Install the Motorola Droid FRF84B Froyo Test Group Build Now


The Motorola Droid update that was pushed to a select group of owners in advance for testing purposes has been leaked for download. The build is listed as FRF84B, and while the version up for download is not the official release, it’s about as close as you can get without an update getting pushed over the air to your device.


The bad news for many is that this ROM will require that your phone be rooted to install, so if you haven’t or don’t plan to hack into your device’s software you’ll still have to wait it out for Verizon and Motorola to get the update out through official channels. But that shouldn’t be but a few more weeks, right? We sure hope so. You can download the file here [new link], instructions below.

1. Download the FRF84B-Released.zip file to your SD card.
2. Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD card.”
3. Navigate to the location you just downloaded the file to.
4. Tap on the file.
5. Check the box to create a backup in case something happens with the install.
6. No need to wipe data and cache if coming from another Froyo ROM.
7. Allow your phone to boot into recovery and work some magic.
8. First reboot could take a while so be patient.
9. Enjoy!

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Link is down.

  2. Can you get a hold of me @ [email protected] I can rehost the file since the drop box is disabled

  3. Great – I’ve been saying that I’d never want to root my phone – but now I’m sorely tempted to root it so I can install this bad boy.

  4. alright, so tell me again how to back up, wipe after installing this, and restore an official build, so I can get the official OTA when it comes out… Also, how to disable OTA so it doesn’t brick my phone when it hits…

  5. You will loose root with this I am sure since it is an official test release.

  6. Tempting

  7. Does this release include Flash 10.1?

  8. Will this build work for canadian milestone?

  9. Great, I just downloaded the new Bugless Beast with the old Froyo build last night

  10. @Skunkpbguy flash 10.1 is still an app you have to download from the market. 2.2 froyo just supports it.

  11. Does anyone have another mirror? Link is disabled…

  12. Anyone know if this adds any functionality whatsoever? I’m guessing it’s just a standard OS update to make it run smoother/more stable..?

  13. I believe this release has been modified to include root access so you shouldn’t have to worry about losing that.

  14. Can someone confirm if this includes the wireless tethering capability or not?

  15. Which ROM do you recommend and where do I get it? EASY being the qualifier… :-)

  16. You do not loose root with it these files are leaked from P3Droid like the others http://blog.tekhawk.com as a link back to the source post from P3Droid and other mirros should megauploads link go down

  17. It does include tethering.

  18. Flash isn’t available in the market… I wonder if Adobe pulled it for this release.

  19. I’m on CyanogenMod 5.0.8 with 2.1
    Do I really have to wipe data and cache if I want to install this?

  20. quote: “Flash isn’t available in the market… I wonder if Adobe pulled it for this release.”
    –It shows up in the market for Nexus One users. We just can’t see it as droid users. Flash 10.1 beta3 is out there to be downloaded from the web though

    quote: “I’m on CyanogenMod 5.0.8 with 2.1.Do I really have to wipe data and cache if I want to install this?”
    –Absolutely Yes. Try Titanium backup..

  21. @JR .. Flash has never showed up for Motorola Droid Froyo leaks in the Market. We have always had to download and install it on our own.

  22. Any news if this also works for the European Milestone?

  23. will wait… is this a stable release?

  24. Looks great.. this one is an easy install.

  25. Tried to install but got a bootloop. Maybe because I’m running the 1.2Ghz kernel?

  26. works fine on mine. came from 2.1 rooted with 800mhz kernal. this 2.2 has root access

  27. Cant you just rename the zip to update.zip and use the bootloader to update?

  28. Installed via SPRecovery, not this version, go to My Droid World, they have an Official Froyo Support and Q and A thread, EVERYTHING you need is in ONE place, rooted or not. USB Tethering yes, wireless no, flash, no, must download and install apks. Root access yes, but if you lose it, MDW has the fix.

  29. I rooted the Droid and followed the steps to install FRF84B.zip using ROM Manager. The Droid rebooted to recovery mode but stays in the Triangle with Exclamation but no further action.

    I tried to press the Volume + and Camera button and what I can do is to select reboot or install update.zip.

    What should I do?

  30. I’m rooted using Bugless beast 1.1. I’m loading this froyo now. I’ll be back to tell you how it works.

  31. JOE Wong…I’m no expert but that happened to me. I pulled battery and put back in. I booted back into recovery mode using the “x” key.

    I then did a wipe. When the droid restarted I was rooted.

  32. I did it. I lost market and my htc_keyboard. I also can not use Appinstaller will not work.

    The Wifi is still there and I was able to connect to my home router.

    I will now search for htckeyboard and a market fix.

  33. ok…installed the “marketfix.zip” thing but it did not fix market.

    I had to take froyo off because I will need market. I will reinstall when I find a fix.

  34. Please tell me there is some way to download froyo 2.2 to a Motorola Citrus!!!

  35. Please email me the link if anyone knows how i can get Froyo (2.2) or the new 2.3 version on my Rooted Motorola Citrus (currently running 2.1). My email is [email protected]. Thanks people:)

  36. Btw if anyone know of any good mobile site or apps to watch full-length movies please forward me that info also:)

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