Just to Clarify: Samsung Moment and HTC Hero Will Not Receive Android 2.2


We touched on this briefly in our previous post covering Sprint’s tentative plans to bring Android 2.2 to their network on at least the HTC EVO 4G (and other Android 2.1 phones launching this year), but for those that missed it, official word through Sprint’s Twitter says the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero are not currently in play as devices to see the update. It doesn’t get more clear than this:


Let’s look at the silver lining: at least Moment and Hero owners won’t have to go through the heart-wrenching ordeal of having their update continually pushed back and delayed. That has to count for something, right?

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  2. And that, my friends, is why we root and have custom roms.

  3. that’s great for you but it doesn’t help developers who want to use the latest features

  4. Welp, Sprint just lost at least one customer.

  5. I don’t know why the Moment, which has an 800Mhz processor just like the Droid, is not getting the update to 2.2. Hardware wise it’s more than capable. I understand the Hero which has a slower processor, but the Moment!?

  6. That’s okay, isn’t Cyanogen going to bring 2.2 to the Hero?

  7. Great, the hero only came out for 8 months, and now it is a dead device. That’s bull crap. Good thing is i’m a sprint premier customer, can get a new phone in October.

  8. This is unfortunate but completely understandable. They just recently got 2.1 on these devices. That was a huge improvement over the 1.5 they originally had. I have the Moment and I’m perfectly fine with my 2.1 update. After all the complications they went through getting 2.1 on these devices it would be a huge hassle to go right back into that process for one more (far less major) update. Plus by the time they got 2.2 ready the next version would be out (or coming soon). At some point you have to let old phones get old and focus more of your resources on the new devices. It’s evolution. You can’t evolve and move forward if you’re still trying to hang on to the past. I’m fine with my phone becoming out-dated. I’m going to upgrade it in a year or two anyway and I’ll be fine.

  9. Risket and anyone else that is fine with Sprint no longer updating the Hero & Moment should have their heads examined. If the phone was more than 2 years old I could see not updating it further. Neither phone is a year old yet. Not everyone is a premier member. Both phones used an outdated OS for most of their current lifespan. When 2.2 gets here, its back to more of the same. That’s unacceptable for most users. It makes me glad I jumped to the EVO, everyone else should reach out to Sprint and express your dissatisfaction.

  10. this sucks. i agree with blaz3. the moment have just as much as droid. but anyhow im a premiere customer so i can get a new one in about 6 months when something new and better will be out. looking forward to see what may be coming out in bout 6 months or so that i’ll be getting

  11. Let’s look @ the HTC Aria that AT&T just released…it has nearly the exact same specs as the Hero and Eris (w/exception of 528MHz vs 600MHz and slightly more memory), but the Aria gets 2.2 and not the other two. I understand fully that the Aria was just released, but not updating because of hardware limitations is BS (ex. Moment w/800MHz processor as Blaz3 mentions above). Why oh why didn’t the Nexus One come out two months earlier?!

  12. lower specc’ed hardware would actually benefit the most with froyo’s JIT/V8 and app2SD

  13. Shades of the Behold 2…I tell ya. Not updating phones is becoming a business model. The only thing that will stop them is not to buy the new phones.

    You all know the B2 story. I am not surprised at the Moment’s not being updated because it is Samsung and that is how they roll. The consumer will have to wake up and take matters into our own hands. I say, support our local developers! I am not amused that my beautiful B2 is at its end of life at 6 months. That is absurd. But now we see a pattern. Our consumption is driving this new business model. It’s in our hands.

  14. Droid doesn’t, how sad…..

  15. I think that’s pretty terrible. The device is not that old, the G1 is capable of froyo — this mainly seems to be a play for forced obsolescence and forcing customers to upgrade.

  16. I agree it sucks and Android 2.2 will probably make the phone run faster. You have to realize that’s one of the flaws of running custom versions of Android instead of “Vanilla” Android. The Moment’s processor runs faster than the Droid’s (800MHz v. 550MHz) but you can’t judge processing power by clock speed alone. There were Pentium 4 Extreme’s that would run at 3.8GHz a few yrs ago but my current Core Duo 2.8GHz blows it out the water in processing power like the Droid beats the Moment in reality when processing power is the question. As for the Aria/Legend they use a revised and updated version of the processor that’s in the Hero (and the G1 and MyTouch.) It has a different nomenclature and it’s more than just an “overclocked” version though I agree that Hero and Moment could run Froyo. I honestly wish Sprint would get more higher end Android phones personally that didn’t just come from HTC and Samsung. I wouldn’t mind seeing Motorola building for Sprint as well as Verizon.

