HTC EVO 4G Getting A Software Update June 28th?


BGR’s heard word from their Sprint contact that Sprint and HTC are getting ready to release a maintenance update for the HTC EVO 4G. The update will apparently address several issues that EVO owners have been griping about, including improved Wi-Fi performance, a sync issue with the device’s built-in Facebook application that could’ve been severely affecting battery life, and improvements to Exchange performance.


We’ll keep our eyes open to see if this holds up true in the next few days.

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  1. hoping and praying froyo isn’t too far behind…

  2. any word on when the EVO will get some delicious froyo?

  3. as of 12:31pm EST, the Best Buy Web site has them in stock again, but their ETA for delivery is the same as The Sprint Stores getting them in Stock (unless you want to pay expedited shipping). The Sprint store doesn’t have a shipping fee and also gives you a $25 USD credit towards accessories. Best Buy will give you reward Zone points on 200 bucks. Sprint charges 300 but sends in the $100 mail in rebate for you. Both charge Tax on the full price of the phone before any rebates.
    Personally, I think I’ll wait for the Sprint Store to get them in stock and put the store credit towards Invisible Armour or a new Bluetooth headset.

  4. Best buy was giving out 50 door gift cards and free blue tooth when I purchased mine there. If they still are that’s probably your best bet.

  5. Now that they released Froyo publicly to developers it shouldn’t be too long. From what I hear and have read the Evo was supposed to come with 2.2 from the start but Google wasn’t ready and Sprint didn’t want to wait until after iphone launch. Not having 2.2 as Sprint/HTC planned may be the cause of some of the Evo’s issues (wifi which will be N once released, battery etc).

    Can’t wait, this thing already zips along but with Froyo it only gets better!

  6. Wonder if this will break root access with Unrevoked?

  7. I went to my local Best Buy to order a EVO and they happened to have them in stock…….talk about lucky!

  8. Screw all of that. Just give us Froyo or the kernel source!

  9. Droidatx… Which best buy??

  10. Better WiFi reception and a smoother transition between 4G and 3G data are in order. The World Cup feed on Sprint TV looks awesome on 4G, but I lose all video when it switches the 4G goes away and it has to switch to 3G.

  11. 2.2 would be great! Though I’m thinking it’s more likely a couple of patches. Isn’t the wifi issue just the indicator? On my network throughput is fine, even though it doesn’t display all the bars lit.

  12. I’ve been watching the world cup on 4g! Simply beautiful! Waiting anxiously for the update as well…..

  13. Froyo is gonna be a while, this is what you get with SenseUI or any other add on frontend.

  14. The fix for Facebook is interesting. The first day I got my EVO, I was getting around 4-6 hours out of it (obviously playing heavily with a new toy). The first days I left it as it was. After a couple of days, I did a a few “fixes” like turning off radios I don’t use, and changing some of the auto-updates for news, etc. I also removed apps that I had no use for. I’m not a social networker, so all the Facebook stuff went first thing. My battery life now averages 24-36 hours, but I attributed all that to my manual changes for radios, etc. I never connected that something like Facebook might be sucking juice as well by too often looking for updates, and that getting rid of it might have been a big battery boost. At any rate, I look forward to the update if it gives me even better battery life than I have now, but hope the WiFi improvement doesn’t mean drawing more power.

  15. @Evo
    Best Buy by Lakeline Mall.

  16. Just release the source like you’re suppose to HTC!!!! Tools!!!!

  17. I talked to Sprint Advanced Technical Support on Monday night and was asking about some account issues I was having on my EVO. The person I talked to said that FroYo was currently scheduled to be released to all 3 Android phones that Sprint carries during the first two weeks of July. He also mentioned that the grounding issue with the top half of the screen was going to be addressed and that there was a patch that would automatically compress the 8MP pictures I was taking to less than a 1Mb so that they could be sent via PictureMail.

    All of this plus the already known 2.2 advances… in early July…

  18. Lakeline Mall…sounds like someone from Cedar Park or nearby.

  19. Just ordered my EVO from bestbuy.com. Paid the $10.00 for the expedited shipping, should have it by 06/30/10. I called Sprint Cust Serv earlier who advised me they may get more Evo’s in this coming Sunday morning. My local Sprint store has also been useless. Don’t fail me Best Buy!!!

  20. I just got my EVO yesterday and so far I love it. All but the Facebook deal where it puts all of my friends into my contacts list and I accidentally have called folks I have on facebook just for game purposes, not because they are “real” friends. If anyone is looking for this phone in the San Antonio area, I got mine at the Sprint store in the Quarry Market.

  21. Cedar Park is wanna-be Austin. Don’t call yourself an Austin resident if you live in Cedar Park, not that there is anything wrong with it, except that its not AUSTIN!

  22. lol austin sucks so does texas in general brokebacks

  23. @Steve, actually HTC have said several of the new devices will be getting Froyo soon, the EVO was one of them. The EVO was designed with Froyo in mind, Flash 10 was not demoed on the EVO for nothing. Also, wireless n is disabled on the EVO, Froyo unlocks wireless n.

