Droid Incredible Now Shipping August 3rd


Even if the HTC Droid Incredible isn’t an end-of-life device, it sure is starting to feel like it. We’re not even halfway into July and we’re already seeing the device’s ship date being pushed into early August. I can’t imagine HTC is too happy about this considering August 3rd shoots well past July 15th: a day we’ll opt to call “dooms day” in preparation for the next generation of Droid.


It’s not that the Droid Incredible is selling like hot cakes (and I’m sure it would’ve been had Verizon and HTC been able to keep them in stock), rather they can’t even get the devices into paying customers’ hands thanks to shortages. This is due – in part – to Samsung not being able to produce any AMOLED displays fast enough for HTC to put into the phones (which is why they’ve recently had to switch over to Super TFT LCD displays, for the time being).

Samsung’s most likely pooling all of their resources into Super AMOLED production to use for the production of their latest flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S – which is being sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Given this snafu, I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing many other devices being designed with Super AMOLED displays for at least another year (when Samsung expects their AMOLED production to skyrocket across the boards).

[Verizon via Unwired View]

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  1. So instead of getting a Super AMOLED users will now get a super TFT LCD?

    What a freakin joke. At this point you would have to be pretty dumb to even bother with this joke of a phone.

  2. If Samsung can’t keep up with screen production for two phone models, how are they going to keep up with the many different models of their own Galaxy S? They’ve announced 4 carriers in the US, and least 1 in Canada, not to mention several overseas.

  3. So since Ive had my incredible for a few months now does that mean I have the AMOLED screen?

  4. @Ash- I think Samsung cut off everyone else so they would have enough for their own phones and have the best screen tech.

    Smart move.

  5. I have had an incredible since early May, if I were in the position to upgrade today I’d order… an incredible. Even with a TFT LCD? Yes. Thing is, AMOLED is better in some ways TFT LCD is better in others (esp. in direct sunlight). With either display this is no joke of a phone.

  6. The Incredible does not use a Super AMOLED display, it uses a regular AMOLED display, which as you pointed out, is not Samsung’s highest priority at the moment.

  7. The Incredible is AMOLED….not Super AMOLED from my understanding. And so what you’re telling me is that no more phones have shipped since these things first sold out? This is a disaster for HTC on this phone. So many units would have sold and now all those that wanted an Inc but haven’t gotten one will probably get a Droid X. I bet a lawsuit comes out of hits against Samsung. They have to have been throttling these screens. I bet there will be no shortage of the Super AMOLEDs for their devices.

  8. I totally disagree with Matt’s comments, I’ve had the Incredible for a few months now, and this is an outstanding little smartphone. Plus all major reviewers (Cnet, Engadget, & etc) agree. And I would definitely purchase this over the Droid X, the EVO, or the iPhone, even with TFT LCD.
    That said, I do agree with other comments that all these delays are bad for HTC. Based on timing of release, they could have sold a ton of these phones, but all the delays will push delivery out past a lot of tough competitors. My concern with this is still not the phone though, I think it can hold its own. But instead I’m concerned about updates. I hope that HTC and Verizon don’t simply abandon the phone for future updates like Android 2.2. That would make for some very unhappy customers.

  9. I agree. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.

  10. @Hug? More than likely yes.

  11. The lack of investment in OLED production has been pathetic from Samsung.

  12. It’s bad for Verizon, too. Verizon should get on top of this. I know the company offered $25 store gift cards to those with delayed orders, as well as the option to switch to the Droid X. Still, from a marketing standpoint, I think Verizon should be more proactive, by placing some ads in major papers as well as doing commercial. Spin the message about how well the Incredible is selling, but acknowledge the delays, apologize, and explain how it will be remedied.

    There are lot of people who will find the Droid X too big, and the Incredible fits a sweet spot because it’s smaller and very light. I suspect the lines on the Incredible are more attractive to some than the Droid. I’m not knocking the Droid, but not everyone wants a boxy phone with hard edges. It will be interesting, however, to learn when the Droid2 will be released. Based on the pictures I’ve seen, the hard edges have been softened, and the keyboard looks (marginally) better.

  13. @Mackerman- My comment was in reference to it having a super amoled which would be much different. Since it only has a amoled from the beginning I would agree either screen is fine..

    If you would choose a TFT LCD over a super amoled then you need your eyes checked.

  14. im sure samsung is going to have a delay just like this when they release their phones since they are releasing them to 4 maybe 5 different carriers. Could be another deboccle like with the inc

  15. My HTC Incredible will be up for sale on July 15th, so if anyone really wants this device and can’t wait until Aug 3rd give me a holler ;-)

  16. Thank god I pre-order mine back then.

  17. It’s a good thing i ordered mine the beginning of June. Just checked the tracking # and is on route for delivery!! woohoo!

  18. I ordered an incredible from Wirefly on July 3rd during their sale and it shipped that day. Also Amazon showed they were in stock for the 4th as well.

  19. Glad I got mine before they made the switch. It was worth the wait. I love my DInc and wouldn’t have picked a phone with a larger screen anyway.

