Jul 6th, 2010

In April, we learned HTC expected to ship 4.5 million handsets worldwide which would be responsible for raking in a hefty $1.6 billion in pure revenue. Today, it’s been revealed that they surpassed their own estimation by posting an astounding $1.88 billion in revenue in the second quarter of the year (April, May, and June).


Thanks to their newfound fortune, they’ve seen a profit spike of nearly 33%: they’ve accumulated $268 million of pocket change compared to $202 million just a year ago. While HTC’s lineup isn’t exclusively Android (they still have phones with Windows Mobile 6.5 being sold, as well as their own proprietary BrewOS), we can’t help but think HTC’s thanking Android for keeping their figures soaring as competing third party operating systems continue to sink in market share (and – conversely – Google’s probably thanking HTC for driving the handset market for Android forward and being one of many parts of why it’s been so successful thus far).

[via Wall Street Journal]

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