iPhone 3G Gets A Froyo Port Too, Blood of Android Users Boiling


I can’t remember exactly where I saw the comments (I’m sure it was here on Phandroid since I tend to spend way too much time in our comments section), but I know there are a few users out there that stated they’d very well lose their mind if the iPhone got Android 2.2 before their phones were updated to the now-should-be-standard Android 2.1


I’m afraid those guys won’t be happy campers after reading that Froyo is now up and running on the iPhone 3G. After hearing that the Nokia N900 (of all phones) got its own port, you had to imagine that one of the most popular smartphones in the world would be soon to follow. The feat was done by using iPhodroid – a tool for flashing Android ports to the iPhone – and was also unlocked using Ultrasn0w using OpeniBoot.

There are no downloads or instructions to be had yet on how to do this, but keep your eyes on the iPhodroid site if you want to flip the script on some of your Android toting buddies and flaunt Android 2.2 in their faces all day.

[via GadgetsDNA]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. good news for me, i’ll just tell my friend that i’ll port 2.2 froyo to their iphones to show them how awesome android is

  2. This shouldn’t make anyone’s blood boil. If you’re bitching because the iPhone is getting Froyo before you, either buy a better phone that doesn’t have a dumb vendor specific UI or root it and install a custom 3rd party build. If you’re an iPhone user then you should rejoice in having a platform choice on your hardware. I would absolutely love to have Froyo on iPhone 4 hardware because it is the best that exists at this time.

  3. looks like good news to me..

  4. solution solved for flash on iphone!

  5. How does the Android system run on a phone that only has 1 button for controls? The Home, Menu, and Back button are so standard, what is it like not having them to use?

  6. If you’re technically capable of jailbreaking an iPhone and then installing a custom ROM, I’m sure you’re more than capable to root your Android phone and install a custom 2.2 ROM. So, any user who’s blood would boil because the iPhone unofficially got 2.2 before their phone got any official updates just needs to realize the difference between how the homebrew/hacker community works compared to corporations supporting products.

    Personally, I chose the Nexus One to be my first Android phone so that I get all the official new builds as Google releases them without waiting for customizations.

  7. I want to see some benchmarks of the iPhone running FroYo. I want to see where my Droid stacks up at stock and OC’d.

  8. This is cool. Tell Apple that we converted there hardware to run awesome android ..Freedom from I world..good work..

  9. @Jake “I would absolutely love to have Froyo on iPhone 4 hardware because it is the best that exists at this time.”

    Best iphone or best phone? Have you been out of the loop on the massive hardware design flaw in the iphone4?

  10. Yeah really??? why would Android users Blood boil? Makes no sense, other than people who really have no clue. Who really cares that someone ported over Froyo to the iPhone, if anyone’s blood is boiling I can tell you it’s S.Jobs!!! hahaahahaa

  11. so funny.hhahahah

  12. If you buy an iphone then put froyo on it, you are a douche imho… why give apple your money but represent android. Just seems counterproductive to me, give a phone maker who works with android your money not the enemy. A traitor’s as good as a snitch if you ask me. F*CK APPLE and all the phanboys! F*CK AT&T too!

  13. I am really disappointed to hear that 2.2 Froyo won’t be available on my HTC Desire until September… In the meantime all I can do is to go buy an iPhone and enjoy the Android OS’s on the competition’s smartphones. This is what you want, Mr. Google?

  14. That’s not nice…let the iPhone people have Froyo. Android should be flattered that other phone users would want to be like them. Although in my opinion they should’ve just gotten a Droid phone..

  15. This may be the only way to get Flash, google voice and other ‘offensive’ apps on your iphone

  16. Does it actually work properly, is the question. It’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t think anyone’s blood is gonna boil if it’s unusable in normal day to day activities.

  17. Pretty soon their phone will start to melt

  18. Just received another OTA update FRF91, I love my N1,Philippines… ahihihihi

  19. @dustin
    It doesn’t just install Android, it dual boots it with the iPhone OS. I have an Incredible as well as an old iPhone 3g and have had Android 2.1 dual booting with IOS 3.1.2 for the last few months. What really gets me though is that the iPhone is supposed to be this extremely locked down device compared to most Android phones and yet developers have been able to not only get a completely different OS running on the iPhone first, but also the ability to dual boot.

  20. wow, amazing!

    although they did not get it running on the iphone before the G1/mytouch.
    If you follow cyanogen you have probably already read his reports on how well it runs on the G1 (without JIT) :)

    No release, though, so in practice you might say iphone users got it first! (so funny hahahah)

  21. I say you should have just bought a Droid… Why buy an iPhone then switch to the Android OS? just buy the Android to start with. I will admit I hate Apple and wouldn’t want their OS either, but that’s why i wont buy one to begin with. rooting your phone, who cares its not uncommon for android users to root their phones either, but they stay with the Base Android system for the most part… however you dont see Android users switching to the iPhone OS, its the iPhones switching to Android… So again I say you should have just bought a Android phone to start with

  22. Dustin, its not about supporting anyone you gimp, its about using the best hardware with the best software. The iphone 4 is a very well made piece of hardware, full stop.

  23. I agree that that good hardware good software is a good combo, but it is still strange getting the iphone and putting a different OS on it it defeats the whole point of the iphone to begin with. I don’t care as much because I dislike apple. I don’t get mad about it because I think its funny. the Android community have no reason to be mad, lets think about it, buy the iphone and put their biggest competitors OS on it.. That’s funny now its not really an iphone its a Android. besides the Android Community flashes their phones and change things so whats the big difference? just because its apple and its not fair? who cares its their phone and they switch to the better OS… Android.

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