O2 UK Caps Data For iPhone 4 Users


In what looks to be a series of VERY unfortunate events, O2 UK‘s going to impose a data cap on users of the iPhone 4. You can get up to 1GB of data for (on the more expensive tariffs) and you’d be able to purchase additional data after you reach that cap.


500MB will cost you 5 pounds if you need to squeeze a bit more out of your smartphone on the month, and 10 pounds if you need to double your capacity (adding an extra 1GB). All of the wording seems to point to iPhone only for now, but some of you Android users should be careful: I have a feeling that they won’t have much mercy on your usage, either.

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. My “unlimited” data plan with Virgin has a 1Gb “fair useage” clause and I think that’s one of the more generous ones as I believe 3’s is 500Mb!

    I’m using a HTC Desire and have the 3G Watchdog app installed to keep an eye on my useage. It’s not a major PITA as I use wifi at home and will be using the wifi connection at the various offices I work at what have a access point to cut down on 3G data use so will only need to use it when I’m away from a wifi hotspot. Even the google sat nav isn’t hosing the data that much :-)

  2. Cheaper than AT&T

  3. how is this android news again?

  4. @Brad read the last sentence.

  5. O2 used to be a good company but now they are turning into a terrible one.

  6. What now!? Am I on phanapple page?

  7. I am on the 3 network in the UK and we have to pay £5 for an additional 1GB, not great but better than O2 and their rip off price.

  8. I Hate O2 :/ They Say ‘Unlimited This And Unlimited That But When You Run Out Of The ‘Unlimited’ It Costs Alot Of Money! My Friend Is On 02 And When His ‘Free’ Minutes Are Over From When He Tops up Its 50p Per Freaking Text :/

  9. UK network limits that I know about

    3Gb T-mobile (android only)
    1Gb Vodafone, O2, Virgin
    500 Mb three

  10. @ ian

    Am also on 3 Network. The website says its 2GB for £5.But i thought it was 1GB too or am i mistaken?

  11. When getting my phone I talked to Vodaphone, Orange and 3 and was told that there unlimited usage was actually 500mb. So not really unlimited but was told that I was unlikely to ever exceed it. So far I have not even got close to the limit as I make sure to switch to wifi when I get home.

    I am interested to know if anyone has managed to use more than 500mb in a month?

  12. I regularly use more than 1GB a month. Thank God I’m on T-Mobile! (Though all the plans suck. All the networks really need to improve)

  13. @Brad, I think it is good that this site and others update on other Operating Systems and their ilk… Remember: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. You have to keep your eye on the competition.

  14. This piece is all about iPhone. Google makes its money from internet ads (the more you use the internet, the more $ Google makes) and shares revenue with carriers so it has very different economics

  15. hahaha, my unlimited plan has unlimited GB per whatever-time-unit… Who wants to be careful about traffic amount? How come you suckers accept that 1980-style subscriptions. See and learn from Sweden, unlimited does work and brings revenue to the phone companies

  16. Interesting. My T-mobile contract has 3GB internet 12month contract £35 p/m 300min 200text on the G2 Touch (HTC Hero) Strange that T-mobile can give such a lot while O2, for such a big company, gives so little on an Iphone plan!!!!!

  17. 02 used to say that they were unlimited, but actually i have been getting unlimited and this has been capped to a fair usage policy of 500mb. I dont see why people are worrying, I cant seem to use anywhere near 500mb no matter how hard i try! i used 100mb one month, downloading a few songs and watching videos but its not like you will use it up.

  18. With the iPhone, you could easily use 500mb in a few days. Data is getting cheaper, they should offer unlimited(at a reasonable price)

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