The Samsung Galaxy S Pro is Real and It’s Sporting 4G


For a while it seemed like every newly announced handset was receiving a rumored “Pro” model featuring a hardware QWERTY keyboard, and one of the more anticipated was the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. As the standard Galaxy S has been making its rounds drawing closer to a release, news of the Pro version subsided and many thought it might never happen. Well, folks, the Galaxy S Pro is coming, and since I know you’d never believe me without proof, I offer you this image uncovered by Android Community:


And if the sight of that photo doesn’t excite you with the potential of a dead bigfoot in a freezer, you might be eager to learn that the Galaxy S Pro will be getting the 4G treatment and most likely end up as a Sprint exclusive. Whether it eventually sees as many carriers as the standard Galaxy S is not known.

[via Android Community]

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  1. WOW… that is an enticing prospect! They keyboard also looks pretty sweet. Droid, take notes!

  2. Now if it weren’t a Samsung I would be all giddy and silly about it. Something about the wonderful support they gave the Behold II makes me very wary of anything Samsung at this point in time. I’ll stick with Moto/HTC thanks.

  3. 2 4G phones on Sprint, and the Galaxy is the second! Hells yeah! Might be giving my Evo up for it.

  4. Ugh, this looks perfect…but it looks non-stock…that’ll suck for updates.

  5. Well alright now!!
    Look like Sprint is finally getting with the program here.
    New phones new phones & more new phones.
    I don’t care for the whole slide/keyboard thing but this is a nice looking phone.

  6. The only and biggest problem: it’s still a Samsung phone and comes with the Samsung support!

  7. yes it has a keyboard! Now I can have everything

  8. Sad that it obviously has no camera light…

  9. It’s still a Samsung phone so …. FAIL

  10. Sprint will need this phone to save them from the EVO disaster…

  11. Sweet

  12. Sprint isn’t “4G”. WiMAX is an interim standard they market as 4G, but it isn’t the real deal. Even the substantially quicker LTE could only be charitably referred to as 3.9G.

  13. Could that not be a Samsung Intercept (Moment II) instead of the Galaxy S Pro?

    It doesn’t look like the Galaxy S.

  14. I love the looks of the Galaxy S, but I just don’t really like the looks of the Pro very much.

  15. looks good hope they (sammy) treats this like a true flagship and pushes updates out the wazoo for it, i’ll be sticking with my EVO though for all the reasons i love it, if it’s gonna have a UI i’ll take sense, and a 4.3″ screen with HDMI out i just can’t pass up… not just for a hummingbird

  16. Now now this is great, however….
    I’d advise those who like to mod their phone to wait a few months after its release.
    Why? well I am one of the very disappointed Motorola Milestone (known in the US as the Verizon Droid) owners. The Droid is open in the US but locked to the rest of the world.
    I’ve gone back to my HTC Dream ( known to the US as T-Mobile G1 ) just to have the joy of modding. When we pleaded Motorola they told us to go buy from HTC.

  17. this is random, but anyone know a good place to get .apk’s
    so i can run them on the emulator since i dont have a phone

  18. Damn it, I was all settled on getting a Droid 2. Now I have to make decisions.

  19. “Sprint will need this phone to save them from the EVO disaster”.

    Um, WHAT disaster? I have had an EVO for a week now and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. I am not having any of the issues being written about such as the cover glass becoming unglued. As for not having a physical keyboard, at first I was bummed by that, but the spell-correct on the EVO is so good I can FLY through the typing MUCH faster than I could on a physical keyboard.

    Anyway, that’s the problem with tech. You buy the latest thing and a week later it’s obsolete. Ah well, love my EVO!

  20. “You people” seem to forget the moment recently got 2.1, and the custom ROM community has picked up a bit of steam in recent months. Samsung has recently stated they are committed to android, and I’m anticipating future devices will follow a decent upgrade path. Now, if only touchwiz was just a bit less intrusive/tweakable. I really don’t want the stupid messaging icon locked into the dock when there are so many replacement apps out there.

  21. OMG NOOO!!!! I have been waiting to upgrade since March with AT&T so I could get the galaxy. I will be so heart broken if it only goes to Sprint.

  22. FUDGE!!! this is SPRINT!!! oh man.. but i would still trust Samsung even though i had behold 2 because U CAN ROOT AND FLASH IT!!!!!!! stop saying Samsung is fail because Galaxy S already came out with an update!!!! so stop hating this device!!! if u don’t like it just walk away from it and stop talking trash!!!

  23. Looks to have a really nice QWERTY. But then with a screen that size I don’t think I’d really need one….well thats assuming its still a 4in.

  24. oh and also, it’s just BEHOLD 2 that they did a horrible job on support look at Samsung Moment it has 2.1!!! also, look at motorola they don’t support jack to Cliq and Cliq XT maybe it’s just T-Mobile that does not want to support their devices not the manufacturer!!!

  25. that is the best keyboard i’ve seen on an android device since the g1.

