New YouTube Mobile Site Aims for Consistency Across Platforms


Next time you stretch that index finger towards your YouTube app icon, you might want to consider opening up your browser instead. Why? Because the YouTube and Google teams have just unleashed a new mobile site that in many ways bests the stand-alone application. You’ll get speed and features that make the app seem like a beta test in comparison. Improved video quality? Check. More features? Check. The same experience across any mobile platform? Check.

So what’s so exciting about the mobile site? Maybe it would be best to simply check out this video put together to showcase the new site on both the iPhone and Nexus One:

If that doesn’t get you pumped up to YouTube some videos on your phone, well then I don’t know what will. Not only do you get all the latest features of the full YouTube website without the need to wait for an app update, but these features work no matter where you access it. It’s a move towards a future of mobile applications that are rooted on the web rather than in app stores. You can read the whole announcement to get Google’s take on it.

So go ahead, make a YouTube bookmark icon and toss that old application, you know you want to.

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Anyone else notice the N1 turned out to be a holiday edition one with the QR code on the back?

  2. still doesnt work on Opera Mini…does on Dolphin

  3. It is a really nice site. Still uses the app to play the video which is fine with me.

  4. 10x better than the app…i couldn’t do time filters in the app. Just out of interest, does everyone have that problem?

  5. noticed what Dave saw. It doesn’t open it in the browser (Dolphin HD), it still asks for the YouTube app. Is that how its intended to work?

  6. On my Incredible, it plays videos in the HTC Flash Player which doesn’t offer the “high-quality” option that is available in the app.

    Other than that, it is pretty snappy.

  7. on the evo…anyone know a way to make it give me the option to play in flash lite or in the app. it always loads flash lite.

  8. @Luffy

    Yes, I have the same issue

  9. @seth, it sounds like you might have set the default to flash lite. if you go to settings->applications->manage applications->htc flash player then click ‘clear data’, when you go back to where you were and clicked the video it should pop up options about what you want to use to open it. just don’t click ‘set as default’ or else you won’t get that option the next time. HTH

  10. @cabbie No that doesn’t seem to work. It doesn’t give you the option to set it as default. There has to be a way to unset it.

  11. It’s a much nicer interface, but now I can’t view videos that Skyfire previously was able to open so that kinda sucks big time. Am debating whether or not to uninstall the mobile version. I got more functionality just going to YouTube through Skyfire.

  12. hope this doesn’t work on iPhone since Stevie doesn’t like Flash. it’ll say “IN YOUR FACE!”

  13. Looks great on my HTC Incredible, but I don’t get the option to play the high quality version, even on WIFI.

    At least the app gives me that option.

  14. @Solrac924 In the video, it is using the app in the iPhone. No flash needed.

  15. @Ares
    that’s basically due to the fact that Dolphin is actually the native browser, in other words it uses the same web renderer

  16. @Phil

    settings->applications->manage applications to see a list of downloaded apps. Then press menu->Filter->All to see all applications, including pre-installed apps like browser. For my phone (moto droid), I can select browser->clear defaults.

  17. High quality hasn’t been working lately, when i select high quality it says “the video cannot be played” (something like that). I have the motorola cliq xt w/ motoblur.

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