Droid X Gets all Felt Up in Hands-On Encounter


If you haven’t had your fill of Motorola Droid X leaked images, we now have a couple more courtesy of Gadget University. They got all touchy touchy feely feely with the new Android phone headed to Verizon sometime later this summer and have laid out a bit more info on the latest Droid.


It looks like the 4.3-inch screen will be pretty stunning despite its lack of AMOLED technology. The colors are said to appear better than the original Droid, and that screen is a real beauty. Packed inside the solid build quality is apparently a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor the rumored TI OMAP 3630 processor. The phone features four harware navigation keys in lieu of touch buttons.

On the software side the phone is running Android 2.1 and a new and improved version of MotoBlur. Gadget University calls it “not as bad as what you may think.” Check out a few more picks and head over to the original article to see the rest.

[via Gadget University. thanks Matthew for the heads up!]

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  1. Looks very nice but if the unit ships with a 1GHz Snapdragon as opposed to a 720Mhz OMAP 3630 then this phone is FAIL.

  2. thats pretty slim

  3. Wondering why the phone is so long at a reported just over 5″. That’s quite a chunk, though it sounds nice and thin. Maybe a little extra bezel in the chin area prevents you from inadvertently hitting the four dedicated touch buttons. 4.3″ screen is actually a slightly wider aspect, like the Droid 1. That’s also good/bad: the 854×480 is a perfect 480p ratio for 16:9 videos. Understand that that the overall screen area is probably more comparable to a 4″ screen with 800×480 pixels which the ratio of most other Android phones like the Evo.
    This seems like it will be right up there with the Evo and Galaxy S on my short list. If Verizon gets this before the Galaxy S comes out I may go with it, all else being up to snuff.

  4. why verizon…..!!!!!!

    why not tmobile…..

  5. Fail? How?

  6. @Juan: You’re for sure getting the Galaxy S… so stop whining! :)

  7. I’m still so hung up on that bulge on the back of the device. What is it??

  8. @ Nathan Samsung sucks so nobody will be buying the Galaxy S to stop getting updated at 2.1 Samsung doesnt stand behind their products

  9. whats that bulge on the bottom back ? i like the phone to lay flat on a table, so thats a bummer. is that a kickstand thats sticking out too? i like that. ill have to wait to see it in person because i was once skeptical of the evo, until i saw it in person (whoa). and yea the 1 GHz snapdragon is kindof old news, how long has that been around ? for such a high end phone i thought they would whip out something new.

  10. I thought the X wasnt going to have motoblur or ninja blur? According to engadget’s post yesterday (which was made from info taken from here.) That 2ghz beast dropping this summer, better be vanilla gingerbread or im done…I dont want my next Droid powerhouse to be associated in any way with those awfull AT&T backflip “News Brief” adds

  11. I you think this phone is FAIL because it has a 1GHz Snapdragon you’re an idiot.

  12. @Aaron While the Snapdragon is a nice SoC the T.I. OMAP 34xx and 36xx are better pieces. They have a better GPU and also have a better processor core. The Snapdragon uses a “Scorpion” core which is an in house processor developed by Qualcomm that is similar to Cortex A-8. It also uses an Adreno embedded GPU as opposed to a discrete GPU like the PowerVR SGX 530 in the OMAP 34xx / 36xx. Lastly an 800 Mhz 34xx / 36xx performs on par or better than a 1Ghz Snapdragon. So speed is not the deciding factor. It is very reminiscent of the speed wars between AMD and Intel a few years back. While speed is nice and does help it isn’t the end all be all of processor design.

  13. the youtube widget looks like froyo youtube widget, the fragmentation can be confusing

  14. @Paul T That bulge just means it is happy to see you!

  15. Best pictures of the phone yet but I wonder if this is still old hardware or the newer hardware revision of the phone.

  16. Meh … think I’ll wait around for that 2Ghz processor the Motorola dewd promised.
    1Ghz processors are close to being old hat now.
    And Motoblur is a deal killer. Plain vanilla Android only please.