  26. i have a moment, and i think samsung can kiss my ass. but sprint is still hands down the best deal, and the samsung hacker community is really picking up steam and doing some kickass things. that considered, i’m kinda looking forward to this

  27. The G1 had a trackball. I’m still waiting for a new phone with keyboard and trackball. Add a gyroscope and it will have everything I would like for gaming control.

  28. It’s sooo beautiful…
    I just hope since it’s “4G” it doesn’t include the $10 4G tax that only really benefits 30% of the users..

  29. Still a Samsung.

  30. soo let me get this straight verizon has their droid line up and sprint has now evo and this galaxy s pro while t-mobile has what??? thats right not a damn thing.

  31. Any chance of this coming to the uk?

  32. Wow, this does look impressive. The news that the Moment got a 2.1 update also makes the situation start to look better. Already picked up an Evo for the wife, if this comes to Sprint as stated, then looks like we’re a Sprint family. Now we just need a release date.

  33. Found out some more information from androidcommunity.com:

    – 5 MP camera, with flash
    – 4G

    I saved a picture of the backside of the Galaxy Pro before androidcommunity.com took down the page.

  34. Are we sure this isn’t the real Moment2? Just saying it would make a better replacement than what we have seen already.

  35. yea actually is the samsung S pro with 4 G
    here are the new pictures

  36. Dave is excited!!!

  37. Where’s the dedicated numerical keys row? Alt/shift-locking sucks. Oh well, at least it’s a hardware keyboard… and it looks better than the Droid 1 and 2 keyboards.

  38. I heard on one of the news blogs that CLEAR was to announce a new Samsung 4g (likely running Windows mobile) plus a new HTC 4G (but not the EVO) running Android, sometime in 4th qtr 2010. Since Sprint owns 56% of parent company Clearwire, these will likely be coordinated to give Sprint the advantage in timing of the release dates.

  39. It is not the Moment 2 (Intercept). And it does come with a flash on the back under the camera lense. It also has front facing camera as well. Expect this to come with the $10 Premium Data Charge as well.

  40. The keyboard has 5 rows and the numbers are on the 1st row. So this will kill the Droid 2.
    It also has a camera flash as you can see on the back.

  41. FINALLY…..

    4G and QWERTY.

    My Patience has been rewarded. Too Bad they Beat HTC to the punch. Samsung may be more toyish..but at least they dont have HTCs hardware problems.

    If Only they Could put a Keyboard on an EVO and call it a TP3

  42. I see the LTE brainwashed geeks are putting in their totally uneducated 2 cents worth.

    First of all LTE is not faster than WiMAX. LTE does not even exist yet outside a lab and a few test sites. It is still 3-5 years away. There is an organized propaganda campaign to make people think it’s just around the corner. That is to try slow down the adoption of WiMAX and extend the life of the Telco’s 3G networks which they are still building out and still have a massive investment in.

    There is no significant difference in specs between LTE and WiMAX. That includes speed. They are very similar. The main differences are licensing and the business model behind the specs. The Telcos want LTE only because they control the licensing and it gives them more power over the consumer. Translation, you pay more.

  43. HTC doesn’t seem to get that people want a good phone with kb: EVO, Dinc, N1, HD2…none of those phones have a kb option.

  44. @boxy
    Send me an email at [email protected]
    I’ll give you some links to .apks to try out. I don’t want to post on here because I don’t know if it’s allowed.

  45. Wow! Good looking phone, with a good looking keyboard, and 4G and Sprint?! Wow! I love Android and Sprint, low prices(even with the premium 10$ its still way cheaper then AT&T and Verizon, and their ganna charge per GB so they can suck it!)Yes some people might say, Oh Sprint is doing the same, but in reality they arnt, they will simply slow down your 3G after a certain amount of Data your consuming, which might be over 5GB, better then paying 60$ a month for 5GB at AT&T, and Sprint has better 3G coverage then AT&T and roams off Verizon’s 2G data/voice, so you always have service, and 4G! Sprint, you guys are the man! Dont forget 60 bucks a month for a line with unlimited txt, data, and mobile-to-mobile! and what 700 anythime minutes or something like that! I was ganna get the Evo too, but fuck it, I want that piece of unicorn dust/tears/blood made SuperPhone with a Super AMOLED Screen, 4.0 inches, 720p video recording, and Android 2.1 with a 1ghz processor! I am so hyped over this baby. I lover that keyboard;D

  46. I currently have the Sprint HTC Hero 2.1 rooted. At first with the 2.1 I hated the lag but after rooting, eveything was fine again. I tried several ROMS, including one that wiped SenseUI. I couldn’t stand to use my phone for more than an hour. Although I want an Android device with a keyboard, I don’t think I will ever buy one unless it is made by HTC and has SenseUI.

  47. It has a lot of internal memory in addition to an SD slot and it can play divx. So I think you should be able to use the SD as a compact disc: put your movie from your pc’s hard drive to the SD and then stick it in your phone and you’re set.

