Once Again, HTC’s Pockets Are Bulging Thanks to A Healthy Q2


In April, we learned HTC expected to ship 4.5 million handsets worldwide which would be responsible for raking in a hefty $1.6 billion in pure revenue. Today, it’s been revealed that they surpassed their own estimation by posting an astounding $1.88 billion in revenue in the second quarter of the year (April, May, and June).


Thanks to their newfound fortune, they’ve seen a profit spike of nearly 33%: they’ve accumulated $268 million of pocket change compared to $202 million just a year ago. While HTC’s lineup isn’t exclusively Android (they still have phones with Windows Mobile 6.5 being sold, as well as their own proprietary BrewOS), we can’t help but think HTC’s thanking Android for keeping their figures soaring as competing third party operating systems continue to sink in market share (and – conversely – Google’s probably thanking HTC for driving the handset market for Android forward and being one of many parts of why it’s been so successful thus far).

[via Wall Street Journal]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. that means they would have sold 5 million handsets alone ?

  2. HTC is making a fortune by selling devices that often come with defects. I prefer Motorola or Samsung.

  3. yeah like all motorola and samsung phones are perfect.. lol

  4. On my 2nd HTC Android….both with a few bugs but c’mon, what phone doesn’t??? HTC Make some nice lookin’ stuff

  5. @2: In my experience the HTC phones I have used have been far more reliable than any samsung phone I have ever owned. And as Luffy said above they make some very nice looking phoens!

  6. “HTC is making a fortune by selling devices that often come with defects. I prefer Motorola or Samsung.” Lol… Seriously guy? 90% of my returns are from those two companies…

  7. Eco 4G is an incredible phone. I get up to 6.1Mbps down, 2Mbps up on the Portland 4G service outdoors and the screen is simply gorgeous. HTC is the innovation leader… for now.

  8. The only phone that I have ever had not to have any problems was my HTC device!I have had at least 15 devices being a mix of motorola and samsung and honestly I will never get another phone by these companies due to all the problems I have had with them. HTC has minor problems that is fixed with updates or swaps! HTC rocks…

  9. I have had several htc phones starting with the ppc 6700 and ending with the Google nexus one, i have never had any problems hardware or software from any of the phones and from now on will only buy htc phones due to their superior quality and many features. I have owned other phones including sanyo, samsung, motorola and pantech but have never had one rival the quality of HTC And everyone of those have had problems which i have had to return the phone except HTC.

  10. Not so quiet, but definitely brilliant. I own two HTC phones (G1 & Nexus) and think both are great for quality. Motorola seems to be making the biggest waves, but HTC isn’t slagging either.

  11. I think every company out there has some great stuff right now. My guess is with all of the carriers requiring data plans, HTC phones are just more appealing than in the past. The MOTO Droid is and will continue to be a great selling line, but the Backflip, Cliq and other MOTO devices just fell flat. Samsung did well with the Moment and Behold lines, but the Galaxy line looks even better.

    Face it, we are in an age where a 6 month old phone is going to be a hunk of junk compared to the new stuff… Today HTC is the hot one, tomorrow it’s going to be Samsung, in 2 weeks it’ll be MOTO again with the X…

  12. “Today HTC is the hot one, tomorrow it’s going to be Samsung, in 2 weeks it’ll be MOTO again with the X…”

    That’s the power of android. If one OEM screws up, there’s another to take its place. But if something is wrong with the latest iphone, Palm or BB then you are out of luck.

  13. I don’t know why people like htc phones.I owned htc hero and it is just ok,nothing better than any other phone on the market at that time.My friend has evo and he was pissed off by a lot of problems evo had.the worst problem is battery consumption. it sucks battery even faster than Iphone.In addition,htc should not be happy yet. Don’t forget motorola and LG who are making their presence felt in smartphone market. They have more experience than htc in phone making,larger than htc,possess more cash and have stronger relations with mobile phone operators across the world.

  14. Not sure why so many people are so happy to see American jobs and American cash flowing to China and Taiwan. This is the floor with the Android ecosystem….only the Wireless carriers (Verizon, etc) and the phone manufacturers (HTC, etc) are making any serious money. Google and the developers are making peanuts and the consumers seem happy with this. Google have been pushing this ecosystem hoping to sell more adds but even they are not making much and the trade deficit and technology transfer is benefitting other nations.

  15. @Anonymous (#14) – I’m not sure what you mean by “American jobs”. Are you saying that smartphones cannot be made by companies other than American companies? That only American workers are entitled to make smartphones? HTC has been making smartphones for many years, and it would make sense for phone carriers, when looking for an experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer to make products for their phone network, to consider HTC for the job. HTC got where they are by merit. You will also note that Verizon’s first Droid phone was by Motorola, a US company, so it’s not as if American companies are being excluded. But you’ve got to ask, besides Moto and Apple, which other American manufacturer makes smartphones?

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