Google Nexus One Launched in Korea, Gets Froyo Pre-Installed


Well, isn’t that something? Google’s just launched the Nexus One in Korea by way of KT. We’re not surprised at that fact. We’re surprised that it’s preloaded with Android 2.2. It’s interesting because just days ago, A new build of Android 2.2 began appearing on internal Nexus One handsets, suggesting that a final build could be right around the corner.


Obviously, the first question we all have is “How many days until Froyo’s rolled out everywhere?” but let’s not stir the pot up too much. Just know that Froyo – at least going by the happenings in some parts of the world – is just about ready to be served.

[Newswire via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. No, let’s stir the pot. wtf? I know we have unofficial access already, but still…

  2. if froyo rolls out now,i have to wait another six months before getting the froyo on my phone…thanks HTC!

  3. Is it official? It’s not just them pre-installing the pre release Froyo release onto the phones is it?

  4. It has to be official if its coming out on a brand new phone! Maybe they’ll start rolling out this afternoon to US Nexus One’s with the T-Mobile bands.

  5. If your going to bitch about getting the latest build late, buy a nexus.

  6. I cant imagine Google would install the pre-release version. My guess is that this is the live version and they are going to use this as a pre-ota test.

  7. It is the pre-release that everyone has already, or at least almost everyone. Korean phone companies will do anything to phones, unlike the rest of the world, and mainly because the end user wont complain about having the latest and greatest with a few bugs. People everywhere else will find one bug on an un”official” release and focus on that and complain about even after the cows come home. So no worries, sit and chill as the fun will be here next week ;-)

  8. if its the official release this is not good, very disappointing… ahuhuhuhu

  9. I have a nexus1 that hasn’t been rooted and haven’t received any OTA Froyo updates !!!! WTFFFFF

  10. Okay, they’re not going to ship thousands of phones with an pre-release build that has bugs…

    I’m hoping it’s the official build, meaning everyone will get it real soon. ^_^

  11. I thought this story was fake until I noticed that the girls were holding Nexus Ones with Froyo installed on them.

  12. wow, what a slap in the face

  13. These phones are being distributed through a korean company called “KT”

    employees at KT apparently installed the leaked unofficial version of Android 2.2 onto those Nexus One’s and are selling them.

    WHEN the official and FINAL version does finally get released, it’ll be posted here in this google forum

  14. You are correct James, just as I posted up about this in an earlier post. It is Korea, they give the people the latest and greatest, they don’t make people wait just because of a few bugs….

    Everyone be calm and relax Korea did not get it first, we will next week ;-)

  15. Does the “KT” network run on the T-Mobile bands? Or is the company voiding the warranties of everyone’s phone before they are even purchased? (Since you can’t update the “AT&T” model without unlocking the bootloader)

  16. I really wish Google would start selling this phone in T-Mobile stores right now. I already have one but this phone would sell so well if people could try it out first and get it on any plan they want (without jumping through hoops).

  17. @Quasar

    that’s already happening i believe, there were rumors saying it will hit stores June 19th

  18. That will be sweet if it happens. :)

  19. Reason I asked about Official is a company in Australia tried to say they were shipping with FroYo installed, what they were doing in reality is grey importing from HongKong and installing the pre-release FroYo update

  20. It may be worth noting that Google updated several of their own apps yesterday to allow migration to the SD card. Previously I don’t think any of the apps I have installed actually allowed me to do this. That should be a good indication that froyo is dropping very soon (for real this time).

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