Samsung Galaxy S Headed to Magenta July 21st?


We just got treated to a teaser site for the Samsung Galaxy S, and now a new rumor has come up suggesting T-Mobile will be getting the device – that’s if they will ever be getting the device – on July 21st. TmoNews got word from their trusted insider, but we’ll keep the rumor mill going until we can come up with something solid.


Sounds a lot like that “something major” they’re supposed to be bringing to us in July, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more information.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Most likely tmobile will get this device. But who cares. We want the evo. Hdmi output. That alone from the evo kills this thing. No one wants the touchwiz. You guys remember the behold 2?epic fail. Yeah this phone comes with what they call a SUPER amoled screen but if the software is well SoFT why would I care(why care to buy the phone).tmobile just needs to give it up and fold. Verizon,att and now sprint have given their customers what they want. A Phone worth of being called a SUPER phone. The galaxy s maybe an aigh phone but no one wants a samsung. Htc is the best out right now well bseids iphone ofcourse. I’ve had my g1 since it first came out. I can’t find a suitable phone to replace it with AnDroid. Doing mention that hd2 crap.no one wants a winmo phone not even winmo that why they ditched the 6.5 and are working on the 7 which no one wants.I’m so done with tmobile/I’ve been with for. Going 8 years.making the 3g slide your flagship phone just proves to me that tmobile doesn’t know what they are doing in the phone category!its a phone business isn’t so why don’t they try and sell the best!everyone is coming with snapdragons and tmobile settled for 600 mhz in the 3g slide! SmH

  2. dude you’re the only carrier that can get a subsidized nexus one, and you’re the one complaining.

  3. @coolMANDINGO I have a Nexus One. It holds up well against the iPhone, Incredible & EVO. It is a super-phone just as much as those models. It works beautifully on TMO. Plus now with Froyo, it blows away the competition…for now.

  4. This phone will be the best android phone. I will get this phone and root it if I don’t like the UI. Basic Android (froyo) is fine.

    As for coolMANDINGO’s post. Sprint isn’t any better than TMO. They both have financial problems. The only thing Sprint has over TMO is their 4G network. Shoot the only think AT&T has is iPhone. AT&T is nothing without the gay iPhone. But once Verizon and AT&T install their LTE 4G networks, Sprint will be left in the dust. As for TMO’s phone choice? Well the N1 was basically a TMO phone and that phone was the best Android phone for half a year. So I am not sure what you are talking about. If TMO gets the Samsung, it will boost them just like the Evo did Sprint but not enough to overtake Verizon and AT&T.

  5. The nexus one is not really T-Mobile’s phone.. for instance I am elibigle for a partial upgrade with T-Mobile but not for the Nexus One. If I were, i’d already have the phone by now since T-Mobile also can split the cost of the phone into monthly payments. Can’t do that with the Nexus One.

    Galaxy does seem like a pretty good device, but samsung scares me. I at least know HTC has a strong track record.

  6. @matt. My girl has the same phone and its aight(nexus one).if you want to get technical tmobile didn’t sell this phone. Its just uspported.you’re out your mind for you to say the nexus one can hang with the evo.all I gotta say is front facing camera and let’s not forget hdmi output.4.3 inch screen,8. Megs.the only thing that the nexus one has is ingraving. Wow! Ingraving!my girl has been truoble with her phone ever since she got it. And I know not all deviced are perfect but damn. The nexus one is such a great phone that verizon and sprint don’t want it. Shouldn’t that tell you something big money baller to spend probably $500 for the phone! Smh. Tmobile is great when it comes to customer service and plans but there phone selection THROUGH retail has been shaky! Back when everyone were playing sidekicks I went out and bough an unlocked sony erickson p900.that phone was great until it it got old. What I’m trying to say is tmobile is a great company to piggy back off. I like the fact that you can buy unlocked phones and use with them. Their problem is they don’t know how to choose and sell worthy phones themselves.case in point 3g slide.600 mhz compared to snapdragon.regualr wallpaper vs. Live wallpaper.usb only vs. Usb and hdmi out put. 1 camera vs. Front facing camera along with the regular back camera. Come on I go on. Tmobile just has no touch. They aren’t showing love for the tech geeks like myself. I’m a haitian mommas boy tech geek. You got damn right. Haitians stand up!

