Droid X by Motorola


Maybe the Droid Xtreme name was just a bit too…extreme, but it looks like the smartphone formerly known as the Motorola Shadow will be launching as the Droid X by Motorola. That’s the latest we are hearing from a very reliable source (the same the provided us with oh so much Droid Incredible info).


Let’s run down some of the more interesting things we know about Moto’s next killer handset:

  • Rumored OMAP 3630 with PowerVR SGX530 GPU (and it runs pretty fast)
  • 4.3-inch, 854×480 display
  • 8MP camera with dual-LED flash
  • 720p HD video recording
  • HDMI-out
  • Front-facing camera
  • Android 2.1

So there you have it, the Droid X, and we are sure to be learning a whole lot more about this one in the coming weeks. For now I’ll just say you’ll want to be checking back here very soon for a special little treat involving the phone with many names.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. This is what I want.

  2. Me too, No more HTC, An Evo KILLER !!!

  3. does the screen slide up like the devour?

  4. Special little treat!?!

  5. @phoenix, no it does not.
    @Kevin Krause, are you suggesting that Anonimac is at it again?! That’s where the majority of the Incredible leaks came from if I’m not mistaken. (Especially close to launch).

  6. looks like a slider to me.

  7. *********This phone IS NOT a slider********

  8. @southtex, it is not a slider

  9. what a stupid name, couldnt they have thought of something more original, what was wrong with the name shadow it sounded fine

  10. now we talking annual upgrade in 5 weeks just in time

  11. if u wanna see a real nice closeup of the phone go to http://zandog.deviantart.com/#/d2qiuix u can see the front facing camera and videoconferencing widget also icant wait
    my wife stuck wirh her droid i ll just laugh lol

  12. I think that this is going to be a good phone however HTC will eventually give Verizon a Evo like phone all in good times kids all in good time… P.S. I think that HTC dominates Motorola!

  13. Side note this phone does look like a slider even though it is not!

  14. @craig always preferred motorola build quality ever since my nextel days and the droid is very solid also

  15. An evo killer? Uh, I don’t see a forward camera, kickstand, or 4g. I don’t see a release and I certainly don’t see root. I do see data caps and a higher monthly cost though.

  16. NOT SLIDER!!!!

    WOW this phone will really be the most amazing beast at the lauch MOMENT

  17. Does it have an OMLED screen???? Then it will be good. Even better when they update to Android 2.2

  18. Very cool, but Im hoping the Droid 2 or whatever they end up calling it has similar specs and a keyboard

  19. Anyone have any idea when the phone will be released? Do you think they will take pre-orders? I would love to see a fathers day release!!!!!!

  20. Motorola FTW. I’ll probably be getting this one. Looking good so far…

  21. These two new droids are bringing me down! They both have motoblur and both of them are ugly looking devices. The droid 2 is mediocre at best. This one had my attention but we all know how froyo wont be arriving any time soon. Il stick with my incredible for now. Il wait for the 2.0 ghz processor gargantuan.

  22. I wanted to like this phone…but the width is not happenin for me…I think the Evo has it down. (not a hater…had the Moto Droid which I loved, now I have the DINC).

  23. Why Motorola the only one pushing the 854×480 and HTC seems happy stuck at 800×480?

    The 54 pixels of length doesn’t seem like much, but it’s nice to have when viewing webpages horizontally, and of course the 16:9 ratio of course is great for videos.

    The EVO might have the biggest screen, but the Moto DROID still has more pixels. Personally, I love how the new iPhone has a 960×640. I’m not getting an iPhone any time soon, but it’s great to see the bar raised.

    When will the first Android phone best the iPhone’s 326 ppi? Hopefully by the end of summer.

  24. I certainly hope it does not sport the PowerVR SGX530 GPU, because it’s just too slow compared to the current crop of top of the line Android phones. The SGX535 or preferably 540 would be a lot nicer, and more competitive.

  25. @davebing

    Thanks for the throwing my name out there. Much appreciated. I hope you guys like the image.

  26. If Tmo doesn’t hurry up and get something like this, I’m gonna commit Foxconn.

  27. @Dorian

    WTF are you talking about? Only the Galaxy S and iPhone 4 have faster GPUs at the moment with their SGX 540 and 535 respectively. The other top of the line phones like the Nexus One, Droid Incredible and Evo 4G have slower GPUs than the SGX530.

  28. Here’s another good shot with a white background. http://2.gp/GX4

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  30. ANova: The SGX530 is only capable of about 14 Mtriangles/s, compared to 22 Mtriangles/s in Nexus One and other Snapdragon QSD8250 phones. 14 is way less than 22.

    The SGX535 is capable of 28 Mtriangles/s and the 540 even more.

  31. Let’s please stop the Android tribalism!! No Evo killer, just more android greatness!! The more quality android handsets there are, the clearer the message begins to be for the rest of the tech world. Android is here to STAY….and lead smartphones from hear on out!!
    Now if Tmobile would just join in the party

  32. Sorry…here. Relied on keyboard suggestion :-)

  33. DROID BADASS!! more like it

  34. @Kirk I do see a thinner design better preformance a far better network there is a front facing camera and if I wanted a kiskatand I would have gotten the imagio

  35. now what i want to know is what makes u seem to think it has a front facing camara?

    1. If u look closely there is what seems to be a camera where ear speaker is hmm.

    2. If u look closely there is what seems to be a camera where ear speaker is hmm.

    3. If u look closely there is what seems to be a camera where ear speaker is hmm.

  36. I really wish it had the front facing camera, but I won’t hold out any longer (till Christmas, as rumored). We have been up for an upgrade since April and tried to find HTC Incredibles but CAN’T, so now we’re keeping tabs on the Droid X to pre-order!

    If Sprint’s service didn’t suck (they’re what, 2nd worst provider?) we’d go with EVO’s. People are all like 4G, but they hardly have service anywhere on 3G, web doesn’t work in roaming, only 33 cities have 4G, so what’s the point?! Where we live only Verizon works no problems (Sprint in ok), or we would of stuck with AT&T 3 years ago and got Iphones.

    My first cell phone was a Motorola back in 2002 with Verizon and to me both company’s have great products/service!

  37. OH, I am hoping that on June 23rd, they reveal that it DOES have a front facing camera, but with all the leaking info already, I’m doubtful it does.

    AND, why didn’t they make the Incredible with the front facing camera? It is the same phone as the EVO, except the size, provider, 3G/4G, front facing camera, and HD video. Why couldn’t they have thrown the front camera and HD video into the incredible?!?! That’s HTC’s downfall.

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