Alaska’s GCI to Receive HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone


GCIIt was just revealed that the HTC Desire — the hottest Android phone in Europe at the moment — would be coming to the States on more regional carriers. It has been slated to hit US Cellular for a while now, Cellular South just announced the handset, and now we know at least one more carrier that will be seeing the Desire: GCI Alaska.

The reveal comes by way of a tweet from their official twitter account, which also names the Motorola Milestone as a second Android device that will be making its way to the Alaskan wilderness. The two phones equate to a small lineup of top-notch Android phones, enough to make any one consider a switch from one of the big carriers to something more local.

[via Talk Android]

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  1. wonder when the winners from 7 and 8 days will be announced..

  2. Hopefully I can buy this unlocked and use it on AT&T instead of a N1 then. The Desire is the best out of the N1, Incredible variations.

  3. Yeah it will never comes to AT&T. That’s the only phone I want. Every small ass carrier in the States gets the DESIRE yet AT&T still bunch of idiots for NOT GETTING THIS ONE the phone I’ve been wanting for a long time. If you buy it unlocked U.S. 3G is like almost 800$ last I check.

  4. So apparently, The Brits, Sarah Palin, and a couple Polar Bears get HTC desire’s and We don’t!? Actually like I care, I’m still waiting for sprints EVO to come out on Verizon.

  5. I’m from Europe and I think that the Nexus One is hotter than the Desire.
    Also, that’s one ugly logo (GCI’s).

    P.S. – Jouten is a troll.

  6. Im from Europe too.Czech Republic http://mobily-ostrava.blogspot.com/ and want to get it.

  7. I am in Alaska we have NO good phone selections with good service so I signed up for Sprint. I have a Blackberry Tour and also the HTC EVO 4g and I have GREAT 3g speed faster then att. Yes I have long distance numbers but most all cell companys let you call long distance no charge so no biggie to me, plus I use my Tour for work so all I do is forward my local buisness number to it… issue solved. If you are in AK get Sprint dont settle for less!!!

  8. That does it I’m so fucking leaving AT&T being a bunch of dumb asses for not getting the Desire waited waited but they will never get it. I was going to buy it unlocked until i saw the U.S. version selling it for 800$ which is too much for me and theirs not warranty. I doubt AT&T will never get this phone due to their shitty iPhone 4.

  9. @DJ Rottweiler (in case you see this)

    How long have you been using Sprint in AK? I am in Anchorage and I _loathe_ AT&T. My understanding is that if you use your phone approx. 80% out of network then Sprint may drop you (and this practice isn’t exclusive to them). Seeing as Sprint uses GSM, I presume that your 3G is piggybacking on ACS’s network. Is that the case? If not, then Sprint may be an option worth pursuing for the Galaxy S Pro (I like physical keyboards).

    On topic, it’s nice to see GCI getting some decent phones. Currently GCI (and ACS) have only the Hero which isn’t a bad phone, but given the wealth of Android phone choices and the age of that phone, it’s pretty pathetic. They probably couldn’t handle the thought of being outdone by AT&T in the number of Android phone offerings ;-)

    Off topic, I am hanging in there for the Samsung Captivate (I would really prefer the Galaxy S that Europe got, but this is pretty much the same phone). The Desire does look decent (pretty much a Nexus One / Incredible in a different package with minor differences) but I want that Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy!

  10. @SirWally
    my email is [email protected] shoot me an email and I will give you my number so we can talk… I have been using sprint for about a year up here. I also found out some good info today while I was out and about that might interest you. Hopefully I will be able to help you out.


  11. @DJ Rottweiler – I dropped you an email.

    @JJFNIGHTS80 (and anyone else who wants the Desire on *shudder* AT&T *shudder*)

    You could buy the Desire from GCI (it will be unlocked) and use it on AT&T, or you could buy the Nexus One, which is pretty much the same phone anyway, the trackball being the main exception. It remains to the be seen which screen the Desires that GCI & ACS receive contain: TFT LCD or AMOLED.

  12. nice i live in anchorage, ak. I knew ACS is getting this but also GCI. sounds reasonable since the Hero came out on both ends

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