  7. TMO definitely doesnt seem to think android is profitable. But i love the nexus, without it i wouldve bought out my tmo contract. I do like what tmo is doing with 3g though so as long as they offer all of the nexus successors ill stick around

  8. from videos that i have watched, the touchwiz looks a lot better than the behold 2. however, i am still sketchy about whats going to happen with updates and such. samsung sunk the b2 witha torpedo after failing to hold to promises. i will have to hold it to see if i will want the galaxy s.

  9. @eblake.just because your only with aids in your family doesn’t mean anything.(just and example not to be used to offend sir).the only reason why its subsidized and only carrier is because no other company wants it. Ask sprint and verizon. They both dropped the nexus one. You need to stay abreast with your phandroid articles sir.in the phone landscape as of yesterday(iphone 4 announced)the nexus one and now the 3g slide should not be mentioned.neither of those phones from tmobile can even touch the regular iphone 2 or 3g. Both came out way after the 3g. Ecplain that one. This phone sucks and so will any other phone tmobile supports that’s why I’m out. I’m not the only one mad trust me. Look at my post from above for my comparisons.

  10. I like Froyo so for me there is only one choice the Nexus One sorry coolMANDINGO but everybody knows that 2.2 is months away for HTC Sense phones. By the time everyone is rockin 2.2 the Nexus will be tasting some sweet Gingerbread. Even with every Google showed about 2.2 at I/O it still surpassed my expectations.

  11. @eblake.just because your only with aids in your family doesn’t mean anything.(just and example not to be used to offend sir).the only reason why its subsidized and only carrier is because no other company wants it. Ask sprint and verizon. They both dropped the nexus one. You need to stay abreast with your phandroid articles sir.in the phone landscape as of yesterday(iphone 4 announced)the nexus one and now the 3g slide should not be mentioned.neither of those phones from tmobile can even touch the regular iphone 2 or 3g. Both came out way after the 3g. Explain that one. This phone sucks and so will any other phone tmobile supports that’s why I’m out. I’m not the only one mad trust me. Look at my post from above for my comparisons.

  12. I don’t think it is really fair to try to compare Tmo against all of the other carriers given their target market.
    They sell *fun* devices for kids and their moms to use; pretty colors, plastic cases, etc.
    They have woefully inadequate coverage compared to the other carriers, so they charge a heck of a lot less money.
    Granted, Tmo doesn’t seem terribly consistent when it comes to technologies, (UMA, anyone) but I am a customer for their core values. Decent coverage where I need it, and a reasonable priced plan.
    I am not really sure what market they are going after with the Get More Plus plans, but I for one, am thrilled that they are basically laying out what the costs are between the service and the device, and giving you the choice to pay full price for a device or take the subsidy discount. I hate the concept of contracts for mobile service and that feature alone is worth more to me than the price of any subsidized phone.
    Should Tmo get the Samsung Galaxy S, I will be buying one. I am very happy with my N1, but the specs on this Galaxy S are too good to pass up. I love where android is heading as in my mind, it is the only mobile OS that has the potential to give Apple a run for its money. And, if you don’t like the UI, download a different one from the Market, or turn off the OEM one. It’s as simple as that to make YOUR phone work the way YOU want it to.

  13. Those of you saying that the EVO is better than this phone are living in a Sprint/HTC fanboy world. You say the EVO has HDMI out. Who cares? The Galaxy S has DLNA. That means you cant stream HD video to your TV without the need of a HDMI cable. This phone has a processor 3 times faster than the EVO and last but not least, the Galaxy S has a better looking display thanks to the Super AmoLED screen.

