Jun 11th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 5:10 pm

Just as suspected, the newest Droids from the Motorola camp headed to Verizon will be launching a bit later in the summer. Just when, you ask? According to BGR, the Motorola Droid X will be landing sometime in July with Android 2.1 and “shadow BLUR,” which we will assume is the same thing as “NinjaBlur” and the new version of MotoBlur spied in recent leaked photos.


The Droid 2 will tail the Droid X, arriving in stores in August. Just enough time for Moto to apparently get a nice port of Android 2.2 up and running on the next-gen Droid. You heard that right. Might that equate to an update for the Droid X soon to follow launch? And how about the original Droid? There is no confirmation as to whether any version of MotoBlur will show up, but the Droid 2 should be sporting the same TI OMPA 3630 processor as the Droid X.

[via BGR]

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