EVO 4G Software Upgrade Available for Download OTA (Not Froyo)


Last week, a rumor began swirling by way of BGR regarding a new update that Sprint and HTC would be pushing out OTA to fix several more issues with the HTC EVO 4G. Specifically, WiFi fixes, changes to Exchange ActiveSync behavior, and fixes for Facebook sync features were said to be addressed with this update.


It’s June 28th now, and sure enough that OTA has made its way to EVO 4Gs this morning. The update is versioned 1.47.651.1 and is a meager 21.43MB in size. You can wait for the device to notify you to download the update, or do it manually by heading into Settings > System Updates.

[via XDA]

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  1. I’m sure the input lag is still there :(

  2. Getting it right now.

  3. Just downloaded it.. took about 15min to download then install. we shall see if there is any differences

  4. Installed here in WV and a few nice surprises that I’ve noticed:
    WiFi signal strength is much better

    Screen seems much more sensitive. Responds quicker.

    Photo gallery slides through pics much quicker and displays in better resolution (used to have to zoom to update rez)

    I’m sure there will be more to come that I haven’t noticed yet.

    One negative thing is it messes up third party widgets – just drag them to remove and re-place them on your screens. If you are reading this before you install, you might want to make note of what icons are where (or take screenshots)… I replaced all of mine but still have one that I cant remember what it is.

    So far my experience has been very pleasing.

  5. For me, it fixed the issue with the top of the screen not working when the phone isn’t grounded.

  6. Does this update break root at all.

  7. Just updated in about 15 mins as well. Seems to be smoother.Jinx was correct about it messing up the icons. My battery widget and you tube icon and daily task widget were the only ones effected. My wifi seems to be slightly better as well. The wifi analyzer used to read around -80 and now reads -73 in my bedroom upstairs farthest away from the router.

  8. Still can’t get it on my EVO, seems to be a gradual update. Damn it Sprint, I want my updates!

  9. I tried to do it manually and I’m told that no update is available.

  10. did my Evo update myself and have no issues to report. Don’t wait for the push, do it yourself

  11. downloading right now. if it says no update available try it again. it works under the htc update. hit check now.

  12. I upgraded — my phone restarted several times and I thought it was frozen on the Sprint ‘4G’ boot screen but it all came through.

    It feels microscopically zippier, but that could just be my imagination.

    Based on charging my phone for a few minutes, I’d say that the battery reader might be reporting more accurately, but that could also just be me imagining things at this point.

  13. Just finished upgrading. One notable change is Android Launcher is no longer available. I can only use HTC Sense home screen after updating.

  14. Tried to update the evo and it turned off. Now I can’t get it to restart. Tried removing batt but no love. Will try for a few more min then going to sprint.

  15. Just updated my EVO. After the update all of my widgets were showing ‘Problem loading gadget’. Deleted and re-added widgets and all appears to be OK.

    BTW, the update is under HTC Software Update -not- Firmware update.

  16. ya if you have trouble gettting it make sure you setting>system update>htc software update….just upgraded mnine noticibly faster and amazing battery life ive been streaming media for the last 10mins and havent lost a single bit

  17. android wallpapers are now missing. just talked with a sprint csr and supposedly you can go to the sprint website and download the android wallpapers on sprint’s website…

  18. Ran benchmark test getting 6 Mflops each time just yesterday I was getting numbers in the 5s and 4s cant wait until Froyo

  19. My update took 11 minutes, including 3G download. Everything looks great. Thanks for the heads up on this !

  20. Installed the update.
    – Fixed the grounding issue
    – Somewhat faster – I opened “Manage Applications” in about 3 seconds. It use to take about 15 sec.
    – So far, no problems.

  21. hmmm. may not be that important but it seems an entire set of wallpapers, originally on the phone, is now missing.

  22. Just did the update and noticed lots of improvement in wifi signal and speeds. One big thing for me though is the android launcher is no longer available. Now I’m stuck with HTC sense. Guess it is time to finally root my phone. Hopefully theres a stable vanilla android rom.

  23. got the update, then the barcode scanner would not work..had to uninstall then reinstall.. now my camera icon wont work and camera 360 wont work..i uninstalled camera 360 and reinsatlled, still wont work.. any ideas?

  24. I still haven’t received it :(

  25. I’m sorry…but what is the android launcher? Maybe I’m missing something…

  26. @Will … if you don’t like the HTC Sense look and feel, you can select to use the standard Android look and feel. This is called the Android Launcher. It’s not really vanilla android, though, because it still has all of HTC’s Senseless UI garbage all over the place. The only real difference is you don’t have the little curved ‘phone’ button on the bottom of the screen, and instead have a little button. Also, HTC won’t allow you to use any of its widgets if you don’t use the Sense launcher.

  27. @Will..Android Launcher was a variation of the Nexus One home screen launcher..very nice

  28. I’m in the same situation as Fred. The update was progressing just fine and then it just turned off by itself and now it won’t turn on or charge, even after removing and reinserting the battery. Tried a hard reset and that didn’t work either. Off to Sprint. :-(

  29. took less than 5min. when I switched to 4G, which is apparently available in north utah.

  30. Just updated my EVO (Bay Area, CA). Took about 5 minutes to download via 3g and another 5-8 minutes to install. Works fine, except for Widgets which I reinstalled. Easy as 1-2-3, unless you coming from iPhone, then it may be a little more difficult for you.

  31. I got the problem loading gadget. I see that a widget must be deleted to clear this. What widget or app is the offender … how can I tell.

  32. Got “prob. loading gadget” error post 6/28 software update. How do I fine the offender?

  33. The Widgets should appear on your homescreen but no icons. Just remove all your Widgets and ADD them back in.

  34. hmm… apparently they stopped the update? because I am still in the 1.3something or other and I go to manual update and it won’t show that there is an update to be… updated. strange?

  35. I updated mine earlier today and my wife’s when i got home. no problems with either. Wifi shows a big improvement, and my battery is still over 50%.

  36. Just finished the Update, went smooth from what I’m seeing. Took about 6 min tops. Seems to be moveing quicker than before, WiFi signal is stronger. No problems so far.

    It destroyed my phone. While I as at the Sprint store there were two other people there who ran the update and ended up with destroyed phones.

  38. Pro’s:
    wifi has better reception

    ground issues are resolved

    runs smoother all around…

    phone got unrooted and “unrevoked” does not work anymore, which causes my free wifi tethering to stop working. ill try a update or uninstall/install on that and see if it works.

  39. I did my update just now. My phone was unrEVOked, and had root access before the update.

    After the update, I can still run “superuser app”, so I assume it still has root access, but I only ever used it to load a single “inject” file so that androidscreencast would allow me to use my computer’s keyboard/mouse, so I don’t know whether or not the root stayed. (or care, really.)

    The phone is A LOT faster. Going into Settings->Applications->Manage Applications used to take a while, now it’s up in a few seconds. Crazy fast.

    The touch screen is a lot more responsive.

    “Secret Settings” pages load a lot faster.

    Wifi has a much better signal.

    I still don’t have 4G at my house, but I’m hoping it will work at my office again. It did when I first got the phone, but stopped suddenly about a week and a half ago. It says “connecting” and then loops back to “scanning” constantly. I hope this update fixes that issue.

  40. Hey guys I ran the update on the EVO and after the update it would not charge, come on or do anything. Good thing I had another phone at home to switch too. I was at work when it stop working but when I got home I called Sprint csr and they made me an appointment with sprint and the next morning they replaced the phone with no problem. But when the update was done on the new phone I noticed the wireless tether does not work anymore after you root your phone. Everything else seems to be working good.

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