Jul 7th, 2010

Next time you stretch that index finger towards your YouTube app icon, you might want to consider opening up your browser instead. Why? Because the YouTube and Google teams have just unleashed a new mobile site that in many ways bests the stand-alone application. You’ll get speed and features that make the app seem like a beta test in comparison. Improved video quality? Check. More features? Check. The same experience across any mobile platform? Check.

So what’s so exciting about the mobile site? Maybe it would be best to simply check out this video put together to showcase the new site on both the iPhone and Nexus One:

If that doesn’t get you pumped up to YouTube some videos on your phone, well then I don’t know what will. Not only do you get all the latest features of the full YouTube website without the need to wait for an app update, but these features work no matter where you access it. It’s a move towards a future of mobile applications that are rooted on the web rather than in app stores. You can read the whole announcement to get Google’s take on it.

So go ahead, make a YouTube bookmark icon and toss that old application, you know you want to.

[via Gizmodo]