  14. @SardoNumspa…I think it’s fair to compare T-Mobile against other carriers. I live outside of Baltimore and travel into Baltimore for Work. I always have a signal wherever I go and I can’t remember the last time I dropped a call. Also in my Area T-Mobile has the fastest download speeds even beating Sprint’s 4g thats in my area. I am getting 6.2 MBPS download speeds while in Baltimore and 3.3 MBPS download speeds outside of Baltimore. As for Verizon, there voice network is good but there data sucks. ATT just sucks all around.

  15. I appreciated reading the above posts and they made me smile. I will agree TMO leads in custoner service and I will also agree that TMO really needs an EVO or an Incredible in their retail case but here are a few facts.

    TMO was the last to roll out 3G and this is was a huge booger in their nose, but they are currently rolling out HSPA+ which is beating WIMAX and 4G so they are curring edge here.

    One of TMO’s pholosophies is not to sell a lot of the junk other carries do. This is why TMO has less broken phones returned than the other carriers – because they word and are solid.

    yes the Nexus is great, the my touch slide has an amazing interface, and the garmonphone is pretty cool. We will see more cool things from TMO this year and a few surprises that will blow yoru socks off.

    TMO is starting to get the fact that charactures like many of you love your toys and abandon carrier loyalty for the latest and greatest and they are working on it.

  16. why do people keep saying we need the incredible? its no better than the nexus one

  17. OMG, I really hope to GOD this is TRUE! I’m so ready to jump ship for that EVO!!!! But the lady at TMO told me to just get the HD2 and have dual boot. Is this even possible?

  18. Okay, honestly you guys need to be patient. Tmobile will be getting a good phone soon! Duh! Uhmm project emerald! it should get revealed pretty soon! Obviously tmobile has something planned, why would they want to be left in the dust? It doesn’t make any sense! Smh

  19. The phone’s specs are very impressive. This is the main reason I haven’t bought an EVO for myself. Impressive screen, impressive cpu+gpu and gsm so I can use it when I travel out of the US. But Samsung needs to address OS updates. I wonder if they’ve notice the negative attention they’ve drawn to themselves with the Behold 2 announcement. To satisfy all the folks they’ve made skittish they should make an official, legally binding statement. The Behold 2 stating a 2.0 upgrade, but they never had it in writing. It’s a pipe dream, I know. But if Sammy does that, then if this is a Tmo phone, I will seriously consider next month as opposed to 6 months later or whenever they actually roll out 2.2.

  20. people hating on TMO on coverage should mind where they live. i live in queens in NYC and never hav a problem with signal strength or 3G coverage, never had a dropped call or anything. TMO is also smart in that the majority of phones they sell appeal to teens and moms cuz guess what ? thats their primary focus group. most of them dont care what OS is on their phone, or what the processor is, they have no clue, they just care if they can find a cool gel cover to match the new kicks they just got. TMO will get a high end phone thats made by HTC, just be patient. the HTC SIDEKICK is supposed to be that high end phone…its why im waiting, maybe even past the end of my contract. stop whining people, seriously, its annoying now.

  21. I like a phone that is available on all the carriers. It means I get to choose the carrier based on the merits and I’m not pressured into anything.

  22. I agree that Tmo’s coverage is different depending on where you live, but so is every other carrier. I suppose the point I am trying to make regarding their coverage and cost vs. the other carriers, is the map. Tmo’s coverage map is simply, not as good as the other carriers… except, perhaps Sprint.
    You cannot charge a premium price unless you offer a premium service, so it stands to reason that Tmo targets a market that cares less about coverage and data and more about cost.
    Additionally, if you compare the device offerings, you may notice that Tmo’s business-class devices are severely lacking compared to the others…another market that will absolutely not put up with poor coverage.
    Based on those points, I still think that it is not a fair comparison as it does not look to me like Tmo is really trying to beat out the competition.
    And @TMOGUY, maybe you are a fanboy, maybe you work for the company. But your argument regarding quality devices does not convince me. The HD2 was/is a disaster. I owned that phone for all of six days before promptly returning it. The woman I purchased it from received the same exact phone as part of an internal promotion and she admitted to having accepted several back that week… and to wanting to smash the one she got for free. The hardware is a beautiful piece of engineering, but the software is a disaster.
    I also owned Tmo’s Shadow II. They all but abandoned that device and I had never used a WinMo phone prior to it that had so many bugs in the software. It can’t even be firmware hacked because they never release an update. At least they redesigned the menu and unlock keys located right next to each other on the original Shadow causing many pocket dial headaches.
    I cannot tell you how nice it is to finally be on a platform that is as well supported and configurable as Android.

