Motorola Milestone XT720 Gets Spec Boost to 720Mhz CPU and 512MB RAM


We have to admit that when the Motorola Milestone XT720 was made official with a mere 550Mhz squeaked out of its OMAP 3440 processor and 256MB of RAM it made us scratch our heads and wonder how such a multimedia-centric phone (with HD video recording) could have such mid-range specs. It now seems that Motorola has agreed, deciding to up the clock speed of the XT720’s processor to 720Mhz (a speed it is well capable of at perhaps the cost of some battery life) and beefed up the RAM to 512MB. Now we’re talking. This will bring the XT720 much more up to speed with other phones coming to market boasting 720p video recording.


The Milestone XT720 featuring 720Mhz of CPU and 720p video recording (noticing a theme?) hits Europe later this month, and could very well be headed to T-Mobile’s bands in the US at an undisclosed date.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Love it. Although internal memory is the best seller as to which galaxy s will b sporting some gb’s in instead of mb’s

  2. I’m really getting tempted to get this phone when it hits eBay.

  3. damn this phone is so ugly

  4. now all it needs is 720 RAM/ROM

  5. excelent now i gave it a chance, probably my real next phone

  6. Nice now come on over to T-mobile, for once a MOTO that will compete with an up coming Moto on Verizon. (droid2)

  7. Just submitted my review in of Opera Mini 5 beta for the competition.
    Author: whinelikeaturbine
    Title: The speed of this browser will ultimately triumph!Check it out and please THUMBS UP ya’ll!: )

  8. The G1 is still a very fine Android phone. Yet, those of us with one know what we want in an upgrade. This Milestone by Motorola just may meet our requirements and lure us in for the replacement. Bring it on to TMo USA! We’re waiting! Just hope Magenta will continue to upgrade the network to accomodate us, especially at least giving us Edge in the more rural areas.

  9. I moved from a G1 to a Milestone and regretted it.
    the G1 has the better keyboard, physical buttons, and with Cyanogenes 1.6 ROM it is just as responsive in GUI terms.

    The physical buttons (and wakeup with double tapping the MENU key) are a key feature of the G1 that the Milestone lacks. The power button on the latter is sooo awkward.

  10. You know, Cincinnati Bell has T-Mobile’s 3G bands as well…

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