  17. Why can I not get excited over this phone? I do think it has good specs but I think I just know something better is just around the corner toward the end of the year or beginning of next. Maybe it’s cause I can’t figure out why we are always shown such crappy pictures. These people have the phone and the time to play with it but don’t take the time to take even a halfway decent picture. If you are so much into technology then take the time to figure out how to use a camera.

  18. @garet You have no idea what you are talking about. I am so sick of people bitching about samsung and the stupid behold. The SGS is so far and above the behold its not even compareable. You have no idea what the updates will be like for the SGS so chill out man. This is being touted as a “flagship” device. I am almost positive it will be updated along with all the other high-end android phones.

  19. **i meant done with moto not android.. If I had to pick a skinned UI from a manufacturer then it will be Sense over Moto anything.. The review said “this blur isnt as bad as you think” while reviewers almost always rave about Sense. If im shelling out $600 on an early upgrade, or wasting an upgrade Ive patiently waited a year for, its going to be on a phone that i like and reviewers do too (aka my beloved droid.)

  20. The original site was updated with

    750Mhz TI OMAP3630 processor [Unconfirmed]

    instead of snapdragon

  21. If you don’t like MOTOBLUR then turn it off…. either way you’d still have to wait for updates from VZW/Motorola and even stock 2.1 took a couple months to go to the DROID so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  22. @Zach
    Ive had 2.2 on my Droidfor 4 days already, and BBv.01 running stable ontop of it, and only OC’d to 800mhz. Linpack benchmark running at 14mflops. I swear to god that the second leak of 2.2 and then BBv.01 is more stable than the latest version of droidmod, that I used for months but ran into issues with FC recently and always ran hot & random boots (few times a week)

    With Motoblur Im afraid I wont be able to root with blur…it took months for anything to happen on the backflip (I know AT&T locked it up too but still.)

  23. Is the bootloader locked to signed roms only?

    This is about the only question that matters. If it is locked, no thanks.

  24. I know im REALLY excited about this phone, Im currently shelling out all kinds of money to ATT for NON service and so sick of them AND the iphone, its soo played out and slow, SICK of Cydia “RELOADING DATA” HAH

    coming from a current iPhone owner I can gladly say that the iPhone is a 100% douchebag phone..

    With Verizon i will actually be able to make calls, the biggest plus.

  25. Hardware buttons FTW! I hate the touch sensitive ones on the DROID right now, too easy to hit them by accident..

  26. @ Darkseider: LMAO!! I actually thought about that after I posted, and snickered to myself. Gutter FTW!

  27. Btw just ran a quadrent benchmark on 2.2 bbv.01 ocd at 800mhz on the standard bb v.01 800mhz kernal and scored a 1200 (almost beat the n1 on 2.2 and ocd to 1.2ghz and beat the x above.) Ocd to 1.2 after flashing a 1.2 kernal and bam 1575 which blows the nexus1 running at the same specs…speaks volumes about snapdragon

  28. @steve_jobs_has_hemdroids Which is exactly why I was hoping and now with the OP updated almost kinda sorta confirmed that it will be running a 720 – 750 Mhz OMAP 3630. Doesn’t mean I will be getting it since I love my Droid + OC’ed BB Froyo. Next device that will get my $$$ is going to have to sport a dual core Cortex A-9, whether it be a Tegra2 or an OMAP 4430/4440.

  29. @darksider I didn’t see the update..def more appealing now but I agree I’m holding of for the dual core ti made 2ghz beast

  30. I’m liking the hardware buttons on the front. looks as killer as the Droid and then some. I hope it rocks a better keyboard than the original though:/ the Droid lost a lot of awesomeness in my book because of that keyboard. If you’re going to charge me that much for a high end smartphone it better be at least half usable, and preferably amazing.

  31. Wow! 1st it was the chin, 2nd is the hip now its butt. LOL!

  32. WOW is so slim and beauty.

    I sure will get a GSM version when this release.

