Rebtel Steps into the VoIP Ring Promising Free Android-to-Android International Calls


Android_Rebtel_Incomingcall-176x235VoIP on smartphones is growing, with carriers like Verizon even suggesting that in the not-so-distant future calls placed via data connections will replace voice minutes as the standard. But before all that happens, quite a few companies have been getting in on the game, often touting reduced rates for calls routed through their services. Rebtel is one such company, and their latest released version of their Android app is promising free international calls between two Android phones with the app installed.

Rebtel works by running in the background of the default dialer app, detecting when an international call is being placed and forwarding it through a secondary local number over IP. If the user you are calling has an Android phone running Rebtel, then the call is free (though logically through this method your voice minutes would still apply). If they don’t have an Android phone rates still see a reduction.

Rebtel operates in 50 countries world-wide, and there are no up front costs, memberships, or hidden fees for using the service. Seems like a good choice if you make frequent international calls and aren’t already enamored with another VoIP option such as Skype. Unlike Skype (the full version is currently limited to Verizon customers), Rebtel won’t limit you to making calls only over your data connection. Wi-Fi is fair game. That right there is reason enough to check it out.

Press Release:

Rebtel Attacks Operator Margins with New Android App For Free International Calls

Company Updates Android App to Connect the World at Planet’s Best Price: Free

Stockholm, SWEDEN – June 24, 2010 – Rebtel, the world’s largest independent mobile VoIP company, today announced the new version of its Android app is now available, allowing users to make free Android-to-Android international calls between more than 50 countries, and realize savings of up to 95 percent when making calls to any other phone, compared to traditional long-distance rates.

Rebtel for Android v. 1.1 includes:

Android-to-Android free calls: The international part of the call is completely free of charge. The caller and recipient only pay their carriers for local calling minutes determined by their calling plans.

App works in background of default Android dial pad: When the user dials an international number from the native Android dial pad, or selects a contact with an international number from the address book, the call is automatically intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of their carrier. Android-to-Android calls are free. Calls to any other phone cost a fraction of the regular international calling rate in a seamless calling experience as normally done on any Android phone. Just dial and smile. Rebtel does the rest.

No Wi-Fi needed: Rebtel works on the standard cellular network using local phone numbers where the caller lives instead of requiring an active Wi-Fi connection to make free or low-cost international calls. Rebtel for Android works anytime, anywhere and works with the standard dial pad and address book.

Rebel with a cause
The company, which took its name from its rebel stance in the telecom industry, has one mission: to help those who are in need of it most by saving them up to 95 percent on international calls. Unlike Skype, which still requires calls to be made over Wi-Fi, a fixed Internet connection, or a $99 per month Verizon plan, Rebtel works with any phone — landline, feature phone, or smart phone — for just the low price of the call.

Rebtel itself has come a long distance since its founding in 2006. Rebtel doubled its customer base in 2009, with more than 80 percent of new users driven by word of mouth. The Stockholm-based firm also launched its first applications for the iPhone and Android platform in 2009, and made two strategic acquisitions of Gorilla and Talkster.

Rebtel’s revenue grew 100 percent in the first half of 2010 compared to the same period last year, increasing revenue from $8 million during the first six months of 2009 to more than $16 million during the same period this year. Today, Rebtel is operating at an annual revenue run rate of just over $40 million, and has just logged more than one billion minutes in international calls.

According to a new report from research company Frost & Sullivan, mobile VoIP revenues will grow to $29.57 billion by 2015. At the end of 2008, approximately $605.8 million of mobile VoIP revenues were generated. “Mobile VoIP is no longer just hype, but has become a credible threat to traditional voice revenues,” Saverio Romeo, senior industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan, said in the report.

Juniper Research forecasts there will be more than 100 million mobile VoIP users within two years. Rebtel is squarely in the middle of a second wave of mobile VoIP growth, joining the likes of Skype and Google Voice in terms of growth pace.

“Over the past five years we’ve made international calling as close to free as possible from any phone,” said Andreas Bernström, CEO of Rebtel. “The new Rebtel for Android app marks our next phase of innovation coupled with a keen interest in expanding our presence in the U.S. and key growth markets around the world.”

About Rebtel
Rebtel is the world’s largest independent mobile VoIP company. Rebtel customers can use any phone in more than 50 countries to call anywhere in the world for just pennies per minute. There are no monthly fees, no connection fees, or hidden costs to use Rebtel. Free calling is always available between the countries served by Rebtel. For more information, or to start using Rebtel, go to

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  1. why all this going through hoops and wacky conditions and stipulations?


  2. So this is basically what it does: Say Jim in England adds me in Canada to his Rebtel contact list. Rebtel will assign me a local Vancouver number I can use to reach him via Rebtel.

    If he’s not running the Rebtel app, then when I call him he will get an incoming “collect” call and money will be deducted from his Rebtel balance per minute.

    If he’s got the Rebtel Android app running, then when I call the Vancouver number, Rebtel won’t actually place a phone call. Instead it will signal his phone to “ring” for a “Smart Call”. If he presses Accept, then *his* phone will make an outgoing call to a local number in England and our calls will be connected together without charges to his Rebtel account. In theory this Smart Call is cheaper.

    But depending on the country you live in and your phone plan, there is no guarantee this Smart Call will actually be cheaper.

  3. i installed this on the weekend and already tested it for a USA to Australia call (mobile in USA calling mobiel in Australia)

    works PERFECTLY and is very very easy to use

    cost, one and a half cents a minute, which equates to 90cents an hours


  4. I hope Rebtel make an app for Symbian.

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