Save the Date: Samsung Planning an Event for June 29



We’ve just received notice that we should save the date of June 29th on our calenders for something big from Samsung. And when they say that something big is “the next generation in Android smart phones” it can only mean one thing: the Samsung Galaxy S. They didn’t give us too much in the way of details, but it looks like Phandroid will be in New York come the end of this month for some one on one time with Samsung’s newest smartphone.

We have long waited for some sort of official announcement of the Galaxy S’ release date in the US, and this notice comes right on the heels of the latest rumors claiming we may see it on T-Mobile on July 21st. Does that make this rumor seem all the more likely? Absolutely, and we’ll take that.

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  1. Be funny it Tmo announces the Nokia N8 instead

  2. When they say something big, I hope they mean big as in 4 inch screen. 3.2″ is not worth any money at all to me.

  3. ok those 2 comments didn’t make much sense…

  4. @David thats not funny that would be sad.

  5. @ari-free

    i know they’re just so excited they can’t articulate their words lol but i’m looking forward to getting one of these bad babies

  6. David, this is a SAMSUNG event. Not a t-mo event. It was the author who speculated t-mo, the event has nothing to do with them officially.

  7. I’m just saving the date as another opportunity to say “an iWhat? who cares…the Samsung Galaxy S is magical”.

  8. Here’s to hoping that it is announced for Verizon too! How great would it be to have a super-phone standardized across a number of US carriers (CDMA AND GSM) as well as in countries world wide!
    I’ll tell you how awesome that would be… super awesome

  9. I’m getting all giddy, i’ve been waiting for a release date for what seems like an eternity now. The only thing left to do is figure out if I want the 8gb or the 16gb, any one know if it has a expansion slot for memory?

  10. yes it has SD for expansion.

  11. But it lacks a LED flash.

  12. does anyone know the spec on this phone?

    I need t-mobile to get a super phone with a front camera. If the Nexus one had a front facing camera I would would be happy.

  13. I don’t know what they were thinking with the lack of camera flash!

  14. Funny, I have been thinking the next big Samsung announcement would be on the M910.

  15. Happy birthday to me!

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