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If SportsTap and ScoreMobile aren’t really your thing, there is a good chance you have been wondering “When is ESPN ScoreCenter coming to Android?” The answer, my friends is right now. Get all sorts of real-time sports updates, follow your favorite teams, and do basically everything you can do with those other sports apps except with a healthy dose of ESPN’s great coverage. You can even login with your ESPN account if you have one of those. Get it in the market now!

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  1. It’s about freakin’ time!!!

  2. Cool…I had this on my iPod Touch and liked it. It’s saturated w/ads and is slightly laggy at times but it’s got a cool interface and has a lot of information. Replaces SportsTap for me.

  3. Can’t find it in the market :(
    Even when using link posted here on my phone.

  4. Force closes on me. Weird.

    Also the widget is not as good as ScoreMobile. I wish it had the Bottom Line ticker. Somebody needs to tell BSPN that this is not iPhone and PEOPLE USE WIDGETS.

  5. It’s about time, but it’s very sluggish on the Droid Eris. Initial offering, so I’m sure it will only improve.

  6. I can’t find it on the market and the link is dead. QR code please? Is this a 2.1 exclusive? If so damn you T-mobile MT3G.

  7. This app is no longer available in the Android Market, must have been pulled.

    I’m running 2.1 on a Moto Droid.

  8. laggy as hell. ads all over the place. clicking on scores takes you to the mobile site. not much of an app if you ask me.

  9. where’s the bell to turn updates on like iphone. this app is garbage without notifications

  10. troubles will be worked out with updates

  11. Having a terrible time with this on my Incredible. Hope they get a fix out soon.

  12. I just used the barcode scan to search it on my phone but it didn’t come up. Then I did an independent search for espn and I didn’t find it. Whats up with that?

  13. I’m not finding it. Is it not available on the G1?

  14. Wow what a joke. Barcode scan doesnt work, and the “Read More” link is broken.

  15. This app is draining my battery big time

  16. I can’t find it anywhere in the marketplace… is it available on the MyTouch 3G Jack??

  17. I don’t understand what happened. It was listed in the marketplace on T-mobile one day and I went back the next day to purchase it and it was no longer listed. I cannot get an answer of what happened to it.

  18. I know right? Its gone. I have t-mobile too yet my friend on verizon can have the app? I got a moto cliq (the one that slides) and im not sure what is wrong… I tried scanning, i tried searching NOTHING works…

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