99 for an app?

    I have Froyo + Flash on my Droid and can stream for free through a browser. I can also watch ESPN3 live video (crappy quality) on my Droid as well through the browser. Then there’s WunderRadio which I already paid for that already stream a lot of ESPN radio channels.

  2. why does this one cost two dollars more than the iphone version? playing favorites ESPN? haha

  3. @Rob I was thinking the thing.

  4. @Rob I was thinking the same thing.

  5. Meh, I was not impressed with Score Center and I dont listen to ESPN Radio all that much. I’ll hold out for an ESPN video app (ESPN MVP) or, like Rob said above, wait for flash and watch the video through the web browser for free.

  6. Who cares??? ESPN Radio is absolutely horrible. Iheartradio gives me Fox Sports Radio and FSR puts ESPN Radio to shame….

  7. @Adam +1, the ScoreCenter app is a pretty poor port from the iPhone version.

  8. So I can’t download this app if I have 1.5?

  9. @brad…Colin Cowherd is the only reason. Before 1pm est Espn is golden. After…not so much. Although Iheartradio is the free option…maybe even radiotime….

  10. f–K Jim Rome!!! Mike n Mike, The Herd and SVP friggin rule. Super Happy Right Now!!!

  11. Cowherd has way to many commercials. The show starts then 5 minutes later a commercial. He’s back in 5 minutes and then another commercial in 7 minutes. Screw that.

  12. No need to buy this. Get A Online Radio and search for all your ESPN Radio stations and stream it from there for free.

  13. Wont work on a rooted phone wtf

  14. Using TuneWiki app, on SHOUTcast radio you can find like 6 different espn radio stations (including spanish ones)


  15. Scorecenter app sucks and now they want to overcharge for this? ESPN doesn’t like Android much i guess.

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