Droid X Launching in July, Droid 2 Following in August


Just as suspected, the newest Droids from the Motorola camp headed to Verizon will be launching a bit later in the summer. Just when, you ask? According to BGR, the Motorola Droid X will be landing sometime in July with Android 2.1 and “shadow BLUR,” which we will assume is the same thing as “NinjaBlur” and the new version of MotoBlur spied in recent leaked photos.


The Droid 2 will tail the Droid X, arriving in stores in August. Just enough time for Moto to apparently get a nice port of Android 2.2 up and running on the next-gen Droid. You heard that right. Might that equate to an update for the Droid X soon to follow launch? And how about the original Droid? There is no confirmation as to whether any version of MotoBlur will show up, but the Droid 2 should be sporting the same TI OMPA 3630 processor as the Droid X.

[via BGR]

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  1. The phone looks redic! I wish they would hurry up and make an announcement on when the official release is. A July 4th release would be great.

    I’m not really a pre-order type of person but if they are taking pre-orders, I will probably make an exception this time.

    By the way, I’m glad i found this site. I keep checking for updates and there is always something here! kudos!

  2. July works for me, I just hope it’s around the 4th like it’s been rumored with pre orders starting on Father’s Day.

  3. The new keyboard of the droid looks really awesome. I hope it comes to Europe just like the old droid did.

  4. I played with the Droid X today, and the Verizon rep told me it was called the Droid extreme, and he will be bringing me a demo for me to try in a couple weeks which means the phone will probably be released then. Screen is great, phone is slim except on one end almost shaped like a quarter pipe in the back. He said it’s that way so that you can throw an extended battery onto it. It was a bit thinner width wise than the EVO. I liked it except for the thick part in the back top. Definitely would be my pick for the verizon line up.

  5. Man, I wanted the Droid 2 by my birthday in mid-July. But I wonder if the later release will give them time to at least match the specs of the Droid X. I’d be thrilled with the specs shown in the last thread plus HD video recording and an HDMI out. Assuming the new blur doesn’t suck, which is a big assumption.

  6. They should launch the Droid 2 until November to get the original Droid a 1 year shelf life! IMHO

  7. Should not, is what I meant to say….. No Comment Edit here! :-(

  8. What does the processor on the Droid x equate to ? How is that compared to the 1gz snapdragon like in my Incredible ?

  9. @ steve It depends on who you ask. Clock speed isn’t everything. Short answer is that a 700mhz TI OMAP processor may actually give you better speeds than a 1ghz Qualcomm snapdragon. I *think* the rough equivalency of the snapdragon is ~700-750mhz. So a 700mhz TI OMAP processor should give similar performance. Some will say better. Some will say worse.

  10. I just hope it’s not a joke of a launch like with the Incredible and that everyone who wants one can get one.

  11. thanks RAPPSTAR !! I cant wait for this phone !!!! I am ready for something that isnt made by HTC and this phone looks awesome !!! Cant wait to see more about it and I will be there launch day cash in hand !!! If it is what it seems to be !!

  12. Yeah they really messed up the launch of the Incredible thats for sure , I was lucky enough to get mine 3 days after launch at my local Best Buy , last one in stock , Love the phone , HATE the battery performance and I refuse to buy any aftermarket battery, this droid X really looks good , and if its anything like the original droid ( my wifes phone ) it should do well with the battery performance , my wife gets twice the battery life than I do on my Incredibe !!

  13. Hope This phone stays at the 199 price…I also hope it makes the Droiddd sound when you get a Tex….hard to live with out that sound having the first Droid.

  14. That sound can be downloaded from the android market , little app called mabio ringtones, just do a Droid search and download for free

  15. Sorry its Mabilo not Mabio

  16. Well what about us early Droid adopters? We get to wait a year to see the next stuff? D:

  17. no you can have the phone too, just add a line and steal that persons, giving them your old droid (like im doing) or pay retail!

  18. guys before u buy this phone check out the incredible, its a way better phone

  19. What about the Superduper Motorola phone, with 2 GHZ!

  20. Um… just get the incredible… no?

  21. If only it didn’t have some sort of MotoBlur on it…

  22. My wife and I have the original Droid phone. We have had it for 3 weeks now. After 10 days the green light, ringtone and email icon stopped when we get incoming email on aol. G mail and text messages we continue to get notification. The only apps we installed was taskiller advanced. We have uninstalled aol and reinstalled it. We have rebooted the phone also. Nothing seems to work to get the notification back. It seems to work, that is the notification, only once in a while. Verizon and Motorola have not been of help. Anyone have an suggestions on how we can get the icon, green light, and ringtone back for incoming aol email.

  23. I was hoping for a PowerVR SG 540 dedicated GPU (like in the Samsung Galaxy S)

  24. I meant to say SGX.

  25. Ok so what is so better about these phones over a Droid Incredible? I feel like these new phones arent better than anything that is out now. Just an observation, but both these phones do look nice. I think I will still trade my Droid for a Dinc.

  26. pretty much bigger screen, supposed front facing camera on the droid extreme, motorola(some people like that over HTC)

  27. I’m definitely upgrading to the Droid 2 when it comes out. It’s about time Verizon releases another phone with a physical keyboard. I’ve never had a complaint about my Droid keyboard and I don’t have the mythical “raised” keys some people seem to have discovered in later releases. I’ve had my Droid since release day and still love it. But it’s time for a speedier processor.

  28. Should I but the HTC Droid incredible or wait to get the Droid X or the Droid 2?

  29. @dave, or time to root, overclock to 1.5 ghz and install froyo with the Jit compiler. The Droid IS THE FASTEST PHONE AVAILABLE IF YOU ARE ROOTED! Just check the linpack scores if you dont believe me.

  30. I wonder why Motorola has put anything on Sprint’s network in years.

  31. @Timmy
    I’d wait for the Droid X. I have an upgrade to burn, and I’ve decided to wait for this phone.

  32. @Alex
    I feel like HTC phones have crappy build compared to Moto.

    It’s like Ford vs. Chevy :)

  33. damm i updated to moto droid1 in christmas
    i should of waited for the x damm i fuged up
    shit lookes sexy

  34. @Lenny:

    You shouldnt need any kind of task riller on android, esp if you dont have many other apps. It can kill background services like the ones needed to give you proper notifications…

    Also the light only come on when the screen is off, this is normal. The notification bar will show new messages when the screen is on.

  35. I just got the moto droid, but im still in my 30 days so i can return it, which i plan on doing now that i found out about the x and the 2. Does anyone know is the droid x has a keyboard? and i looked at the info about the droid one and 2 and it doesnt seem all that different except about a couple things

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