Droid X Launching July 19th?


Between all the leaked pics, internal marketing documents, and a hands-on encounter one of the burning questions remaining was exactly when the Droid X would touch down at local Verizon stores. Now thanks to some information passed along to the folks at Droid-Life it looks like that date will be July 19th, as Verizon stores have been notified to get ready for a full on sales blitz come that day featuring early store opening and new window-front displays.


And while this news has leaked out a bit early, all signs are pointing to Verizon making it official next week. Still no word on the  specific release of the Droid 2 but all signs are pointing towards August. So the question is, which one do you want more?

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. DROID X, Day ONE but I hope it comes out sooner than that PLEASE?

  2. Verizon should be dubbed “The Droid Network” and believe me I ain’t complaining. With the Droid Xtreme and Droid 2 it brings the total count of Verizon android handsets to 7. Out of the 7 available 4 of them are high end handsets. Can’t beat that with a stick.

  3. Verizon ftw! take note of this tmobile! im still deciding. I want more spec info on the droid 2. for all we know its probably more loaded than the X. front facing cam?

  4. Seesion data can’t be written on this page silly gooses. Oh and turn off php errors. You really don’t want the public to view these. :) Hiring a remote admin?

    I would buy this phone, but want to see it first and I can’t yet. I am for another phone since my droid is so slow. It is getting annoying at this point.

  5. @rramsdell: You overclock it yet? Apparently you can run it at 1.2Ghz stable with an undervolted kernal *shrugs*

  6. Oh yeah? Well AT&T has… the Backflip… and ummm… look a three-headed monkey!

  7. No but it is an option that I will probably do. I had to buy a phone fast, for work reasons, but wanted a larger screen, etc.. I do love the droid, however.

  8. Hope this means they’re announcing the Droid 2 next week too. It would be a mistake to market them separately, I think.

    Actually, the two phones are already a bit more differentiated than they should be. It should be, Droid X = larger screen; Droid 2 = keyboard. Other differences like the camera are just going to confuse people.

  9. Galaxy S. I will be passing on both of these phones.

  10. If it really is this Saturday, I think this will be my next phone. Happy Fathers Day to me! I was looking at the Dell Streak, but AT&T is just too big a turn off…

  11. I love this new Droid X phone, everyone is complaining about the size, I got big hands and this size is perfect for me.

  12. i hope it beats the crap outta the iphone 4 cuz im sure not an apple fan boy

  13. Galaxy S has one major flaw , its made by Samsung , Samsung =Crap, I would take either Motorola over that phone !!!

  14. Droid X, hands down.

  15. I can’t wait for this phone, with all these high end specs, it will take at least a month for me to get bored with it.. that’s better than most phones out there (addict)

  16. O it’s going too kill the Evo and iPhone 4. Sooo badd

  17. Loving the Droid X.

    Any Idea if it’s coming to UK any time soon?

    Heres hopin..!

  18. Who care???
    never mind. I only enjoy it.
    I’m wait for iphone 4 for a long time.
    now, have seen the “9 New Features of the iPhone 4”
    more excited. the addition ibook is my favorite.
    I can’t wait to buy it right now even if I have no enough money.
    And more iphone detials in this “iFunia iphone spot” that I would visited everyday. Somethings you want to know, I guess.

  19. I’ll probably refuse my Dinc package, and then look into getting the Droid X as an early birthday present to myself. :}

    Not gonna keep trudging along with my LG Voyager into 2011…I needz me some Android powah!

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