Motorola Flipout Heads to Germany on Vodafone and O2 for 349 Euros


Motorola’s bringing one of the latest additions to their Android family – the Motorola Flipout – to Germany. O2 and Vodafone will be the two carriers to provide the unique handset, and you’ll have to throw down 349 Euros if you want one. There’s no word on if any contracts will be offered to get it for free, but we’ll keep mining for details.


[via Motorola (Translated)]

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  1. My wife is still anxiously waiting on the US release. And I’ll be happy that she’s getting away from WiMo. :)

  2. My son has the Nokia Twist and he loves that idea of an Android with the same form. Does anyone know if they are looking at a US release or will this be overseas only?

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