Android 2.2 Makes it to the Nokia N900


The Nokia N900 is not an Android phone, but before you could even say “When is my [any Android phone that isn’t the  Nexus One] getting Froyo?” someone went and got the latest version of Android running on the handset. Now that is something impressive. Even more is that the port is functional in ways that most early hacked builds aren’t, including Wi-Fi and hardware keyboard support. Check it out in the video below:

[via Maemo.org]

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  1. I own an N900 and a G1. The N900 is a fantastic piece of hardware, but unfortunately Nokia is abandoning Maemo in favor of Meego, Meego will not be supported by Nokia on the N900. If I can get Froyo running on my N900 I would be one happy camper!

  2. You know what is screwed up about this? I bet that it would have sold tons more if it were a capacitive screen! That was one of the reasons why I didn’t buy it.

  3. multitouch will be a problem. A touch unfriendly screen may be why symbian, maemo and winmo just never excited anyone.

  4. I had an N900 and sold it at just the right time…F*** Nokia for what they do to the smart phone user. You pay an extreme amount for a phone unlocked then they say…hmm you know what we are not supporting it anymore. F you Nokia and you get what’s coming to you.

  5. Kevin,

    This news was already posted on Phandroid by Quentyn several days ago.


  6. @ilaofficial

    totally agreed.. i bought the N97 (much to my violence-inducing chagrin). you talk about screwing the smartphone user.. 1 month after the release of their “flagship” n-series device (which had been announced a year and a half prior), they announce the N900.. which is on a new platform..

    eff nokia in the A..

  7. I so agree with ilaofficial i own a nokia N900 still do but also own a blackberry bold 9700 and i hate nokia for th3 same shit i sold my 3GS for this phone and it is a great phone but F U Nokia for leaving us Stranded i paid so much for it and also doesn’t give you 3 G on any network unless Tmoble or Wind Mobile I will never again buy a Nokia Product and i home every other Manufactures sinks you to the ground. I am now waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S

  8. I also got a N900, only because it was debianbased. I will never ever buy again a mobil phone from Nokia.

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