Motorola To Bring the Superphone of All Superphones This Year?


Yesterday, Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha told us to expect four Android handsets which include front-facing cameras by the end of this year. Today, we learn that at least one of those handsets will be packing a 2Ghz processor (over-compensation is a myth, by the way).

There were no details on which architecture would be used or if this would be a dual-core device, but KnowYourCell tells us we should at least be expecting a device with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 graphics chipset running alongside it. One interesting note that spilled out of yesterday’s bean-spilling convention was that Motorola would plan to put other goodies into the device that are technologically capable of being put into a cell phone (according to one of Conceivably’s sources, anyway).


HD video recording, playback via HDMI, an HD resolution screen, a gyroscope accelerometer that Apple’s now made so popular, a still camera capable of taking photos more than 5-megapixels, and more would make up the device. Coupled with the aforementioned processing power, I’d be convinced that Motorola’s building a device worthy of sending man to another galaxy (no disrespect intended).

If all of this turns out to be true, Motorola’s bringing the smackdown to the Android universe sometime this year with a plethora of devices, and I’m betting at least a few of them will be almost as good as the one described here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I had only pray!

  2. Wow, what a push by Motorola. This thing is going to fly.

    I’m so excited to find out more about these high-end Android handsets that are due to be released this year

  3. architect -> architecture

    CPUs aren’t people.

  4. OMG.

  5. @ALok: Racist! ;)

    I’ll take these rumors as a grain of salt. It would be nice to see a phone rape the iPhone hardware this year…

    I think AT&T is just really trying to drive me away. If it wasn’t for the Nexus One(and the dirt cheap family plan), I’d leave due to lack of Android phones.

  6. Unless it is coming to T-mobile I don’t really care.

  7. It will definitely be tegra. There’s a Mototola guy working on the Tegra branch of Android on Android’s git source server.

  8. Man, it is hard to commit to a specific Android phone. Hope one of the better ones is plan old vanilla android. At least then they wouldn’t have to worry about catching up software wise before they even release the devices.

  9. Wait, anything technically possible?

    Is LTE compatibility technically possible? ;)

    That would make the Evo 4G looks like a freaking joke.

    I can dream, can’t I? I’d still wait for LTE to grow it’s legs out a little more before diving in of course, but that would be awesome.

  10. edit: goes without saying such a phone would also make the iPhone 4G look like a silly little toy.

  11. I hope it has MotoBlur! :p

  12. This year? So the HTC EVO will be out dated in about 6 months……

  13. Well, iphone 4 is already outdated and it’s not out yet :)

  14. Htc scorpion who? Iphone 4 who? Htc evo who?

    Yes this phone will be a droid branded phone and you better believe its coming to verizon!

  15. Wow, with specs like this, T-Mobile should be rolling it out in the fourth quarter of 2012.

  16. The evolution of these phones are amazing. I knew this would happen after getting the Incredible, but I did it anyway….

  17. geez christ, this just put a big slap down on iphone 4g.

  18. “”other goodies into the device that are technologically capable of being put into a cell phone.””

    Projector phone please !!

  19. @ Scott…that’s exactly right! It’s the Evolution of Android! Android will take over the world :)

  20. @Anthony
    By that time, the people will only have a couple months with it before we all die! XD
    But if its Android, it would most likely be going to Verizon. :(
    I really hope it would a plain Vanilla so they can get updates faster than custom UIs.

  21. They can’t roll it out then, it conflicts with the scheduled end of the world.

  22. Well please dont hold your breath while you wait for this mysterious beast to come out. Might be alot of dead people in this place.

  23. WOW, I might be losing my HTC Desire love if the specs of the MOTO are to be believed.
    Android > iphoney

  24. MOTO has a history of game changing…………..




    right now i’m using a cliqXT because it works in my lousy coverage area home.

    i got 2 full upgrades from t-mo i’m sitting on and i can wait ’til another game changer comes along.

  25. I think that anyone building a competitor should look at the iPhone and what it does *wrong* in order to make a more superior device, rather than just a comparable one.

    The iPhone 4’s got a bigger battery, but are otherwise not really doing anything innovative. What about all that Electro-hoozi-whatzi that the Palm Pre could do? Where it could charge wirelessly?

    Focus on that, Motorola/HTC/Gnomes and I guarantee you’ll see your just rewards.

  26. Motorola is @ it again. We have/had the Milestone XT720, Droid Shadow (Xtreme) and the Droid 2. We get it! Now LG is thating they will also release 20 phones before the end of the year….Can you say OVERKILL! Im one of the biggest Android fans on the planet but dam….make us wait a lil bit please. No one wants to spend $200-400 Dollars every 3-6 months. What are we looking @ in 2011…..120 new Android devices?!?!?! Ive been T-Mobile since Day1 adn thats where I will remain so I will get the Galaxy S and whatever HTC is brewing up for “Project Emerald”!!


  27. If they sell these like nexus one with different 3g bands, or pentaband, I will be orgasmic and find a way to buy one of these in Canada.

  28. @Scott

    I hear ya. After months of waiting, I got the Incredible as well. Best phone I’ve ever had and I find cool new things every day but I have a feeling in less than a year I’m going to be shelling out big bucks and upgrading. Between the moto droid 2, Verizon iPhone (~1 year I’m guessing), and whatever else comes out, it’s not going to be an easy decision.

  29. This makes me glad that my upgrade comes tomorrow. Otherwise I would have jumped the gun way early and I’d have a Moto Droid right now.Not that it isn’t a solid phone, but it’s been outpaced pretty quickly. That’s the way things go I suppose though.

  30. Here’s to hoping that one of these probable moto beasts has an OMAP 4 and is going to verizon.

  31. Hopefully they have made huge advances in Battery technology. I mean I want a 2ghz processor and all but It better last more then 2 hours on a charge. Either that or come with some solar powered chargers and extra batteries.

