RoadSync Gets Major Update in Version 2.0


RoadSync has just updated their app for Android with a good deal of improvements and tweaks to further enhance your Microsoft Exchange experience. The latest version brings compatibility with Exchange Server 2010, several new widgets, and a quick contact toolbar to get at your contacts in a hurry.


In addition to a revamped UI you also get access to your Global Address List and local contacts alike to remotely view any contact item stored on your Exchange server. Definitely something to look into if you are a heavy Exchange user or need to manage Exchange across multiple devices. You can find the latest version in the market now.

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  1. This looks pretty awesome for $10

  2. Doesnt show up in the canadian market when I scan the barcode. Tries to take me to

    anyone else having this problem? Its happening on all barcodes on this site..?

  3. I still like touchdown better

  4. Touchdown costs 3x what Roadsync does, and doesn’t do tasks. The ability to sync *directly* with Outlook Exchange tasks is alone worth the $10. Check around; there are *no* other Android applications that do it.

    Companionlinc and Gsyncit both require synchronization of tasks to a special Google calendar. Mark/Space advertises that task synchronization is “coming soon.”

    Otherwise, if you want your tasks on your Droid, you’re up a creek.

  5. @bk
    probably because people in Canada are not allowed (yet!!!) to purchase apps on Android Market, therefore you can’t find the app

  6. Actually, paid apps opened up in Canada months ago so that wouldn’t be the reason.

  7. @Harold – sorry buddy but you’re wrong. Touchdown does tasks.. have been using it for about 2 months with tasks.
    Roadsync has a nicer interface, but the contacts control sucks.. just takes you to your regular contacts, and I like my work and play contacts to be seperate, like in touchdown. If touchdown looked like RS, it would be almost perfect.

    And paid apps have worked in Canada longer than Ive had my Nexus One..

  8. FYI TOUCHDOWN DOES DO TASKS. It also does device encryption (not on the SD card though). Also it integrates with one of the Pure calendar widgets which is awesome.

  9. Um, looked cool at first, and then I saw the feature list: Let’s see, no subfolder support, which means instant fail (who actually has an Exchange email account and stores all email in their inbox? not too many). No IT policy enforcement also means fail. I mean, come on, this is Exchange we’re talking about, an enterprise email system. Why the HECK would you make an Exchange-capable mail client that doesn’t support IT policies? Also, I see no mention of multiple profiles. So essentially, it’s an okay app if your Android phone doesn’t have an Exchange-capable mail app, but it’s basically no better (and in some cases worse) than the built-in HTC mail app on my Droid Eris, which I replaced with TouchDown ages ago. I have yet to see anything come close to beating TouchDown for Exchange mail apps on Android. Oh, yeah, did I mention TouchDown is only $19.99? Very affordable, and worth every penny.

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