Android 2.1 Takes Up Half of the Pie in Latest Firmware Versions Chart


It’s become a great tradition to get a good look at platform distribution (or, as some would call it, platform fragmentation) charts every now and then, and this week’s pie is perhaps the most interesting we’ve seen to date.


Android 2.1 – as we used to affectionately call “Eclair” – now accounts for exactly half of all Android devices that accessed the market in the past two weeks. We haven’t reached the fragment-less utopia we’d like to be in just yet, but it’s great progress from what we last saw (1.5 was still the most used version).

Android 1.6 and 1.5 split the rest of the pie nearly evenly, too, with the former taking 25% and the latter taking 24.6%. As we expect Motorola to begin pushing Android 2.1 to users on MOTOBLUR enabled devices soon, we’ll equally expect Cupcake to take a quick nosedive into the lower depths of the Android world as time moves on.

[Android Developers]

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  1. Motoblur and the European Hero are holding us back! Hahaha… hopefully the transition to 2.2 will be quicker. Sounds like it will be.

  2. all 1.5 users have galaxy i7500 which will never get updated, thanks samsung, you’re the best

  3. And this is no thanks to T-Mobile. The so called pioneers of Android. Get it together T-Mo. One phone on 2.1 isn’t cutting it.

  4. Don’t forget the people with their sad Behold II’s which should be getting an update to 1.6 soon, lol.

  5. just gimme an eclair with a glass of chocolate milk please.

  6. Its not tmobiles fault its the manufacture fault

  7. I hate to be a jerk, and post this here, but your spam test isn’t working. So, I couldn’t submit this through your contact us area. No image. Tried in firefox, and *gasp* IE.

    I received an OTA update on my Sprint Hero, yesterday. It seems to have made the phone noticeably “snappier”, and fixed some bugs. Just wondering what it was, and if you shall be reporting on it.


  8. I think you get what you pay for. Some manufacturers just don’t support users down the road. Anyone with 1.6 up should be mostly happy as they have access to the new Google Maps features. Writing apps that work on 1.5, 1.6, and 2.1 is pretty easy to do, you don’t have to sacrifice much to make it work. You’ll find few apps that require the latest OS version.

  9. There are not a single 2.2 device out there? Not a single nexus one user with 2.2 has gone on the market in 2 weeks? I find that very hard to believe

  10. @Troy I don’t think Google’s going to add 2.2 to the statistics until it’s officially released.

  11. Still got 1.6 on me MT3G .


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