  48. @bonezy: look again, it does have a dedicated numerical row!

  49. That does not look like the Galaxy S Pro .. reminder take a look http://www.devicemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Samsung-Galaxy-S-Pro-QWERTY-phone.jpg also, the Galaxy has doesnt have 4 options at the bottom of the phone http://www.celularis.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/samsung-galaxy-s-wave.jpg .. sorry people that is the Moment 2 http://www.androidguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/sprint-moment2.jpg

  50. No 3g version? For a company that wants this phone to be in every country , on every carrier , in every hand it seems a bit counter productive to make the pro version for one carrier. I may have to rethink the chance I was going to give samsung.

  51. Some interesting specs:

    It has true color (16 million colors). Other phones only have 65,000 colors.

    Atmel maxTouch sensor for multitouch (also in the Incredible and the EVO): 16 different points of contact at any one time with a response time of 7 milliseconds. Compare with Droid or N1 which struggle to keep track with two points of contact. This will be great for musical apps and games.

    FM radio

  52. it doesnt really look like a high end device, looks a bit plasticky. I think the hardware on the original Galaxy S is endlessly greater.

    nice little phone though.

  53. btw the Wave 2 pro slider looks alot more like the galaxy s.

  54. I just found out that I can get on a family plan with the rest of my family and only pay $30 for my additional line if I buy an EVO or any of the upcoming 4G phones!….I have been with T-Mobile for 4 years and I’m currently spending $94/month for my Moto Cliq thats running on Android B.C.(1.5) so saving $65/month is a no brainer…..I’m not sure if its T-Mobile or Motorola dropping the ball on their Android phone selection and lack of proper updating but either way I will be moving on to Sprint in the next few months….Just waiting to see what the 4th quarter will bring to Sprint….Galaxy S Pro looks sweet but I will need to play with it in-store before making any decisions….The TouchWiz UI looks iffy but that Super AMOLED Screen and sweet docking station might be enough to sway me….By the way, I was very impressed with the EVO when I tried it the other day….I hope HTC can fix the screen problems in a timely manner….Hate to see great companies stumble from something as avoidable as improper gluing of screens…..Maybe they rushed the EVO to market too soon because of the iphone4 launch….This reminds me how the Xbox 360 was rushed to beat the PS3 to market and they ended up with the R.R.O.D. problem….Glad that was fixed and hope HTC can too!

  55. http://gizmodo.com/5563688/samsungs-galaxy-s-pro-to-be-sprints-second-4g-phone

    There’s a photo of the back of the phone there as well.

  56. i’ll have to keep my eye on this phone, but it doesnt look better than the EVO imo. plus, i think it will be a brick. phones this big don’t need physical keyboards, and many of you holding out will realize this sooner or later. i came from a G1( waited as long as i could stand for) to the EVO and it’s mainly smooth sailing so far so good

  57. I see no indication and havent read ANYTHING stating that this has a 4 inch screen. hmmm.

  58. I’m all for a slide out keyboard but being a Previous owner of the instinct and an owner of the exclaim I can’t say I’m to excited. EVO ftw

  59. This looks very nice!!! I was hoping to get the Galaxy S when it come to the states and now I want it even more now that the Sprint version will have a hardware kb. I have the moment which I think is a great phone maybe better by the guys at SDX. Looks like good ole Sammy is headed in the right direction. The only thing I don’t like about this phone is the touch wiz (Stock Android Rules)

  60. @Simon Jessey, everywhere you comment you keep posting that garbage, it’s a weak talking point, not to mention you do not know what the hell you’re talking about! 4G has noting to do with speed, it’s 4th generation wireless, the previous technology was 3rd generation, before that was 2nd generation. By your logic At&t does not have 3G, their network is spotty and slower than Verizon and Sprint.

    @ari-free, what “EVO disaster” are you talking about?! Last I’ve heard, the EVO is doing quite well. Obviously you’re basing your subjective opinion on “rumors” you’ve read on blogs.

  61. If someone did get this phone and there was root available, could you flash senseUI or no? Sorry, new to the root thing.

  62. The EVO is doing quite well so far but people have reported various hardware problems with it. Sounds like it was rushed to market.

  63. EVO disaster? What, you didnt buy one presale and expected them to be in stock when you went to the store? Go back to your iphone and shotty AT&T service!

  64. @ari-free, how many people, 1… 2?! There are those who complain for the sake of complaining, then there are those who are full of-it! Case in point, that video of the idiot mashing on the EVO’s trying to produce errors.

  65. this may be my next phone! hard qwertys ftw! no better way to play emulators! can’t wait to try this beauty out!

  66. I sure hope this comes with the stock android. I hate HTC sense, and I’m very exited that there might be another option when I can upgrade in October. Can’t wait to see the full specs on this.

  67. Hooray, hopefully this will be available when I switch to Sprint in late September. The EVO is gorgeous, but I need a physical keyboard. Virtual is just not fast or good enough.

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