Sprint Brings Out the “Epic”ness in their Latest Galaxy S Smartphone [video]


Sprint’s been making some pretty big moves lately in regards to their Android line-up: while the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero were great starts to what we now consider a pretty impressive line-up of Android devices, the HTC EVO 4G and the newly-announced Sprint Epic 4G really pushes Sprint over the edge as a carrier that can “keep up with the times”.

They want nothing more than to show you exactly why they named their phone the Epic (even if some of you deem it laughable) and this 2-minute promo does just that. If you haven’t already gotten idea of the package Samsung and Sprint are bringing to you sometime this summer, then you’ll be in the know just as much as everyone else is after watching this video.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Here’re the promos for all the Galaxy S models, including this one.
    Basically the same thing for each

  2. It’s always good to show a movie when you’re supposed to show a game.

  3. EVO ad should have been this cool.

  4. sold

  5. This can’t be a Srpint commercial..This is likely something Samsung put together similar to the HTC commercials..I would bet anything Sprint had nothing to do with this ad.

    That being said its briliant. Sprint could take lessons for sure..

  6. I want this phone so bad!!! Does anyone have any clue when I can buy it???

  7. I wish they’d stop making these for Sprint. It means that I can’t use one in the UK. Literally, perfect phone :(

  8. Hey Phandroid, hit up the official USA galaxy s webpage for a similar promo on all 4 of these galaxy s phones:


  9. Wow that was Epic

  10. yeah I wish that this was the standard phone for every carrier (and just drop the 4g/ffc for those carriers that can’t handle it)

  11. DAMN MAN!!!!
    That ad was better then the one for my Evo.

  12. This phone, minus the keyboard, would be incredibly hard to resist.

  13. but the 5 row keyboard makes it impossible to resist :)

  14. If Sprint would do marketing like this for all of their phones, they would take over the smartphone world. Maybe Samsung will force them to do something HTC didn’t care to do, market the d**n phone!

  15. exactly, ari-free! this is the phone I have been patiently waiting for. my Moment has been good, but the Epic will be the best phone available for gaming. now if only Sprint would throw on a d-pad on the left side, then this would be the perfect phone!

  16. @wello, that was a game, perhaps a cgi trailer, but a game none the less, take a closer look. (suppose that speaks volumes for the the games, fooled Wello into thinking it was a movie haha.)

  17. Looks like the ultimate must-see phone of the summer so far. I believe this phone is going to be offered by every major carrier though, not just Sprint.

  18. The flexibility of the keyboard is what takes it over the top for me too. Damn those fat fingers!!

  19. Now if they can only fit that into a 30 sec spot.

  20. It’s not just in the UK, Mike. I’m on T-Mobile. No keyboard version for me. :-( I’d much rather the Epic to the Vibrant, but no can do without changing carriers to one that doesn’t work over-seas. Fail.

  21. Hopefully there will be game gripper (http://sites.google.com/site/gamegripper/) for dpad games but I am used to using WSAD since I am a PC gamer.

  22. this phone is cool, but dont like that ugly samsung interface

  23. s-amoled makes any UI look yummy. I care about color….I bought a big giant CRT over the flat screens that everyone else was buying because pure black is much more important to me than a flat screen. Well, now we have a very thin screen that can be used anywhere with really nice color.

  24. The screen is amazing. I just wish the Touchwiz interface could be replaced without rooting the phone.

  25. Why can’t we have something like this in europe?

  26. nice phone but samsungs are pieces of shit phone. remember the instinct series??

  27. I so hope they release the same phone internationally without 4G!!!!
    oh pls pls pls pls pls

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