  33. That dude needs to learn how to take a decent picture and cut his fingernails. FAIL on both fronts there.

  34. Is that a red hardware button. Gotta admit the phone isnt as ugly as i thought. But where exactly is that front facing camera? I know it has one but i dont see it

  35. Your source link points to an image on this site, not gadget university.

  36. phone looks great!! cant wait to check it out

    on a side note, someone tell that guy to cut his damn nails!!

  37. Nasty hands that dude has. And the ‘X looks like a TV remote in the side shot?

  38. seriously why am i the only one pointing out the red button? am i just seeing things now or what?

    anyway. il probably end up selling my incredible for about 350 and pay the difference

  39. No way this thing has a 4.3″ screen. Going by the photos if it did it would be a huge phone.
    The space between the screen and buttons as well as the space between the buttons and the bottom would make this thing a monster in size.

  40. To all who were asking the bulge is where the camera is housed…I’m not sure if that’s the only reason why it bulges there, but I’m willing to bet that its one of the main reasons.

  41. I finally ordered an Dinc, and it won’t even be here till July 10th or something, so by then and before my 30 days is up with the new phone, I will have a better idea on if I want to stick with the Dinc, or go with one of these new Moto phones. I saw the EVO side by side with the Dinc and the 4.3 screen looks HUGE compared to 3.7….tempting on that alone.

  42. Darkseider,

    These are phones, not desktops or even laptops. Unless an improved nm fabrication process to make them run cooler and last longer, the power of these devices are already approaching diminished returns.

    In non-OC’d terms, the Snap and new OMAP are about equal. The next big update will be 45nm chips. Then people can talk smack.

  43. The guy holding the phone should have his nails cut more frequently.
    maybe it is intentional as it also makes the good looking phone stand out from the surroundings even more..

  44. boom roasted

  45. ummm…… EVVVOOOOOO.

    4G, 2 cameras, much much faster, kickstand, sense UI, did i mention faster?

  46. Another ugly phone from Motorola.
    Why only Apple know how to make beautiful phones???

  47. @steve_jobs_has_hemdroids
    Benchmarks don’t mean anything… I had a Moto Droid clocked to 1.2GHz too before I switched to the Droid Incredible and I can tell you from experience that the Moto doesn’t come close to the smoothness and responsiveness of the STOCK, UNROOTED Incredible. Moto doesn’t know how to optimize Android like HTC; Motoblur is years behind Sense.

  48. “Why only Apple know how to make beautiful phones???” Apple phones (all two designs now) appeal to people who like Apple minimalism. Not everyone does. Eye of the beholder and all that. At least Android phones offer variety in specs, looks, carriers, even manufacturers. Apple tells you what you’re getting and that you must now like it. Admittedly, they’re quite good at the old Jedi mind trick.

  49. Droid X is really better than EVO.

    1.Better build quality
    2.Better phone quality.
    3.Better CPU and GPU.
    4.Beautiful phone body.

    I can’t see that EVO can compete with Droid X.

  50. It seems when DROIDX come out. All HTC sales will be down

  51. I just got back from my local Verizon store after getting the sales rep to let me play with their soon-to-be demonstration model, she asked the manager if she could get it out from the back room. I have to say that it felt very nice in my hand and appeared to be of good quality and balanced. I felt the Incredible was more like a toy in comparsion. I also got slide it in to my shirt and pants pocket, as it wasn’t tethered yet, and I didn’t feel that it was as big as everyone is making it out to be. I think that a lot of people are going to get so used to the feel and screen size that every thing else will be too small. I was also interested in how white the web sites appeared compared to the original Moto Droid and the Incredible. Damn eyesight anyways! The X appears to be right in the middle, the original Droid is very white, and the Incredible is noticeably gray. Something to ponder. Lastly,I could not say that the X felt more responsive than the Incredible, at times it didn’t feel as smooth. Froyo 2.2 hopefully will give it a boost next month. Hope this helps answer some questions. I plan to have my own in my hands by the start of launch day.

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