Motorola Milestone XT720 Gets T-Mobile Bands



Just as it was rumored a while back, the Motorola Milestone XT720 looks like it could be headed to T-Mobile when it lands in the States. With its 1700/2100 Mhz HSDPA bands it could very well be sitting alongside the likes of the myTouch 3G Slide and the rumored-release of the Samsung Galaxy S sometime in the near future, enjoying the “4G-like speeds” of TMo’s HSPA+ network. If all of these release pan out, it looks like the first carrier to receive an Android phone will continue to have a strong lineup going forward.

[via GSM Arena]

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  1. Be nice if it came to AT&T, but at least TMO will be getting a good android phone.

  2. T-Mobile should have had this available for a half a year now right when the rumors about it first came out but they are asleep at the wheel as usual.
    This and the Galaxy S would finally give their customers some real choices for a change though.

  3. what are the specs….?

  4. I left tmobile after five years because of that very reason. Seriously MyTouch Slide is their high end phone!!? WTF-I was holding out for the Samsung Galaxy S it will be a sweet device, IF Tmo gets it. I ended up dropping them and getting an HTC EVO-Holy S&%^ I am happy I did. It was a kick in the pants going from 1st gen MT3G to the EVO it’s freakin’ sick. I was worried about Sprint service but have no complaints so far. The EVO is beautiful and blazing FAST! I have no idea what Tmo is doing but I wasn’t going to wait forever simply to upgrade to another mid-range mytouch. Galaxy S would be cool but I don’t and wont regret the EVO move. Tmo disappointed and I think they are going to remain asleep at the helm until the new CEO takes over.

  5. @juan It’s a keyboardless orignal Droid pretty much but with a better camera and HDMI out. Same processor and most likely same RAM/ROM specs.

  6. Oh boy the Cliq XT with a mere half inch bigger screen aaaaaaand some more megapixels and HDMI. Yesterdays RAM and processor. Tmo try again and aim a little higher next time. With a Keyboard(better than DROID’s) I may have gave up and settled with this.

  7. I heard they were uping the specs from the original release for future launches…. could have been just a rumor though.

  8. @gorge thanks….

  9. To all those above about specs. this version is said to be the upgraded motoroi with better processor screen and ram, apparently tmo passed on the 1st rendition.
    specs for europe version:

    3.7-inch TFT screen
    512MB Flash Memory, 8GB microSD card
    Android 2.1 (no MOTOBLUR)
    8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash
    10x Digital Zoom
    720p capable with mini-HDMI
    Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS.

  10. @ juan

    512 ram
    512 rom
    720 mhz TI OMAP 3440 arm cortex 8

    better check

  11. @pimpstrong You sir are very very wrong comparing Cliq to Milestone like this. Milestone runs on a 550MHz Cortex A8 based current generation processor suplemented by currently highest performing GPU. The performance of Milestone is, forgive me for the pun, miles ahead of the pretty much obsolete ARM11 528MHz processor that’s in the Cliq. At the same exact clock speeds, the processor in the Milestone has about 40% performance improvement over the ARM11 in the Cliq. Take the Cliq to the Verizon store and try to use it next to the original Droid (same processor as the one in Milestone) and you will experience what I’m talking about. Have no doubt, Milestone is underclocked but its current generation processor is no slouch when it comes to performance. In fact, due to the built in excellent GPU, it consistently outperforms 1GHz Snapdragon based devices in 3D graphics tests. How do you think it would be capable of 720p video recording and playback through HDMI. Nothing to sneeze at here.

  12. fair enough George. With a lil salt, my words don’t taste too bad.

  13. A MILESTONE WITHOUT THE CRAPPY KEYBOARD, WITH 8MP CAMERA/720p VIDEORECORDING & XENON FLASH?! HOLY HELL! SAMSUNG, CHECK MATE! If AT&T got this, I would be all over it. Sell my Liquid (which I like alot but Droid/Milestone is a superphone imo. That OMAP is OMG) and hop on a contract. I really wanted to buy the Canadian Milestone but the $200 price difference was too much.

  14. IF this comes out on or before June 19th (the day where all T-Mobile phones are free). I am dumping AT&T and going to T-Mobile.

  15. Whatev…. This was supposed to be in T-Mobile stores mid-March. Still not there, and I doubt it’ll ever get there.

  16. On second thought, I can live with Snapdragon (let the great Liquid development community continue on FroYo) and wait til Gingerbread to upgrade my phone.

  17. So qualcomm announces the imminent release of 1.2 and 1.5 ghz processors and shortly after T-Mobile decides its time to carry the galaxy s and this. 2 steps behind as always tmobile, you’re lucky your plans are cheap, your coverage and decision making blows hippo

  18. I swear this has a 768mhz omap processor. or 600smth but not 550mhz I read it somewhere.

  19. @ Brian, dude you’ve been w/ Sprint for 6 days now, give it a couple more they won’t disappoint . By far it’s the worst service at least in NYC. This would be a great addition to Tmo US, and I would be all over it. But just a reminder WIND has the same bands up north from us here in the states.

  20. @jo You are right. Apparently the specs on this were bumped up somewhat since it was originally announced. It actually does have a Cortex A8 based TI OMAP3440 clocked at 720MHz and the RAM was also bumped up to 512MB from the originally reported 256MB. Original Droid has TI OMAP3430 clocked at 550MHz. This is looking better and better. Here’s a link to the detailed specs:
    Engadget has a decent review although they complain about some design niggles.

  21. Don’t forget also the FM Radio Receiver and Image Stabilization.

  22. No Blur could make this a potential winner. Between this, the-faster-than-the-mghz-indicate Mytouch Slide, and the Galaxy S, T-Mo’s Android lineup is starting to fill out nicely.

  23. All the metal hardware around the perimeter is a great antenna which will work great at holding 3G frequency without loosing strength. This is a well thought out device. Give me one or maybe two. Maybe the Galaxy S, Thank You T-Mobile, soon to be the fastest network around. It is in my area. (Boston)

  24. This phone needs to come to Verizon ASAP!!!!

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