  32. 2Ghz?! I drool, I need, I lust, I want… I’d also like to not drain the battery just booting it up.
    Maybe it’ll have some Citizen EcoDrive-eque help and some Seiko Kinetic-esque tech thrown in just to keep it hummimg. Probably not, but it sounds like it’s gonna need some serious juice to keep running.
    I’ll still get it as long as it’ll be compatible with VZW’s LTE when it gets rolled out.
    (On a side note, I wouldn’t expect to see a VZW iPhone until the same said LTE roll out…)

  33. Got an idea that verizion will get this phone…and they’ll charge up the ass for it. And hopefully motoblur isnt running on this phone…cuz for a lot of people that will be a deal breaker. I personally cannot stand motoblur.

  34. @akmdpc
    can we stop talking about a verizon iphone it is not going to happen at&t has confirmed they have a contract with apple until 2012, and besides, why would you want an iphone on Verizon when you have the incredible and the upcoming shadow or whatever it will be called

  35. Wow, I’m sure glad the plan I’m on doesn’t require me to buy each new Android phone when it comes out. That could get EXPENSIVE now! Fortunaly, my phone actually continues to function pretty much the same even when these more powerful phones come out.

  36. This could be good timing to replace my Droid. Woo hoo!

  37. 2 ghz sounds very impressive. But is it really necessary? The previous complaints about Android were that the UI seemed slow, but that was on really old hardware. Android does seem plenty fast on the 1 ghz Snapdragon and also pretty quick on the OMAP3. OMAP4 would be a good guess at the cpu, but will it be a 45 nm chip or smaller? At 2 ghz I think even with a 45 nm chip battery life would suffer. But it’s about time we saw something with Tegra in it! I’ve been waiting what 2 years now for something with Tegra in it?

  38. WTF! 2ghz processor! our phones are really turning into computers with phones. Which is a good thing ^^

  39. It is most likely not a single 2GHz core. but probably the OMAP4 with dual 1GHZ cores.

    Even at 32nm process, a 2GHZ core would cause significant power drain (leakage current mostly).

    Since Mobile OS’s are trending towards “multi-tasking”, it makes sense to bring out the multi core processors now.

    TI said its OMAP 4 series will be available late 2010 with dual 1+ghz cores. so my guess is dual 1ghz cores rather than a single 2ghz core.

    the OMAP 44xx series is suppose to be able to record and play back 1080p video. very impressive. (many netbooks/laptops can’t even do that).

    question for me is, use my upgrade next month on a Droid Shadow/Xtreme/2 or wait for the super phone at the end of the year.

  40. Tmobile! come on tmobile don’t let verizon get another bad ass mofo!

  41. OMG, All i have to say is………… WTF!!!

  42. Can has 2Ghz!

  43. A very powerful phone with a large (but not too large) screen and a keyboard should be able to replace laptops. But we’re also going to need much better apps, just like those for the PC.

  44. Ah, good. I was hoping/expecting a new phone to come out with a better processor this year…and hearing this news just got me prepared for getting a new phone :P. Can’t wait =D

  45. Well, that pretty much rules T-Mobile out in getting it.

  46. Will Sprint Finally Get A Motorola Android Phone??? Only if can outdo the EVO

  47. Motorola’s 600Mhz CPUs were real letdown that made me hold back in getting a Milestone (Droid in the US). Their new products’ CPU speed also pales in comparison with their competitors.

    Just when I thought Motorola was just slowly and painstakingly crawling out of it’s grave, I read this. Looks like Motorola will be coming back with a vengeance.

  48. Just submitted my review in of Opera Mini 5 beta for the competition.
    Author: whinelikeaturbine
    Title: The speed of this browser will ultimately triumph! Check it out and please THUMBS UP ya’ll!: )

  49. @MotoRoy CPU clockspeed isn’t everything*, especially in mobile devices. Architecture is just as, if not more, important than clock speed.
    *(It does help, however)

  50. ARM has a cortex A9 core capable of up to Quadcore processing on mobile devices. They claim up to 2Ghz processing based on testing. Intel atom based Z6 Mobile chips are already in production. There is already a phone that includes one and I can’t imagine more are too far off. Someone said speed isn’t everything try comparing X86 architecture to ARM11 architecture. With properly designed chipsets I could see a phone with one of those doing sick stuff. Considering 8MP cameras are common on phones now and HD video capture also common on phones now I don’t see either of those as being a stretch. Apple isn’t the only ones with Gyroscope accelerometers now specs on a few phones either coming soon or on the way have them. Playback via HDMI is on the EVO and the DROID X already. A 1280 X 720 screen on a phone can’t be too far off if the iPhone has a 960 x 640 resolution on a 3.5″ screen. I would expect to see more of those this year probably being the new standard from this point on but if we are there it isn’t much of a stretch to say we will be 1280 X 720 by the end of the year.

    What exactly is far-fetched about his claims? Several multicore capable processing cores are popping up for mobile devices and some with a single core potential of 2Ghz, screens are not far off from HD already all you have to do is upstage the iPhone which considering the iPhone is basically inline with current smartphone standards 3 to 6 months tops. Cameras have exceeded those standards already on smartphones. No fear. Just hope they end up on Verizon and at least one of these monsters supports LTE.

  51. What’s the battery life going to be like? 20 mins?

  52. Lol, I’m good with my Droid. And I can over clock it past 1ghz If the competition gets rough. But as of now, I don’t need more than 650mhz… Who DOES?

  53. The evolution of these phones are amazing. I knew this would happen after getting the Incredible, but I did it anyway. There is already a phone that includes one and I can’t imagine more are too far off.

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