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blackboardIf you have been a college student in the past 10 years there is a chance you have some experience with Blackboard, the web service designed to enhance the learning experience via discussion boards, hosted documents, contact forms, and electronic assignment submission. In my experience Blackboard caused more headaches than it resolved, but I sure wish I had this Android app when the only way my TA would accept an assignment was through Blackboard, it was due by the start of class, and I had no access to a computer in the classroom.

Unfortunately it looks like Blackboard Mobile Learn is only currently available for Sprint’s Android handsets so many will miss out on this app and any sort of usefulness that may come from it. You can learn more about Blackboard’s new Android app at their mobile site.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. ugh, blackboard is the devil. keep it on sprint or let it die. do not want.

  2. My university uses BlackBoard, but I’ve left university…so it’s useless to me…

    Even more so that it’s only available in the US..

  3. My university uses blackboard but only for the next couple months. It’s really shit and crashes way too often. We’re switching to desire2learn, so once that gets an app for android, everything will be good to go

  4. god.. I hate blackboard but I still would like to have this app. I wonder if there’s any way for me to get it.

  5. what…………..why???????
    why Sprint only? are they stupid?
    why did they develop this, if they are gonna release it to small number of people.
    Waste of money..

  6. You could try the SD card switch unless they’ve locked it so that it can not be moved to one.

  7. “are they stupid?”

    If it’s from the developers of Blackboard, that’s a definitive “yes”.

  8. By the way, if any college administrators happen to reading this blog: Free yourself from the tyranny of Blackboard:

  9. Blackboard is a joke- The institution I work for Dropped them for Angel. Sadly that was also two days before Blackboard bought them out. Thankfully they are still separate learning management systems. I would enjoy seeing something like this for Angel especially from a Admin side.

  10. F blackboard and this app. I just finished college and hopefully never see blackboard again uhhhh!

  11. Arizona State used blackboard it was a pain at times and convenient at others (then google docs became a big thing during my 3rd year). But this app would’ve helped out a lot, I rarely checked blackboard while I was home or on my laptop and some profs. would post homework assignments to it that I would know about till the day of…I think something about says PUSH ME. To bad I graduated in December.

  12. sorry *something about and app says PUSH ME

  13. Sprint has sponsored the development, so the Blackboard Learn application is available free on their network. The school can opt to pay for a license to Blackboard, in which case it will be available on all networks to access that school’s Blackboard courses.

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