Make Your Droid Camera-work Ready for Hollywood with the Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee



The quality of video recording available on today’s smartphones lends itself to creating some pretty intriguing cinematography, but the lack of quality and professional video accessories doesn’t exactly make it easy to get the most out of the camcorder that you carry with you everywhere you go. Enter Tiffen, who have created a peripheral that will bring Hollywood-style Steadicam tracking shots to your mobile handset. The Smoothee  mount is available for the iPhone 3GS, Flip Mino, and Android’s very own Motorola Droid. And yes, it is an actual Steadicam mount for your smartphone, and it will set you back about $200 when it arrives in Q4 of this year. Admittedly not the most portable accessory, but really just plain too cool to not at least check out the below demonstration video. Now I’m waiting until we see Avatar 2 shot entirely using Android handsets. That would be something.

[thanks to Mark for sending this in!]

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  1. The great irony of this video is that the actual video ISN’T shot with a steadicam and it’s hard to even tell that we’re watching a video of a steadicam making a video…

  2. *facepalm*

  3. That’s really cool. I don’t personally have a valid need for that but I do kinda want it anyways…

  4. $10 bucks says that guy’s from North Jersey.

    And I completely agree w/ Phillip. I hardly ever record video, but I really want one, now. Youtube videos would increase exponentially.

  5. I’d buy it for like 20 bucks, lol.

  6. Pretty cool. I don’t have a need for it either but I can imagine that there is a market for it for sure.

  7. @YankeeDudeL — Maybe he’s from Long Island, the company is in Hauppauge, NY (Suffolk County).

    I want the tripod mount, I wonder if it’s sold seperately?

  8. Id buy it, great for family vids. Sure I dont need it but I also dont need a new smartphone every year but I damn sure do buy one that often lol.

  9. $200 rig.. or buy a Droid X for $199…

  10. I’ll get one for the EVO if they make one. I think it’s awesome!

  11. For 200 bucks (you could get android device for that kinda dough!) it ISN’T “just too cool” and not even enough to take a look at the video.

    I suppose if I have won the lottery and was looking to blow some money on just anything that mildly piques my interest I might go for one of these…but 200 bucks? No thanks.

  12. If you compared the price to other Steadicams, you would realize that the price is reasonable.

    It sounds like Tiffen are making an adapter to mount the different phones to an actual (compact) Steadicam unit.
    Since Steadicam is the industry standard for movie and TV, I would say it would be worth it!

  13. this is a joke product, and the joke is on you and consumers who will actually buy this thing.
    balancing a tiny phone? not really needed.

    The quality you get out of these phones is decent, but no one is going to mistake it for more than it is.

  14. For $200 I can get two hookers at the same time.

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