  17. I agree with Risket. If you were promised an upgrade when you bought a phone and then didn’t get it, you have the right to complain. However, if you bought a phone because you were impressed with that phone, stop complaining. Is anyone’s Hero doing less than it did when you bought it just because some other phone can do more???At the rate things are changing in the smartphone world, anything you get today will be outdated in 3 – 6 months or less. The companies can’t spend all of their time upgrading yesterday’s phone or they will never get tomorrow’s phone out the door.

  18. Also, for you Sprint Premier members, you don’t even have to wait. I have been a Sprint member since the day when cell phones were the size of phone books and weighed 5 lbs. Every time I have upgraded a phone, they just extend my service contract to 24 months from the date of the upgrade. At one point I upgraded my phone on a family plan and 2 months later upgraded my wife’s phone on the same plan and a couple of month’s later added a mobile broadband card and each time they just added the months to my contract. If you want to upgrade your phone with Sprint, you can do it at any time. It’s only if you leave Sprint for another carrier that you will get hit with the early termination fee, and that will be prorated.

  19. Btw, didn’t the major manufacturer issue a cease and desist to developers? They are in the business of selling handsets. Perhaps they couldn’t care less that some of us may want to *keep* the phones that we have sunk so much money into just a few months prior. They just keep crankin’ out new models. Now, they appear to want to force the hands of the developers for keeping our phones current? I don’t think that they are really worried about anything proprietary at all. I think they want the field clear so that they can EOL the phones instead of updating and create an endless revenue stream. Mo’ money, Mo’ money, Mo’ money.

  20. This is why I moved 5 lines to Verizon in February! SPRINT sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I don’t think they can complete a true cease and desist, they are only modding an OPEN SOURCE program. I can understand them saying they can’t mod HTC Sense anymore, but as far as stock android goes, google says “go ahead and do it.” plus you can’t get in trouble for modding something YOU OWN. the worst the carrier can do is not support it after modding, as they do with voiding the warranty.

  22. This sucks. I just bought a Moment for my son with the belief that it would be able to play Flash, like all Android owners were promised, before the end of June.

    Then come to find out, it won’t be the end of June and you need Froyo. Now to find out the Moment won’t even get Frodo means Flash is out even though it was promised.

    It just plain sucks.

  23. @SharonW

    Even if the moment got 2.2, it wouldnt be able to handle flash because of the processor. I know the moment has an 800mhz processor, but flash requires AT LEAST an cortex A8 processor. I don’t know what processor the moment has, but I’m very positive its not the A8.

  24. How can premier members be satisfied because you can upgrade? I don’t want to buy a new phone every 6 months just because I can. Computers don’t become outdated this quickly. Who upgrades their PC hardware this often?

  25. my hero will be getting 2.2.. Evo good luck gettting 2.2 next March! frankly i will wait for Gingerbread to upgrade hero and evo are to similar that’s not OK

  26. @SharonW – I don’t think the promise was that all Android owners would get Flash, only those with powerful enough processors. IIRC, the statement referred to Droid and the 1GHz Snapdragon processors.

  27. So I want a Sprint Android phone, but I think the Evo is too big and unwieldy. What are my options? NOTHING. Sprint really needs to start announcing other handsets or they’ll start losing customers. Even f-ing T-mobile has more handsets than Sprint. Pathetic.

  28. So, another Samsung phone not being updated???

    Sound familiar? Anyone else want to plonk down money for a phone from Samsung now?

  29. @SK I agree with you! Its so stupid. I am a member on Sprint and am able to upgrade in September. I wanted to get the Samsung Moment because it had the QWERTY and Touchscreen plus Android. Now come to the fact that it will not be getting the 2.2 update im just pissed. I dont want the EVO either because its to big and pricy atm for me..I mean who sees 16 year olds walking around with a phone that size?? And just like you said, besides that what other Android phone does Sprint offer? *SILENCE* NONE!!! This is shit. I heard rumors about a possibility of a Samsung Moment 2. hopefully if it is..it will get the 2.2 and be out before or during my upgrade :P

  30. lol @ all the idiots that said sprint lost a customer.. your stupid

  31. oh and also the moment and hero are approaching EOL why would they update them? Hero 2, samsung intercept, and the samsung Galaxy S lines will be out soon so you people complaining GET OVER IT and your selves your not that important to sprint lol