  23. Tmoguy is probably robert dobson(tmobile ceo)on his way out. The reason I don’t trust his phone is because of lack updates that came for the behold 2.there’s no excuse for that. Try and come up with one.tmo needs to tightn up.no one wants a wack ass touchwiz. The dlna sounds nice but come one samsung?you damn right I will jump to another company. I work for my money and I pay and want the best. Just because you settle for anything means that I should. That goes to the people that call me a fanboy. Slown down people. Tmobile has aigh coverage in certain places like most phone companies and that’s not the problem . The problem is that they release sub par phones like this one and expect someone that cares about tech isht to literally buy it. We want close to if not better specs to the iphone. Damn the evo g. I know tmobile doesn’t make the phones but they damn sure have pic the phones they sell.wohs idea was it to sell the hd2. Winmo is DeAD. DoA is Winmo.
    @Sardo…I also had the hd2 phone. I had the phone 1 day. The phone froze twice. I returned it the very next day after work. The guys at the store were like why would you wanna return the phone. I’m like don’t ask me them questions take your wack phone back.
    Samsungs track record isn’t good at all. The started promoting the behold 2 on tv like 3 months after it came out.they knew that cube crap was dumb gimmick.I bet you tmoguy and I hatefanfassi bought the behold 2 and love it.we just want something that sold by tmobile with no gimmicky store(google store).I’ve been due for upgrade for over 1 year and tmobile has only tweaked the mhz,memory by 50 mhz . If I’m not correct the g1 is 512 or 528. So why should I want a 600 mhz?I’m hoping tmobile has something up there sleaves or a lot of tech savy guys are gone. And yeah I know sprints coverage and customer service sucks but atleast there phones are on point.

  24. the galaxy s doesn’t have any behold 2 cube crap. That was just to appeal to t-mobile teenyboppers or maybe completely experimental as it was their first android device. It took the Motorola Droid/Android 2.0 to get everyone to realize that Android was here to stay.

  25. You guys need to realize it’s not just Samsung who sucks at updating there devices. I have a Mytouch GEN 2 that is still running 1.6 and that doesn’t even have a custom UI on it. HTC is slacking in that department as well. Samsung will not let this phone fall by the waist side due to it being there flagship device selling in 110 different countries. The sales weren’t high enough for the Behold II to dedicate developers to making a upgrade for such a shitty phone. As for the new TouchWiz UI, GSM Arena stated in there 9 page review that once you use it, you may never want to use anything else.

  26. I cannot wait for this! Sign me up!

  27. ObsceneJesster we shall see. i really hope because my g1 has fallen apart. my pictures look look andy warhaul(my bad i dont know how to spell his name but know who im talking about lol ) photos!

  28. @coolMANDINGO Sprint on point?? Whatever, that doesn’t prove to them that their network is the BEST!! I have a friend who uses Sprint and can’t even get signal inside his own house!! If you think Sprint is a great network, think again….they suck! They can have the great phones, but service and wireless signals are horrible. I am looking forward to Samsung releasing this phone.

  29. no portrait & landscape switch?

  30. @coolMANDINGO

    dude, you are one bitter person.

    I’m pretty sure Samsung learned from its mistake with the Behold II, therefore i don’t think at all that they will disappoint with the Galaxy S. If you compare the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S side-by-side, they are VERY comparable. if i looked at just the specs of the two without knowing which ones they were i would actually pick the Galaxy S.

