VIA Shows Off a Handful of Cheap Tablets



It takes a lot to hit the sweet spot between cheap and quality, and for the most part it looks like these tablets spied at Computex fall more on the “cheap” side of the scale. That being said, they still leave room to impress in the UI category, which dazzled those that got hands on with the devices. We’re looking at four or five of these little buggers by the chipmaker all priced between $100 and $200. They feature 7-inch screen for the most part, ARM processors, and Android 1.6. You can check out more photos over at Engadget’s hands-on.


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  1. More affordable “tabloids” can’t hurt.

  2. that depends on how hard you throw them.

  3. Personally I prefer the better built and better integrated tablets that cost a little more.

  4. yeah, show us what you can really do and then come up with a budget item

  5. 1.6 why why why. Isn’t this a free operating system? 2.1 should be a minimum.

  6. It’s a great start! In 8 months, these things will be on craigslist for $45… that is a really cool thought. Maybe I will start an android clustered computing environment, haha.

  7. everyone wants to do a custom UI and that slows updates. But a tablet really needs a custom UI. Really, the way for google to end all these custom UI’s is to just focus on an awesome default UI and perhaps make it themable. That way, OEM’s could just make their own theme and not mess up the OS.

  8. I believe Chrome will be the polished UI and OS for tablets, and it is only a matter of time.

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