Jun 1st, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:20 pm

A Verizon insider over at HowardForums has been revealing some very interesting information regarding the upcoming Motorola Shadow. First off, as our sources have told us and as I asserted in my previous discussion of the Shadow’s benchmark results, the phone is at least currently being tested with Android 2.1 (if you go back to the benchmark results, you’ll see that this is pretty impressive considering it beats out the Samsung Galaxy S). Whether it comes to market with Froyo is a different story entirely.

When asked about the high scoring benchmarks of the Shadow and which version of the OS it was running, user bill23 responded, “Its not on froyo.” Perhaps the more interesting reveal he gives is concerning how Motoblur is implemented on the Shadow:

I move silent like a “Ninja” and strike in a” Blur” of speed.
Ninja Blur is Blur running without the user knowing. For those who don’t like Blur.

That is some good news for those who would rather not deal with the Motoblur interface, but why exactly you’d still want running in the background is beyond me. Can’t we just get this one without Blur altogether, please?


Oh, and in case you have a battery fetish, this is most likely the power cell that will be inside the Shadow. 1500 mAh. Couple that with a power-saving 45nm chip and you might just get some decent battery life out of this big boy.

[via HowardForums, AlienBabelTech]

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