  20. Verizon should change the new ad campaign with the transmitter thingy’s popping up everywhere to show how awesome they are to one more like an old-West ghost town since none of these new phones seem to be available.

  21. Ordered June 14. Promised July 12. Switch to ATT/iphone on July 15 if I don’t have by then. What a fiasco. I do however agree, the first blackberry storm was a bigger fiasco- better to have no phone then one that doesn’t work very well.

  22. htc samsung and verizon all dropped the ball on the Dinc. I have one and its a great little phone especially w/ the extended battery…I actually prefer the size with the bigger battery. Only problem is…….I am on my second one and I need to exchange it again since the camera is wack. I could probably get a droid X in exchange but its bigger than the evo. When is the samsung galaxy going to verizon, the 4.0in screen looks like its the perfect size.

  23. THe phones keep shipping, new orders keep getting pushed back…i ordered mine 1st week of jUne…they told me July 9th…I have an email with a tracking number that says July 7th. Much rather have this phone than the X….I don’t need another lap top. I would get an tablet PC or something if I wanted a screen that big..

  24. The thing of it is OTA will continuously take care of any issues. Updates will keep coming, Froyo will come, swype will come, there is too big a market for them to not to. Its just a matter of time. Make your order, be patient, either screen will be really nice. Patience is a virtue….

  25. I have the Incredible and it is. Am I glad I got it on launch day! Will also have the X on launch day also. Selling my Moto Droid which I like but is not the X. Good luck to all of you who are waiting and it is worth the wait. Hey they can’t get the oil leak stopped either but then that’s another issue.

  26. Shipping date slips yet again. Verizon website now says ships on 8/4. UnbeF-ing believable.

  27. If you already ordered that doesn’t push your date back….just the new orders…

  28. I got 2 Incredibles within the last week; 1 as a replacement for a defective Droid and 1 that I ordered June 3rd. I love it!

  29. Mine going back this week for DX. Too many INC issues.

  30. I have the HTC incredible now for 20 days. How can I tell if it has what type of screen.

    Concerning the Motorola Droid. Went thru 7 of them, and all of the suffered from a voice quality issue: not what I hear; but my voice as muffled on the other end. Motorola hasn’t acknowledged this issue at all; it appears to be user specific for 20-40% of users (an individual’s voice, and how it interacts with Motorola’s noise cancelling stuff.). Given they have sold 250,000+ units; that means that 50,000 to 100,000 people have returned their droids over this voice quality issue. That in itself is enough reason to move to the incredible, which I really enjoy (except for battery life)

  31. Ordered the incredible end of June, Will have to wait until mid-end of July. I waited to order because I needed more info on the Droid 2, Shadow, E-treme or as it is now called X (placed order because discount on inc. expired June 30). I like the HDMI port and the included 24GB of memory (10GB w/inc). I thought I would like th bigger screen but I hear that it seems too big. Expecting my inc. in 2 weeks,thinking about refusing the delivery and purchasing the Droid X. Any feedback would help.

  32. It has just been pushed back again. Now shipping 8/5.

  33. From what i can tell, the delivery date of the incredible is not pushed back. It remains about 4 weeks from time of order processed. mine ordered june 16th, ship date is on or before july 14th. as of july 6th, ship date is august 5th (ship date from order date remains consistent). backorder remains consistent. trolls on these comments sections remain consistent. all is good and consistent

  34. I am currently waiting on my DI to ship, and I was worried about what screen I would receive when I do get my phone. Below is the response I received from Verizon:

    My name is XXXX and I am sorry to inform that the delay applies to all orders. Since your order was placed on 06/24/2010, your phone is scheduled for delivery on 07/22/2010. If your order is delayed, you will receive a notification from us. Until further notice, all phones are currently being shipped with a AMOLED screen. At this time, Verizon Wireless has not made a decision to change the screen from AMOLED to LCD.

  35. From what I’m hearing the battery life of the Droid X is the real selling point. PC World is stating 2 to 3 times what the Incredible has. I just got my incredible about 3 weeks ago and LOVE it. Only main complaint is that I can’t go more than a day or two without charging. So I figure I’ll move to the Droid X. Battery life is just too important.

  36. I just ordered the Droid Incredible from Amazon on Monday. They said I would receive the phone July 22-29, but then the next night I got an update saying I would get it by July 12. Guess what? Its July 9 and I just picked it up from the post office! SO thats ONE WEEK on Amazon.com, AND I only paid 149.99 with a two year contract!!! Moral of the story: Go nontraditional on your ordering. Try Amazon or I heard Firefly also has them. I’m charging it up and cant wait to activate it!!!!

  37. I feel incredible about my incredible !!! very cool n laid back n wonderfully fast !!!

  38. I love my incredible but i wish they would hurry with the update. I have been experiencing some dropped calls lately but other than that, I love it. Tethering with this phone is off the chain. My husband’s family lives in a rural town and nobody has wireless internet. I just connect my laptop to my phone and tell everyone to “holla”. I love it!!! COME ON WITH THE OTA!!!!

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