  32. I cant wait til Comcast buys out Sprint. Since comcast is on the 4g network. Get ready nascar for the Xfinity cup.

  33. Just another way for Sprint to gouge their customers and force them into upgrading…I have the Hero and to a previous post point, I am a premier client and will play the game and upgrade my phone when it is time so I can get the updated OS…I just find it funny that Sprint continually gets away with this crap…

  34. hey well at this point i don’t care about 2.2 just fix the airplane mode on the phone. i have had the airplane mode since november and sprint said they would fix the issue..its now been 8 months and they have not fix anything! sprint sucks. sprint sells defective phones with 2 year contracts. FIX THE AIRPLANE MODE ASAP!!!!!!

  35. @asqwerth – The original promise was that Android period (no qualifications) would get Flash in the first half of this year. It was only later qualified that it would only come with Froyo. We just found that out with the recent announcement of Froyo. I bought the Moment the same week it got the Eclair update (my son had early graduation in May).

    Actually the original promise was that Android would receive Flash by the end of 2009. Then it was pushed to H1 2010. Then it was pushed back to Q3 2010, and only in the last month qualified for Froyo update only with processor limits. Damnitall, the processor on the Moment was a GOOD one, or so I thought, and the phone isn’t even a year old yet. Hell, I don’t think it’s even 9 mos. old.

  36. It’s not the processor that’s the problem but rather the logistics to prepare and distribute froyo not only to the new phones but also the older ones.

  37. Ok so the Evo and the hero’s software are jus about the same so why won’t the hero get the update, who cares about flash 10.1, flash lite has been working jus fine for me

  38. though these phones are only 8 (moment) and 9 (hero) months old, thats long enough to become outdated. just bc sprint and htc arent bringing you froyo doesnt mean you cant get it on your own. and as friends (who is tech competent at best) has proven, rooting your android to get 2.2 isnt too hard. its just not official.

  39. I dont know why you guys are so pissed :/
    the phone isnt that expensive O.o
    And stop saying the processor isnt good enough, cuz it is.
    The graphics card is the real problem.
    When you get the desire it comes with the snapdragon AND the AMD Z430. with the hero ur just getting scammed :/

  40. i have had the touch pro for a year. htc mogul before that. have liked it but had problems with it. free insurance upgrade to the moment on sprint. i have wanted to try the android system. its free and i keep my upgrade in tact so if i dont like it i will upgrade later. sprints not bad my 3rd free high end phone so far. yes i wish sprint offers more choices in phones and upgrade possibilities.

  41. What I don’t understand is they just announced that the moto droid will be getting it… The Droid, really. that POS klunker that wasn’t even a step up from my 3 year old G1.. come on!! That thing is a polished up terd! No offense to Android, because I’m a die hard fan, but really?? Motorola has one thing on there mind, make it as similar to the razr as possible.. Or translated, LAME! Get off your kick and design something that doesn’t look like a 1/4 inch thick brick.

  42. While I completely agree with the bashing of the droid, the reality is this: our superior Spring Android’s won’t be running the newest, better software that the Droid will. it sucks but its reality (officially).

  43. I will not be with sprint very much longer. I had the Blackberry tour that phone never worked so sprint upgraded me to the moment free. Now i find out it will be outdated soon. I am sick of spints BS. i will not be with them very long

  44. This is the sh** that makes me miss my HTC touch windows mobile phone !!

  45. Ok the idiot who said that he was amazed a dual core cpu beat out a single core cpu and that core clocks don’t matter! You are stupid! If the moment has 800mhz over the droids 550mhz clock its a better and faster proccesor period! The difference in the speed of the phones is the firmware and software. And there for if we moment users got the 2.2 update and all new firmware that alowed the phone to operate more efficiently then you droid would be useless compared to the moment!

  46. Ol let me speak. The thing is the 800 vs the 550 is not the argument its 800 armv11 vs cortex a8 and the cortex wins but since the moment is clocked higher its basicly the same speed. The thing is if Google not anyone else but Google wanted us with 2.2 we would have it but since they put so little money into these phones and so much into the droid (paying lucas for the name, so many commercials, etc.) They’re gonna make sure they have it fuzz androids not as open source as people think example if I make an android phone Google will make me send it in so they can test and what not I have to pay to use it and their Apps and give them a lol sumthing every time I sell one just like apple os is on iphone picture 3g is moment 3gs is dro

  47. This video teaches you how to install Android 2.2.1 Froyo on you Samsung Moment! Enjoy!


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