Radio Shack 1-Ups T-Mobile, Will Offer All Phones Free Regardless of Plan Type


T-Mobile’s bringing a great gift for Dads and Grads (I sound like a Target commercial) this Saturday by offering all of their phones free, but there were still some unpleasant hoops you had to jump through to be eligible. For the most part, you had to open a new line on a family plan or start a new family plan to get the phone, but Radio Shack’s got you covered.


They’ve gone ahead and matched T-Mobile’s offer, and even made it more lucrative. You can get all T-Mobile phones for free from their store, too, but you don’t need to be on a family plan, you don’t need to deal with rebates, and you don’t have to deal with any activation fees.

Their only catch is that the offer stands for up to two lines, so adding a third line will cost you. Regardless, it’s still a great alternative to T-Mobile’s official offering. Radio Shack’s really  been stepping their game up lately after wanting to boost their presence in the electronics retailer game. Following their addition of a nickname and an image makeover, they’ve become a great source for some of the best deals you’ll find (in regards to mobile phones, anyway).

So what Android phone would you pick up from the Shack this weekend?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. evo 4g. XD

  2. mudrock..that is a good idea except the evo 4g is not a T-mobile phone..lol

  3. If they offered the N1, I’d pick up a second one on contract for the extra $10/mo.

  4. Nothing by way of T-Mobile. Until they bring out “Androids for Adults”, they won’t get my business.

  5. @DE
    Nexus One isn’t an “Adult Android?”

  6. the only problem i see is if you go to their web site they dont have that many good phones. for android its pretty much just the cliq xt and samsung behold.

  7. Existing customers???

  8. Nexus One is an adult phone but is not technically a Tmobile phone. You lease your line from them. But you purchase your phone from Google and Google provides your tech support etc (and not Tmo).

    If you select Android Phones on the Tmo site, you see all that they have to offer in the way of Android phones and Nexus One isn’t listed.

    I agree with DE. Tmo’s selection leaves the business-class user in the cold. The closest thing that they had to offer us was the BEHOLD 2 in theory. In reality the phone was a bust on every level. So, that left Tmo without a business class Android. Every other Android is marketed to adolescents…the Slide? Be serious. It is a glorified Sidekick.

    I don’t want a phone that looks like a guitar, so the Fender is out. The MT3G is all that is left and it doesn’t appeal to me aesthetically…It’s just blah. And the Galaxy S??? I will NEVER purchase another Samsung phone following the Behold 2 fiasco.

    I would like a *choice* of Android business-class phones to choose from but maybe that is asking too much. Still, between August and Christmas there is usually a phone frenzy. So, perhaps something lovely will appear to whet my appetite…HTC has a few irons in the fire. And who knows, the N1 may have a sibling by then. Won’t that be delicious?!!!

  9. existing customers who do not have a contract are eligible.

  10. Does this also apply to lines that already exist? We have a line that’s out of its 2-year agreement and I REALLY want a MT3GS…

    If not, is there a way to maybe cancel a line and get another one with the SAME number?

  11. is Nexus one on their list?

  12. @Unk If your line is out of it’s 2 year contract you should be good. You WILL need to sign in to a NEW 2 Year contract tho. I don’t know about Radio Shack but my local T-Mobile store recommended that you show up early as they expect the MT3GS to be the first phone to disappear.

  13. @GeekBrat hmm… would it be possible to snag the MT3GS without having to get the data plan? I’m the only one in my family who uses data, but I got the G1 on day one so my line is ineligible. I really just want to get the phone for free and use it on my current line that already has data but isn’t able to be upgraded. =/

  14. this is somewhat misleading i work for rs and you need to be activating a new line or new contract or family plan and also cant be on flex pay is what the stipulations are

  15. ya this article is a little misleading because i work for rs and the stipulations are you have to be doing a new activation and it cant be on a flex pay account either so no upgrades

  16. I just stopped in to my local radio shack and spoke with the manager. He knows nothing of this special.

  17. @ks2332 wait, so no upgrades on existing lines? Even if you do the new 2-year contract thing? And suppose I want to get a MT3GS… do I have to get the data plan, too?

  18. from what ive read no upgrades and yes any smartphone needs data on it

  19. this is a b.s. offer, i just spoke with Tmo’ you have to start a new line, with a new number – so whats the point?? What i hate about ALL these phone companies, is the “people” who support them, stay with them for years etc etc always get screwed……with the shxxtiest upgrades/pricing.
    So i switch to Sprint, then i can’t use over seas, AT&T i double my bill, Verizon – no sim like Sprint and sucks overseas……..
    Trapped????!!!! any suggestions????

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