June 29th: Is Samsung Going to Show Off the Galaxy S or Something New?


Even though the Samsung Galaxy S is officially out in some parts of the world, we thought their June 29th event in New York was going to cater to the device. It seems that may not be the case after all according to a follow up email Samsung’s sent to their original invitees.


“Join Samsung Mobile as we unveil a new class of brilliant Android smart phones.”

It sounds like they’re differentiating this announcement from anything related to the Galaxy S (the mysticism surrounding this announcement wouldn’t make sense seeing as how the device is already out and about). It could be anything (including the rumored Galaxy S Pro with a QWERTY keyboard) and the only way to find out is by waiting until June 29th.

[via Android Guys]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. did you not read the bottom where it says “samsung Galaxy S”

    they are “unveiling” it to this region of the world

    pls no spins here

  2. i HUGE font i might add

  3. Samsung is so good at flatscreens and bluray players its a terrible shame they are so inattentive with mobile devices. The galaxy s is so tempting but I can’t justify getting it with samsungs history of such poor continuing support. Maybe the galaxy s will be the start of a new philosophy for Samsung. I hope so because their screens/processors and other hardware is as good if not better than any

  4. Yea I saw that, but we first saw it “unveiled” at CTIA Wireless, which was in Vegas (this region of the world, as you would put it). Not sure why they’d need to “re-unveil” it, but eh. Just something to think about, that’s all.

  5. Golly gee people do get snarky in here sometimes.


  6. I think they will unveil android tablets.

  7. Well… I can’t believe I’m the only one getting this. The new “class” is “Galaxy Class”. At least that’s that’s what I’m inferring.
    Looks like Samsung may label their Android OS phones (at least some of them) as a Galaxy (Insert Name Here). It’s like what Verizon does with Android. VZW sells their Android phones with the Droid (TM – Don’t want George Lucas coming after me) namesake, but it’s still just Android OS. This time it’s a manufacturer instead of a carrier branding their Android phones.
    My $0.02…

  8. I hope it’s the samsung captivate :)

  9. They have a strategist and one of the lines are blurred out. My guess is its all about a new direction that the galaxy s is headed.

  10. Oh please oh please unleash the Galaxy S Pro and the Beam!!! I can see it now, projected video calling, Beam me up scotty!

  11. i say, redesigned versions of galaxy S (captivate,pro) .. and new android phones..

  12. Its going to be all the newer Galaxy’s

    Galaxy S

    Galaxy S Pro

    Galaxy Apollo

    I doubt Samsung captivate is going to be in the mix.

  13. I bet they’ll unveil the S, Pro, Q and Tablets, hopefully this is a good sign for the Galaxy S Pro in Germany or Europe.

  14. The captivate is the Galaxy S, it just has a different name and looks a little different. Just like the legend and hero is the same phone, there may be a minor difference like one will have a better camera.

  15. The captivate is, in my personal speculation, a gimped down and modified Galaxy S. The original Galaxy S looks too much like iPhone 4. AT&T made Samsung change the look drastically and remove the front facing camera in order to have a product different from iPhone 4 with less capability. I can’t imagine any other reason why Samsung would create this great phone and then completely modify the look and remove functionality.

  16. OK, I’m a little late to this party, but… Really? They are “differentiating this announcement from anything related to the Galaxy S (the mysticism surrounding this announcement wouldn’t make sense seeing as how the device is already out and about).”? How is writing Samsung Galaxy S at the bottom of the invite differentiating this event from that device? In fact this is quite the opposite. This is basically saying “Hey! We are going to tell you something about this device!” This is very poor writing (I refuse to use the word journalism for something that so obviously ignores facts and tries to create non-existent, unsubstantiated rumors). I used to love this site for my android news, but more and more “stories” like this are popping up and it is really driving me to want to take my web traffic elsewhere.

  17. I just read that the Epic 4G is heading to Sprint. That is going to be enough for me to switch, I believe.

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