    As far as Tmo’s network is concerned, i like not having dropped calls. i also like having HSPA+ which is faster than 4G and i don’t have to pay the extra $10 Sprint wants to tack on. i also wont buy into gimmicks like AT&T that say “upgrade your iPhone so we can screw you later on data plans”.

  31. T Mobile in metropolitan areas in the US offers the best download rates 2.2Mpbs average / 4Mbps at 5 am on 3G. 3.G (HSPA+) reaches 7mpbs average 4Mbps where its available, a lot faster than Spring WiMax of 2Mpbs average. Sprint barely reaches 1Mbps on a Moment and 1.7Mpbs on an Evo on 3G.

    On the road in rural areas, TMob can come down to edge or G speeds, here Sprint blows TMob away, cause they do maintain the 1Mpbs on the Moment. But interesting to note that T Mob offers coverage in more remote areas than Sprint. I’ve been through over 32 states this past few months with the following phones:

    G1 TMob
    Moment Sprint
    3GS ATT
    Incredible Verizon (limited use, just metro areas)

    Verizon tops out at 1.8mpbs with the Droid and the Incredible, though the Incredible is Smoother.

    Which phone would I use for travel the G1, it offered the best overall performance compared to the other 2, yes hard to believe, it is rooted and optimized / overclocked.

    3GS was laid to rest, cause it didn’t have coverage half of the time except in Natrium West Virginia and Geismar LA.

    Now Samsung has a history of NOT upgrading software on its current installed base. Ask any Moment user who has a crippled 2.1 or any Behold user who is stuck with 1.6. Would I buy a Galaxy S. It may rock spec wise, but if it wont be support it. Samsung and TMob may keep it.

    TMob doesn’t get it. The best phones are made by HTC for Android, Motorola is a distant second. Samsung should not be considered until it proves it will support its existing base. LG / Garmin and My touch…. can’t be considered alternatives, if you don’t have 2.2 in the NEAR future you just have OLD Tech in your hands that no one wants..

  32. i would def buy this phone IF it had a xenon or LED cam flash, but. . .

  33. I will never buy from Samsung again. After the BH2 snafu.

  34. After getting ‘screwed’ by Samsung/Tmobile with the Behold 2

  35. @coollessmandumbo-truly tired of seeing your silly blah posted on every article. We get it. You’re out of contract, then leave. Do you believe that anyone truly cares about your gripes? Post something positive-do you think we are stupid & uninformed? What you quote isn’t new-move on, buddy so we can read real feedback-not the garbage you post, since you obviously, cannot truly foresee what TMO has to bring. Jump ship & whine on another site 4 months from now when whatever phone you’ve chosen is outdated, as well. Every quarter is any carriers game, depending on their lineup. It’s not cost effective to not move forward or to continue to read your crap. Overit & Over you.

  36. It’s a damn shame Samsung left a bitter taste of there spoog in the mouths of Behold II owners because there going to be missing out on one of the most powerful Android devices poised to release this year.

  37. Never buy Samsung product. They don’t give good support. Look at what they did for Behold II.

  38. Coolmandingo, I hear what you are saying about Samsung and failing to support their devices. Just for a laugh I googled “Samsung trust abandon” and lo and behold I came across a whole host of statements about people with various different Samsung mobiles who simply won’t buy another Samsung phone because their “track record” is going from poor to apalling.

    I have personally ordered one of these, but I am treading warily. I think that the volume of sales this handset will receive makes it imperative that Samsung not abandon this one and I believe it is likely that it will be supported for at least a year which would reasonable and the only decent thing to do given the fact it is a very expensive handsset.

    Manufacturers cannot just treat their customrers like spit for ever or they will find they don’t get customers any more. A good reputation is hard to acheive but very easily lost, and worth much gold. If they do that then all trust for the name Samsung will evaporate and they might as well pull out of the mobile phone marketplace except for disposable £10 handsets.

    Fingers crossed buyers of this ‘Flagship’ model will be safe for support this time around – I think it’s Samsung’s last chance to rebuild an almost ruined reputation.

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