HTC Gearing Up For European Hero 2.1 OTA Soon?


HTC’s just updated their support page for the HTC Hero with a new OTA firmware update. The update – which seems to specifically target YouTube – could be a precursor to an even bigger update soon (June has long been a rumored date for the European Hero).


Thailand’s already got Android 2.1, so it can’t be too far off for everyone else. We’ll see how things shape up as the second half of the month starts ticking away.

[via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i remember when this phone was the best in the market. still looks alot nicer than sprint’s hero

  2. Ive been running custom 2.1 ROM’s for a while now. It will be really nice to get the official one so everything actually works….. Fingers crossed!


  3. Taiwan, not Thailand.

  4. 4.7MB BIG or so. And thought I lost my phone the initial boot up took few more minutes I thought it will :D . Still on 1.5 if I remember correctly was some mentioning of youtube there :)

  5. Ok the system update is no longer in security but in the about phone section. So far what I seen differs. :) And there no new updates :(

  6. am i being naive, hoping for a spectacular jump to 2.2 awesomeness? i guess i am. however, the long wait makes me feel like eating sand cakes from the desert, while dying for some proper dessert.
    dear gods of the OTA update: please let the 2.x meal be served to our beloved handsets any time soon now. we will worship you perennially, or at least till the next google bomb bursts.

  7. Tried changing the date, resetting, and still not getting it. What a joke.

  8. Any idea on how long before I can expect this update to be pushed out? Or am I not going to see it on an orange branded phone?

  9. “the update – which seems to specifically target
    YouTube”: this is not true!
    The HTC support page say that the update target FOTA client AND YouTube player. The FOTA client update comes to prepare the phone to the 2.1 FOTA upgrade…

  10. To Chris, HTC have released at least 3 Orange updates to 1.5 so there is no reason to think we will not get 2.1.

    To everyone else, chill, your phone still does what it did when you got it; 2.1 will just make it better !

  11. Just change the date on ur phone to 10th July. you should get the update!!

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