  24. @Ben
    How did you delete the facebook apps? Did you have to root your phone? I don’t use social networking at all, and would like to delete these to gain some battery life. I have disabled a few of the auto-syncs and turned off stuff like wifi/4g when I’m not using it, but the batter life has only improved a little. Not near the 24 hours you mentioned.

  25. I got my Evo at Radio Shack kiosk at Batron Creek Mall. Rasio Shack also does the instant rebate instead of the Sprint Store mailin rebate. I hate mailin rebates.

  26. Yeah the radio stack could use some tweaking… I’ll go shut down that Facebook sync stuff right now. Looking forward to Froyo. I think even though developers can now get Froyo that mobile operators like sprint & t-mobile have had access to it for a while now! All part of being a member of the OHA!

  27. The phone is great for geeks like myself.

  28. Are u guys seriously talking bout the evo , wen its reAlly about the IPHONE today… Pleas!!!!! Evo will never be iphone or even close

  29. @Mortal
    I was visiting your mom in Cedar Park.

    Your dad broke his back alright.

  30. Anyone think to check Wal-Mart? That’s where I got my Evo when Sprint and Best Buy were out of stock. $200.

  31. Nice, my wi-fi radio can’t pickup crap compared to my pre. I used to be able to be outside my condo (3 floors down and about 50 feet away from the actual router) and could pick up 2 out of 3 bars on my pre. My EVO struggles to hold onto 1 and it’s consistent to all the places I normally access wi-fi the radio needs a boost big time.

  32. Love my EVO!! Got it on release at the Shack! Evan, as a former Iphone junky—I AM A FAN OF THIS PHONE–It is slick. Just like Microsoft killed apple, because they wouldn’t release their coding or work with other companies (FLASH) to create programs. Google/Andriod will wipe out APPLE because they are protectionary!

  33. I strongly believe, that Anderoid will eventually destroy Apple’s iPhone due the fact that they don’t allow flash. Apple’s attempt to kill flash will only fire back at them. Steve Jobs if you ever read this, HTML 5 can never replace flash and you know it. While HTML 5 has new video standards, it does not have any standards for creating animations with action scripts. You cannot fool all people all the time Stevie. I currently use iPhone, got Evo about 15 days ago, I cannot stand watching the battery go down by 50% afer 5 minutes of browsing. I feel guilty using the phone. The phone beats the iphone 4 in every aspect, but the battery has to last. If this update fails to fix the battery life, my EVO is going back to Sprint.

  34. Facebook sync needs to change can’t even sync my contacts

  35. I wonder when 4G will be in my area? Its not in new york or fl according to sprints web site

  36. Yesterday i was happy that 4G was switched on in my city without any notices from Sprint.

    I’ve left 4G ON for the night and …. woke up with battery discharged.

    But today morning I am angry at EVO and freaking HTC retards, known before as gray brick makers, who think that ME manually, not OS own power management has to switch off all that 4G, WiFi, GPS, Background updates to get decent uptime.

  37. Well I just installed the new update on evo,still no change in wifi,get 15 ft away from router losse signal.

  38. My main issue w/ this phone is that it keeps needing to be rebooted. Just gets stuck on a blank background image.

    Wifi’s okay (not great).

    It also frequently gives me “too many open programs” to continue browsing. Palm Pre very rarely did this.

    That said- got update message this morning. Will wait till to night to install.

  39. I got a notice when I got to work, but due to the very bad reception I get (Middle of a office complex) I hit cancel, thinking I would apply it later when I got home. Now I have great wi-fi and very good 3g coverage (no 4g yet) and my firmware update says there is no update…

    any hints on how to manually start the patch?
    (Menu -> System updates -> Firmware, HTC Software, and profile updates didn’t do it)

  40. Just updated OTA my EVO 4G to new version Cannot tell what is the improvement & what has been fixed. Will play with it now.

  41. Will this new update brick rooted phones sorry im new to this root thing i just used unrevoked to root my phone so does it brick or something?

  42. This update has SERIOUSLY improved the battery life of my phone. It used to be warm all the time from the power it was using – not anymore. In fact I’ve been able to add more stuff running in the background and last all day and part of the next. MAJOR improvement. I’m VERY happy and now I don’t feel I need extra batteries! Way to go!

  43. The update will NOT brick your phone but they were sneaky and added a bit of code to disable the root created by unrevoked. I had my phone unrevoked but now it says its no longer rooted thanks to sprints update. So obviously they are going to fight against rooting because they don’t want us to have free wifi. I hope the guys at unrevoked.com can help us out.

  44. I think this update took away the ability to turn HTC sense UI off…I’m kinda pissed.

  45. I was in NYC this past weekend and had a light 4g signal and when I came back to Richmond, VA it has been picking up a 4g signal sparsely. It is considerably faster though, but I wonder whats going on because I haven’t heard anything from Sprint.
    I have the same Facebook issue, trying o sync my phone contacts with my new facebook friends doesn’t work because the app won’t add all my new fb friends. Other than that, my Evo is great, Battery hasn’t been much of an issue but mine is on the charger most of the time also.

  46. How do I switch off my facebook/ or other social networks and radios, on my EVO

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